Daniel Andrews may be the most clueless political leader in Australian history

There really is no getting away from how dumb Daniel Andrews is, with this the latest: Dan Andrews rips into Scott Morrison as the Prime Minister calls for end to hated Covid isolation rules: ‘I’m in the business of taking advice from the experts’.

Everyone in politics has “experts” to draw upon. We elect our leaders for their judgment; we elect them in the hope they will be able to make sensible decisions based on the advice they are given. The PM is trying to emphasise that the lockdowns and closed borders are based on decisions made by the premiers, and if things were up to him, many of the restrictions now in place would be lifted. Andrews has thus helped the PM get his message across. It is Andrews who is responsible for having implemented the world’s longest lockdown, and for keeping the present restrictions in place.

As for taking advice, it has been clear from the start that it is Andrews who has made all the major decisions in Victoria, and that the only serious consultation he does is with those who do the polling. That is what we have had to put up with since the start. But if he has not had a variety of opinions offered by the “experts” he is surrounded by, Victoria really is an idiocracy from the very top all the way down. But that is not how it worked out. The people who do the polling have told him that the majority of voters in Victoria prefer the lockdowns and that is what we have had, and will continue to have until voter sentiment changes.

There he is, a political leader, Premier of the State, but still doesn’t know what the job he has actually is. It is to make decisions based on all of the options that others propose.

That he has been singularly inept in the decisions he has made is just how it is. He will leave Victoria a bankrupt mess, wrecking the world’s most liveable city in the process. And there is no doubt that the mess is directly attributable to the string of phenomenally bad decisions Daniel Andrews has made while Premier.

Novavax the vaccine for the vaxxine-hesitant

This is my kind of article: Novavax: the good vaccine. It’s not that most of us are in any sense “anti-vaxxers” but lots of us are very reluctant to take any of the currently existing experimental forms now on offer. But there is Novavax which many of us have been looking out for. Who can be sure of any of it, but here we find it discussed in a very positive way. But first, there is a discussion of Daniel Andrews in a way that makes me trust her judgement just that little bit more.

He takes away your freedom to work. He prevents you from seeing friends and loved ones. He only lets you watch programs which distort your sense of reality and supress your independent thought. He watches and monitors everywhere you go. He threatens to keep you locked up if you don’t comply.

And the final straw?

He forces you to get a medical treatment that you never wanted.

In many ways, Victoria’s relationship with Daniel Andrews resembles more of an abusive relationship than a government that is in power to serve the people.

Victoria’s two-tiered society has witnessed the use of isolationist language and tactics to separate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. 

Dictator Dan pushes Victorians to consider the vaccinated as superior citizens and the unvaccinated as less than helots.

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Daniel Andrews’ Victoria: “a sadistic experiment with unintended consequences”

I hate to dwell on Daniel Andrews but he represents a measure of incompetence and stupidity that will be hard for any future premier to exceed. However, I am drawn to all this again by Nick Cater’s article in The Oz today whose title sets the scene: The tyranny of ineptitude drives more to the streets.

I will stick to the highlights, but Andrews is a sad example of how fear and uncertainty can make absolutely anyone an apparent refuge, even when he has overseen the worst record anywhere in Australia, perhaps even across the world, shaded only by the devastating results achieved by Andrew Cuomo in New York (from whom Andrews may well have copied much of what he has done). All this is from Nick.

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The real political extremists

She really is a fool of the highest order. Then there’s this: Andrews accuses PM of ‘pandering to extremists’.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has accused Prime Minister Scott Morrison of “pandering to extremists” in the wake of a large protest in Melbourne.

On Saturday, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in Melbourne’s CBD in opposition to the state government’s pandemic laws and COVID-19 vaccination policies.

The peaceful protest capped off a week of demonstrations at State Parliament where there were some ugly scenes including the parading of gallows.

Asked about the threats during the week, Mr Morrison said such behaviour had no place in public protest but could understand why some Victorians were frustrated with the state government.


Mr Andrews on Sunday said those comments were offensive to the 5 million Victorians who had received their vaccinations.

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