Some thoughts on mothers, drag queens, trans, groomers & grooming

Why are parents, and in particular mothers, taking their children to drag queen shows and drag queen story hours in public libraries? This phenomenon of provocative drag queens performing in front of children was unheard of as little as five years ago yet now, probably because we are living in the middle of a woke revolution, every day hear of more stories and we see more footage of mothers with children, even infants, attending highly sexualised shows and “cabaret” acts, where scantily clad males parody women by putting on “women face”, and where these same males in “women face” lewdly gyrate and thrust themselves sexually in front of young children. Why do parents willingly take their children to view such lewd acts? This question was asked by Rita Panahi on Outsiders this week. As an aside, methinks Rita is having some regrets voting yes to the SSM debate. I have no such regrets because I did not vote yes back in 2017, I voted no and the reasons why I voted no are on display every single day.

But back to the question, why do parents, particularly mothers, actively participate in this?  Until now, drag queens have only ever been considered adult entertainment so, I am curious as to why we are suddenly seeing this phenomenon emerge where a society permits and even encourages drag queens to dress up and perform before children in highly sexualised and provocative ways. Whilst not all drag queens are paedophiles, I find it odd that any self-respecting drag queen would want to perform such acts in front of children, and such a willingness to do so reeks, to me at least, of something far more sinister. It isn’t rocket science to see that exposing children to drag queen shows and having drag queens read stories to children is a manifestation of the whole transgender cult but there is also something more dangerous and insidious at play, it is a manifestation of queer ideology’s open intent to sexualise young children, to make children sexually accessible, and to legitimise minor attraction, aka paedophilia. I believe that the push for SSM was the Trojan Horse to mainstream queer deviancy and degeneracy. And it has worked a treat, because silly and naïve parents, mainly mothers, are so drenched in woke progressive ideology that they fail to see the obvious dangers, dangers that aren’t just lurking beneath the surface, they’re bubbling away for all to see.

Look closely at the video clips from the US that show the degenerate drag queen shows.  Note that when you do you will see that, apart from the homosexual men and the degenerate drag queens, you will usually only see children with their mothers at the shows. I don’t see many straight males. Where are the fathers? Well, I know where they are, they’re missing, gone, absent, AWOL. And it seems to me that the mothers who are taking children to such shows are doing so because they are so desperate to prove their loyalty to woke ideology, and to accumulate woke brownie points that they willingly expose their children, not just to questionable content but more disturbingly, to questionable people.  We know paedophiles groom children, but they are also adept at grooming parents, particularly mothers.

I wrote the following a few days ago on C.L.’s blog and I apologise to those who’ve read it already but I’m going to repeat what I wrote. I know some might find what I wrote contentious, but it is something I have thought a lot about lately and I have discussed this with female friends and family.

It is an indisputable fact that it is some parents, and particularly mothers, who place their children at physical, emotional and psychological risk. Sometimes this is accidental, sometimes deliberate. Some mothers do so because they are naive, some because of rank stupidity, and some are happy to endanger their children in order to adopt a particular lifestyle or be accepted into a particular cult or group. They fail or refuse to understand how certain people, certain lifestyles and certain practices are dangerous and will harm children emotionally, psychologically, and physically. We hear examples of this weekly, where a child has died or been murdered by a mother’s de facto or boyfriend, where a child has been sexually abused by a mother’s de facto or boyfriend or someone she has invited or allowed into the home. Years ago, I remember reading a story about a young child who went missing decades ago. Whilst it took many years for the truth to unravel, the child’s paedophile abductor was known to the mother. The mother had associated with some unsavoury people. Whilst she didn’t set out to deliberately endanger her child, there are tragic consequences when you associate with dubious and dangerous people, and you leave your child in the care of people who should not be near children. 

The sudden emergence of children attending drag queen shows and drag queen book readings in public libraries is a phenomenon that would vanish today if mothers stopped taking their children to such events. But too many mothers are now so indoctrinated into a progressive woke world view that they refuse to acknowledge the obvious dangers posed by some individuals, beliefs, and practices. In other words, they refuse to acknowledge the reality of deviancy. The mothers who are taking their children to these drag queen shows are wilfully ignoring these dangers to satisfy woke ideology, with the result that they are jeopardising the future psychological, emotional, and physical wellbeing of their children. No good mother takes a child to watch drag queens perform. But what is more worrying is how our society, if it is not at the stage where it actively celebrates and applauds such deviancy, is just happy to shrug its shoulders and says, “what harm can drag queens do”.  It is this rank stupidity and apathy in the face of such obvious deviancy and degeneracy that proves that it is no longer only children and parents who are being groomed, our whole culture is being groomed, and we are willing participants in modern day child sacrifice. If this doesn’t ring alarm bells, we are doomed.