Mater’s Musings #64: A little hypocrisy, now and then, never hurt anybody

Then (9 months ago):


11 responses to “Mater’s Musings #64: A little hypocrisy, now and then, never hurt anybody”

  1. rickw Avatar

    Seamless Hypocrisy is how modern politicians operate.

    Virtually every single one has a Trudeau level hypocrisy statement. Even Dickhead Dan.

    Fuckwits without any shame.

  2. bespoke Avatar

    Ripped off!
    No musings.

  3. Mater Avatar

    Just for you, I’ll see what I can do.

  4. bespoke Avatar


  5. calli Avatar

    Nazi Blackface McCulturalAppropriator with pike and half twist.

    This guy does weapons grade hypocrisy and tyranny.

    His Dad would have been sooooo proud.

  6. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    This guy is a complete fool, yet that’s the state of most leadership throughout the West.
    None of these leaders care about lying, being hypocrites or having different rules for them versus us. They are blinded by ego, money and power.

  7. Roger Avatar

    No fan of Xi, but it was very satisfying seeing him treat Trudeau with contempt.

  8. Big_Nambas Avatar

    His Dad would have been sooooo proud.

    Which one? The sperm provider or the prime minister.

  9. Lurx Avatar

    The politicization of Frankenstein one and all.
    Mary Shelley will be turning in her grave.

  10. Pogria Avatar

    Some in Canada are fighting back.

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