Adult Human Female

This is interesting to watch, especially if you can last the distance.

Very interesting in parts.

On the other hand, look at these people trying to put that genie back in the bottle.

Like they never conjured it in the first place.

The executive and judiciary will be next.

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  1. calli Avatar

    The woman at 51 minutes nails it on children “selecting” their identity.

    Middle class white parents who think their children are special. Not going to happen at working class schools like Tottenham.

    As you say, this genie isn’t going back into the bottle without a fight. Every major institution has been captured by nonsense.

  2. MatrixTransform Avatar

    Feminists will be the enemy of the good until they realize they were used and discarded by the Marxist agenda

    Vincent McCaffreyv

  3. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    Thanks MT, I will listen later.

    For the record, I will continue to fight this perverted, sinister, creepy, queer ideology. There is often a silver lining to everything, even when bad things happen, and so what ensued in Auckland last week and the trans terrorism in Tennessee, when three Christian children and three Christian adults were murdered in cold blood, has finally ripped the scab off the infected wound and exposed it for everyone to see.

    And in further good news, Latham has doubled down.

  4. Mantaray Avatar

    Cassie. And those depraved perverts spend a whole month declaring how PROUD they are of their shyte-packing behaviour, FFS!

    Good on Latham for refusing to bow to the rainbow nazis!

  5. MatrixTransform Avatar

    nearly 30 years ago my Ex was a shining light in the post-everything Feminist movement.
    her and her mates, all of them were darling little enginues at the time

    I have had the rare fortune to have witnessed their disturbing plotting.
    proofed and corrected their papers.
    rescued their thesis from corrupted floppy disks

    I read their books since, the book shelf was full of them
    Lacan, Derrida, bell hooks, McConnell, Marx, Freud, Engles, Gramsci etc
    I’m here to tell you that all of it points to Marx … all of it.

    they don’t say it out loud so much but everyday in every way they go about their willful destruction of everything. The family and men in particular, as for institutions, they were told to be patient and so they were and they kept on marching.

    in their 50s, 60s and 70s now, they are the ones in power wearing that proverbial skin-suit
    like Foucault said … a little bit everywhere and all at once. Power is capillary.

    I am no Arts student so forgive me for not joining all the philosophical dots.
    my own head is full of practical real-world things that are electrical or computer programming-ish.
    for the most part I really don’t care about Baudrillard’s simulcra or his gibber that needs are more constructed than innate.

    anyway, one of the Ex-s old mates is now chief destabilizer at a notorious inner city Melb school that I won’t name. When I see junk from that cartel hit the news, I know exactly who said it.

    another mate is now a barrister and a leading legal feminist thinker

    there are others scattered about … lawyers, journalists, criminologists etc
    and I know their dark little secrets

    for nearly 15 years I was behind enemy lines
    and for another 15, I was close to the front
    Cup Day BBQs, kiddies birthdays, camping trips, card nights etc.
    some of these people I maintained as friends up until fairly recently when ultimately I gave up trying.

    30 years ago when we were all spitting out sprogs, the second one born of our little group was a boy.
    not ours, he was from the barrister who back then was just a primary school teacher.

    I watched stunned as his mother brought her own evil ideology down on that lad’s head, much too the applaud of her peers
    by 2yo she had him in frocks and knickers
    by 6yo he was everywhere in a dress.
    by 10yo ‘she’ wasn’t a he and the pronoun bull-dust kicked off
    at 30-ish, highly intelligent, but screwed up in the head, “He”, because he’s a he again, is of course, queer-as.

    that brings me to this …
    my own daughter will be 30 this year and it breaks my heart to have witnessed what she has done to herself.
    to have witnessed what the venomous ideology of feminist politics did to what was “her”
    to see a normal person eroded and then replaced with a copy of a copy of a copy.

    she was until university, a completely normal, healthy, happy, intelligent person.
    by 22, she was an aspiring actor and stage manager albeit with a shaved head and more tattoos
    She started the Master’s and we all know that a Masters these days in any Arts discipline is essentially feminist brainwashing (if you don’t know that, then you haven’t been paying attention. there’s been a regime change in the Universities)
    by 24, she’s out and proud and has a head full of crap.

    about 3 years ago she decided to have her breasts removed.
    yes, surgically, and then she went on hormone treatments
    has a psychiatrist and obviously a surgeon … there’s no end of experts on hand to support and encourage her brave-ness.

    I remember the day I found out too.
    it was a park-side kiddies birthday party, my grand-daughter’s I believe.
    those tits, the ones she was pretty damned proud of when she was 18, were gone.

    not a word was spoken, no remark from me, her mother(with the shit-eating-grin), or anybody.
    at the end of the day I gave her a hug and she said, “love you dad” and “I just want to be one of the cool kids”
    all I said was, “love you too kiddo” and as my heart was breaking because I knew it a goodbye of sorts, “you were always one of the cool kids”

    she’s become more and more estranged since then even though I tried.
    we’ve plenty in common like love of food and cooking. she can bake like a daemon, does her own sour dough from a yeast mother she’s had brewing for a decade.
    last year for her birthday I organized a guided “Mushroom Tour” up in Red Hill and she was excited, we all were.

    but no, the night before she rang and pointed the pronoun gun directly at us … stand-and-deliver.
    and I told her that I won’t play her pronoun games if she’s gonna behave like a terrorist.

    for all the women reading who still get up on that soap-box that the feminists gave you, remember this
    … they lied to you.
    … their politic was never about ‘women’

    every word of it spoken by your own lips was put on your tongue by a scheming Marxist that wants you destroyed right after they dispatch me

    welcome to the New World Order ladies.

  6. MatrixTransform Avatar

    no going back

    Like all totalitarian cults, the trans cult preys upon the youth, and drives a wedge between parents and their children.

    It demands unyielding obedience and affirmation of its false creed, which burns with sulfurous hatred of Christians and the faith that was once the beating heart of the West.

    Society is paying the price for having tiptoed around these hectoring tyrants over the past seven or eight years.

    People have become too afraid to speak the truth: “trans people” need humility, not “rights.”

  7. duncanm Avatar

    Matrix – my heart breaks for you. You are incredibly strong to be able to cope with that sort of familial destruction.

  8. MatrixTransform Avatar

    thanks dunc. some days are better than others

    the thread isn’t meant to be about me

    just place to say the things that need saying.

    like this … Truth bomb incoming
    ht: indolent on the OT

  9. JC Avatar

    the thread isn’t meant to be about me

    Oh yeah, right, I forgot. If it’s not about the God Oracle, he’s stoush trolling on the open thread.

    just place to say the things that need saying.

    About his personal life, of course.

    Trans, perhaps you can answer this question. Did you ever think that marrying a leftwing nutjob could have meant trouble down the track. I’m surprised that as a self proclaimed God Oracle, that never would have occurred to you.

  10. duncanm Avatar

    the thread isn’t meant to be about me

    no – but unless people hear the personal stories of destruction this cult has unleashed, they will remain ignorant of it, and go along with the ‘love is love’ bandwagon.

  11. JC Avatar

    We’ve heard it before Duncanm, about 37 times now, both here and the old Cat.
    It’s just you’ve been lucky enough to skip it.

    If he’s not deeply focused on himself he’s usually slagging off someone he disagrees with on the open thread.

    I wonder if hyper- introspection is a cause for his plight.

  12. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer



    Nothing can replace people’s first hand accounts. (That’s how we know about the Nazi death camps.)

    Without those first accounts, we end up with the way of politics, politicians and bureaucrats. The “Paul Keating” economic levers’ pulling crap of “when I do this, it’ll fix the problem”.

    The Chris Bowen take: “we’re changing the world and everything will be fine”.

    “Yes, Ms, we can remove your breasts and that will alleviate…”

    The “it’s about saving you, so get jabbed now”.

    This is what evil looks like. It’s banal, faux empathetic but procedural.

    “To transition? Down the corridor to the right. Detransitioning? Take the left door instead.”

  13. calli Avatar

    Nothing can replace people’s first hand accounts.

    No it can’t. I know partly what Matrix has endured, but disclosure of the whole would probably identify my child. Fortunately for her, life is now good, healthy and prosperous and with children of her own.

    It could have been quite different. It took a brush with death to recover her.

  14. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer

    A major weakness of the right-of-centre/conservative side of politics is its seeming disinterest in society and culture.

    Historically, the right’s attitude in Australia has been that when in Govt if the Budget is repaired, the debt paid down and new business opportunities are opened up, then all will be good.

    I’m not suggesting that those things are not important – they are when there’s red ink everywhere- but too often the message is solely focused on economics.

    But while the right is still hanging around the water cooler, talking balanced budgets, the left have got on with other things, having lost the economic argument 30+ years ago.

    So the left keeps marching on and picks up all those down trodden, while the right keeps funding the ABC thinking to neutralise it.

    Down here, however, we are talking about the lives of little kids. This does need to be fought by everyone. And the right better get started.

  15. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Matrix, you had me in tears there. A life lived during a period of madness can be so hard to bear. It is heartbreaking to know of what happened to your beautiful daughter and of the way in which your wife was contributory.

    It happened to me too, in very many ways. You’ve heard my story on the current Open Forum of being pregnant with my first child, married to a ‘feminist’ man, and trying to stand up against the madness at the very time (1972) when it was running its first race in Western universities. I know how it came out of the Marxism of the 60’s, as I lived through that drugged decade too in a student commune. I spent my working life after the age of 24 in the pressure cooker of it, in humanities departments as they lost all claim to what humanities were about. I was spared myself because of my working-class skepticism, and because I’d lived a different and at times very tough life as a young woman prior to entering higher education. I’ve written about some of it in Quadrant.

    What I haven’t written about is how I have striven for decades to rescue my two now-adult sons from the chaos that this culture and their immersion into it has generated. Of the horrible toll that has taken on me. Of my rescues of troubled teens from appalling situations late at night and getting up the next morning to deliver a sociological lecture on ‘the family’. Of the madness that has followed due to the continuing influence of their father’s still extremely ‘progressive’ cultural influence in their teen years, and of the confusion they both expressed re our divorce that led to drug abuse, educational underachievement and failures in employment, and which produced mental tendencies to autism and bipolar disorder. Children of that era were so damaged and mine did not escape it. Many of their peers are dead from suicide, children of the 70’s left. I escaped into a stable traditional marriage that has produced two other children, well-rounded high achievers with families and houses of their own.

    And now the same group of people, social engineers of the left, begin to realise that they have opened Pandora’s Box. The video ends on regret that a generation of damaged people will be the result of this cultural idiocy, as has happened to your darling daughter. It is a Marxist track, and looking at the dismay being felt, it has already damaged some of these commenters. Though they may not be able yet to locate its underlying cause, they are beginning to feel personally some of its totalitarian effects.

    Matrix, I thought I had rescue my grandson now aged 20 from this maelstrom. I have fears for him now, for he has just enrolled in a degree that will do nothing but indoctrinate him in things that will make him see himself as a victim, for his childhood was very troubled. His mother is the daughter of a leftist political figure well known in Queensland and like your daughter, she went down the leftist path, ending up floridly schizophrenic and matching up with my neo-autistic son. I can only hope my continued influence can help him to keep on the even keel I spent 20 years trying to provide.

    I watched the whole video. At every inflection point I felt that the same sorts of realisations that were happening about the demonization and cancelling of debate, the disallowing of academic critique, the luxury of middle-class beliefs, the nature of policy capture, and the use of ‘kindness’ or ‘niceness’ as a Trojan Horse, were so familiar, so very familiar, when it comes to climate change. Same, same.

  16. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    JC, not everyone has had the good fortune to make future-predictive choices in their early lives.
    There are many reasons why we don’t do that, too many to count. If you chose well with wifey, then I am happy for you, and happy for all people who see their families become what they dreamed. I also have common human sympathy for those who have had a less happy outcome. And I hope they reciprocally have some of that for me. Funny, but even people who have no problems at all can be understanding and good listeners to one’s troubles. I’d like to think that IRL you are in that category, JC.

    Matrix is one of the good guys. Lend him an ear re his troubles.

  17. JC Avatar


    He spends most of his time attacking people on the open forum calling them wankers etc. When he’s not doing that he’s self aggrandising. Sorry if I don’t to his repetitive pity-trolling thread too seriously.

    Also, he’s blaming his ex wife and the university for all his travails. Perhaps he ought to look in the mirror.

    If you think showing him feelings is going to get him off your back let me disabuse you right now. The God oracle isn’t like that.

  18. Viva Avatar

    I watched this exposee of the brave new transworld women are now being forced to navigate and was struck by the enormity of what we are all faced with in so many areas

    But irony on irony each woman featured here are adamant that trans ideology was spawned by that old villain – the far right!

  19. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer

    As we all know, the open thread is not for the faint hearted. Lots of people disabuse others using, among other rhetorical devices, abuse. That’s all part and parcel of vigorous debate.

    MT’s personal story and what has happened to his daughter gives us all an insight – perhaps for some it is timely insight – into the hazards that young minds/bodies (and their parents) have to contend with and fight back from .

    Those whose children are grown have, or may have, grandkids. Hopefully, some knowledge of this can help to stop it in those families before it starts.

  20. MatrixTransform Avatar

    JC you really do remind me of the Ex.

    vicious, paranoid, narcissistic, vindictive

    …and definitely a wanker

  21. MatrixTransform Avatar

    They are all so Bolshie that everything looks Far Right to them.

  22. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer

    An older lady I know has a niece who attended a very prestigious all girls school – this was a couple of decades ago.

    The class the girl was in had a lesbian teacher. In that class, seventeen girls declared they were lesbians.

    The best friend of the niece stayed a lesbian for about ten years and then met a bloke, got married and had kids.

    How could seventeen of one class all think they were lesbians? Clearly, that percentage would be way over the historic average for lesbianism. Without needing to be Einstein, something untoward was going on in that class.

    Up thread, MT commented that his daughter said she wanted to be one of the “cool kids”. And that maybe is where this all starts – the specialness that the lady in the film referred to and that Calli pointed out; and perhaps that lesbian teacher was encouraging among those female students.

    We need to reinforce to kids that they are special – just as they are; that they’re loved, cherished and need to be protected from those who would harm them.

    Universities, in particular, and society more generally, are eschewing how special kids are in favour of every fad, which had the goal of denigration.

    If there’s nothing special about being what you were born, and being told and expected to accept that someone of the opposite sex can be a better female/male than you, what hope is there that kids to remain happy and normal in their rightful bodies?

  23. calli Avatar

    Parents have always tried to give their children a better life than they think they had, be it educational opportunity, experiences, even toys. For some it takes on a toxic nature and you used to see it most often on the sporting field or in pushing for accolades at Speech Night.

    Now, for a growing number, it’s specialness through orientation. Perhaps because the specialness of academic achievement or toys or sports is beyond them or worse, humdrum. The “older” mum, all her eggs in one basket because the rest are gone, no dad or an emasculated dad, miserable, bossy, dissatisfied mums seeking relevance, the increasing inability to live in reality because of addiction to the virtual world, affluence that makes idle hands and minds the devil’s tools. Just a sampling of modern parenting pitfalls.

    In the middle of it all, an impressionable, innocent, confused child. And predators waiting to pounce.

    The thing that gets my goat is that it’s all coming to a head because third wave feminists are feeling the pinch. Didn’t they notice before it started to affect them? Or it didn’t matter because it was only children who were affected, not their own spaces?

  24. calli Avatar

    And don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that the old guard finally twigged, as was apparent at the recent kerfuffles. That they couldn’t see the writing on the wall tells you all you need to know about ideological blindness.

  25. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Matrix, you’ve been through hell on wheels.

    I’ll cut you a heap of slack. These things with our kids change people. They make us want to lash out in anger, they make us want to curl up and die, they make us deeply sad or remorseful, they can make anyone bitter as gall. If you’re a woman, they make you cry till you’ve no more tears or sobs.

    JC, I’m at the stage where I don’t want to be approved of here, so the OT hardly matters.
    I write here and know that maybe half of readers don’t comprehend or don’t care to. Whatever.

  26. WesternDecliner Avatar

    Parents always put pressure on kids to avoid their mistakes and fulfill their (outdated) dreams. What seems different now is that we have intense pressures of social conformity enforced through media, social and otherwise.

    It veers into territory of nonconformity by people or their family killing any hopes for advancement in their lives. Jane Austen redux with greater power and evil.

  27. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Here a simplified version of the final paragraph of my comment at 1.10, minus any personal stuff.
    For those who prefer Powerpoint. lol.

    These leftists were experiencing the things that conservatives get from leftists on any issue:

    . personal demonization and cancelling
    . being blocked from research and debate
    . elites indulging in ‘luxury’ beliefs
    . bureaucratic capture by activists
    . ‘kindness’ as a smokescreen for ideology

    In other words, you only see totalitarianism when it’s coming for you.
    Hoist on their own petard, I’d say.

  28. JC Avatar

    MatrixTransform says:
    April 2, 2023 at 3:01 pm

    JC you really do remind me of the Ex.

    vicious, paranoid, narcissistic, vindictive

    …and definitely a wanker

    Calling everyone you disagree with a wanker is basically projecting.

    If I remind you of the ex because she said the same things, you probably need to look in the mirror.

    No kidding, anyone that refers to themselves as a god and an oracle as well, believing people shit themselves in your presence, has to be the biggest wanker south of the river.

    You’ve told us this story numerous times. Stop the pity trolling, you dickhead.

  29. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    The thing that gets my goat is that it’s all coming to a head because third wave feminists are feeling the pinch. Didn’t they notice before it started to affect them? Or it didn’t matter because it was only children who were affected, not their own spaces?

    This is Hairy’s argument. He has no time for their failure to see what was happening when they allowed transgenderism in. I am less brutal, for I think some of these women were genuine in their fight for a better deal for women and children, the old idea of social caring for the ‘weaker sex’ (though they wouldn’t agree with using that term). This led to them being woolen-headed re ‘kindness’ to confused transgender people, i.e. what I called above the Trojan Horse. These older style Labor feminist warriors are not intrinsically evil people though their purpose has become deeply flawed away from its origins in providing decent conditions of life. And yes, there is a self-serving element to more than some in this video (e.g. give me proper pussy please). Well, shucks, who cares?The biological facts are a broad church.

  30. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    You’ve told us this story numerous times. Stop the pity trolling, you dickhead.

    Maybe an occasional mention, maybe I’ve missing something there, but I’ve only heard Matrix’s full and terribly difficult story today as offered above. I think he’s right to tell it. There’s always plenty more to any family relationships, but general themes can emerge and help others.

    Same with me I suspect. I’m not pity trolling, I’ve been fortunate in life, but I’ve hard a hard time with the children of my first marriage, alluded to previously perhaps, but not told as above before. Due to their privacy concerns I could say a whole heap more that is revealing about the left I once knew well, but I won’t elaborate.

  31. Bluey Avatar

    April 2, 2023 at 4:42 pm
    MatrixTransform says:
    April 2, 2023 at 3:01 pm

    JC you really do remind me of the Ex.

    vicious, paranoid, narcissistic, vindictive

    …and definitely a wanker

    Calling everyone you disagree with a wanker is basically projecting.

    If I remind you of the ex because she said the same things, you probably need to look in the mirror.

    No kidding, anyone that refers to themselves as a god and an oracle as well, believing people shit themselves in your presence, has to be the biggest wanker south of the river.

    You’ve told us this story numerous times. Stop the pity trolling, you dickhead.

    You really are a gigantic cockhead. Do you ever do anything other than crybully?

  32. JC Avatar

    Your pal is a giant cockhead and so are you for pitying him. Bluey. FFS, who calls himself that. He’s been running with the same pity story for a couple of years now Bluey!

    Liz, ask him how many times has he run with the same pitiful story.

  33. MatrixTransform Avatar

    No kidding, anyone that refers to themselves as a god and an oracle

    JC you really are the Prince of Clowns

    one tear-away and tongue in cheek post I made on the open forum months ago has become your idiotic obsession. But it isn’t just that you use this thing to try and prosecute that something I said once is somehow formational to my very flawed character. No, it’s that you perversely, disgustingly and pathetically use this idiot device simply as a springboard for your own perpetual invective.

    You can pretend all you want that you have a noble purpose. You can even really truly believe…but everybody sees you for what you are.

    A transparent wanker.

    In the OT I’ve used “retard’ quite a bit too … to me at least, the retard is a progressive whose gibberish ideas are taking us backward. ie. retarding.

    mUnty for instance, is a retard.

    But you aren’t a retard JC even though many many people on The Cat would say you are I suspect that my class of retard doesn’t use the same definition that theirs does. So, maybe they’re right, maybe you actually are a retard. Dunno, that’s a hard one.

    “mong” is another epithet but that grew from a simple joke and then took on its own life. I’m not really happy about mong because it has too many meanings and one of them is really unfair on people living with very challenging genetic affliction.
    You aren’t a mong JC … though Dan Andrews definitely still is.

    Which, brings me to “wankers”
    See, in my view “wankers” are of a very particular class
    They make shit up
    They lie
    They misrepresent

    mUnty is both a wanker and a retard
    there are a few wankers on the OT.

    but you JC … you are definitely the Prince of them all.

  34. MatrixTransform Avatar

    ask him how many times has he run with the same pitiful story

    including today?

    reckon that would be 2x

    your move wanker

  35. JC Avatar


    Lol, go cry somewhere you pitiful piece of human garbage.

  36. MatrixTransform Avatar

    hmm … check

  37. JC Avatar

    It’s my ex’s fault and the university. I’m totally innocent as you can see with my behaviour. I’m just a regular god oracle.

  38. MatrixTransform Avatar

    and … mate

  39. Gabor Avatar

    Well, that escalated into something else.
    But thanks for sharing MT.

  40. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Liz, ask him how many times has he run with the same pitiful story.

    No, JC. I’ve only just heard it rather than just some innuendo about it from him and it puts a whole new light for me on what he has been coping with. I am deeply sympathetic. I can’t think what Hairy would have done if it had been his daughter; tried to make the best of it, like Matrix, I think. But still a nightmare.

    I also like that he put up this video for us as it has been very instructive about the way the left is today, certainly the TERF component of it. It suggests some new alignments that might be helpful for ending this terrible abuse of children. I’m with them on that.

  41. bespoke Avatar

    Thanks matrix.
    The Trans leadership learned there tactics from feminist so it’s poetic justice as fare as im concerned. I’d rather hear from the mums dads a families that’s that been affected by what’s happening.

    Kids do things outside of your control and sometimes all you can do is wait until they are willing to help themselves.

    All the best.

  42. Mantaray Avatar

    No understanding for self-pitying BS, especially when the alleged mis/mal treatment is essentially self-inflicted.

    Started the video but threw in the towel after about ten minutes. Then started with the comments but the self-pity is just too much.

    Made your bed, so now lie in it FFS!

  43. Gabor Avatar

    Mantaray says:
    April 3, 2023 at 3:00 am

    No understanding for self-pitying BS, especially when the alleged mis/mal treatment is essentially self-inflicted.

    Started the video but threw in the towel after about ten minutes. Then started with the comments but the self-pity is just too much.

    Made your bed, so now lie in it FFS!

    Thus, spake the perfect human who never had a misfortune, never made a mistake, brought up a perfect brood.
    A truly hard man who can face any difficulty in life.

    I bet you hit your thumb every morning with a hammer just to prove how fricking tough you are.
    Jesus Christ, this blouge brings some characters to light.

  44. calli Avatar

    Then started with the comments but the self-pity is just too much.

    Then your comprehension skills need honing, Manta.

    There wasn’t a shred of self-pity in my comment, just sympathy for well-meaning parents who are blindsided by their children. Your comment reminded me of a sniffy old lady who I confided in about my fears for one of the children – well my children never got up to that. What did you do wrong? I never said a word about it to anyone again.

    All this was before this mad “trans” stuff – and the explicit sexualised material in schools posing as “health and development”. It is anything but. Forget easy access to pornography via the ubiquitous mobile phone, some of this deeply troubling stuff (troubling to the young, and I have dealt with it first hand) is now there in the classroom.

    Many of the people on this blog have gone past the parenting stage and are now entering the delights of grandparenting. I want to be able to tackle these issues sensibly and sensitively should they rear their ugly heads in the delightful times I spend with the little ones.

  45. Rafiki Avatar

    The many men, and their children who suffered from the selfish and even hateful behaviour of the second-wave feminists didn’t knowingly marry left-wing feminists. These women married, de jure and de facto, on the basis that they were entering a normal heterosexual family. Some feigned that role to secure financial support, in particular if they to use the man to father a child which they intended to “raise” as theirs alone. Access to his income for 18 years was in mind. Many other women were in effect simply brainwashed post-marriage.
    I doubt that many women would – even if they were familiar with his theory – have thought they were in any sense Marxist, but this beside the point.
    It was an evil doctrine and affected many women unconsciously.

  46. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    There’s no lol at raw pain, JC. When I retired I did some volunteer telephone counselling in the first two years, then I gave it away. There was only so much I could take. There is a lot of genuine anguish out there and some of the people who called in had literally no-one else to hear them, they rang often hesitant, either sad or a bit angry, but some ended up losing it; and it did them good. Once the pain was out they could consider what options they had, and with some help, move on.

    Anyway, I’m ending my contribution to this thread on this note. Good luck, Matrix, she is still your daughter and she still loves you, and you her, so keep those lines of communication as open as you can. Maybe see if you can try some new recipes together, or at least email her a few interesting ones. As she gets older she will perhaps see things differently and begin come across some of the newer information about transgenderism. Be there for her.

  47. MatrixTransform Avatar

    The many men, and their children who suffered from the selfish and even hateful behaviour of the second-wave feminists didn’t knowingly marry left-wing feminists

    too right.
    and by way of another spoonful of self-pity, let me add some clarification.

    me and the Ex had the first kid at 26, and the second at 28.
    I was a technician of sorts, and she had been working in sales in the printing industry.

    with an eidetic memory, fiercely intelligent, witty, and fun I once watched her win a karaoke dance-off against Paul Keating. He did ‘Leave Your Hat On’ complete with a shirt rip. She hilariously knocked it for six by doing ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T’ on the table complete with a swinging microphone.

    but that was then …

    between kid 1 and kid 2, she started a degree at Uni aiming I think towards Law.
    she didn’t hit that target, she got consumed in Politics (guess which kind)
    ultimately ended up doing PhD in exactly post-structural feminist politics.
    all it took was 10 years and everything that used to be normal was no longer normal.

    I lasted another six years and the only thing that kept those 2 kids anywhere near sanity was ME.
    she might have given me a lot a shit, visited her idiot politic on my shoulders almost daily, tried her best to subvert her own kiddies … but she could never manage that…because of ME. Don’t mess with me … I’m way more dangerous than I look, and she bloody well knows it.

    there were a few good years with the kids after splitting up. They both got through their HSC. Boy nearly flunked but Girl aced it. They both did the usual stuff like wasting the money I had stashed for them on wandering the world. More and more though, they just went about their business.

    I have one picture on the shelf of the three of us at Ti Amo in Carlton where we used to go together most Sundays for lunch (if they were in the country) … back when it was all relatively normal.

    bright, happy and vibrant.
    if you could see what happened after that, you’d weep too.

    Feminism is poison … it’s like Drano for the soul.

  48. thefrollickingmole Avatar

    Its interesting.
    The feminists basically crow they have secured power through infiltrating and perverting universities and bleeding over to politics.
    Using emotive and carefully selected “facts” to gain the (now) coveted victims chalice to accuse anyone criticizing as “you hate women”.
    The gist of their change is they hate the same deliberate white anting being done to the institution of “feminism”.

    Alien vs Predator: Whoever wins, we all lose.

  49. MatrixTransform Avatar

    Speaking with Women

    David Limbrick and Sall Grover

  50. MatrixTransform Avatar

    Using emotive and carefully selected “facts” to gain the (now) coveted victims chalice


    beware the ‘dialectic’, that method is how they corrode everything.
    and we see it everywhere.
    Mark Latham has it right … do not enter into a dialectical space.

    Calli, or Cassie or somebody said it the other day.
    Everything they say after the first lie, can never be trusted

    somewhere in the video I just posted Sall Grover says it too.

  51. JC Avatar


    Not for nothing, don’t think Trans is going to be kinder to you on the open thread as that’s not his operating style.

    Do you think this sads belongs here or say,The NY Post’s Dear Lucy column?
    Asking for a friend.

  52. eric hinton Avatar
    eric hinton


    Had to look up it up to see what it meant…. I hereby define it as a blue on a blog.

    Apropos of nothing, were Poulantzas and Althusser still on the reading lists at that time, MT? Poulantzas topped himself and Althusser strangled his wife.

  53. Pogria Avatar

    I can offer no more comforting words than others here already have. I appreciate you telling us though. It reminds most of us when we hit our own free-fall for a time, that we are not the only ones.

    What I can try though, is to put a smile on your face.

    I sincerely believe JC was a dobber throughout his school years. 😉

  54. OldOzzie Avatar

    Relevant to this Thread & probably one of the best summations I have read re where America and the World is Heading

    Luongo: Indicting Trump Is The End Of US Politics

    So, the Democrats and their Davos benefactors have finally done it. They have finally found something they can indict President Donald Trump on. Apparently 34 somethings, which makes for great headlines.

    The usual suspects have been thrown their chum — both TDS patients and MAGAtards. The social media war is now in full swing. And, frankly, it couldn’t be more tiresome.

    A few get why this is so inane but most are focused (or being focused) on the wrong thing, as always.

    Jonathan Turley has a good rundown of the questionable legality of this case. But, again, while he’s not wrong to focus on that and the shady politics, he also misses the larger implications of this indictment.

    This is a case so legally tenuous that even the Federal Government, famous for being able to convict a ham sandwich, wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

    Because indicting Trump for any of these petty things is nothing less than the end of politics and a declaration of civil war.

    Davos through the Democrats have been running a culture war for decades to stamp out the past.

    It is quite Leninist. Turley and others have focused on it’s ‘just not done’ to indict a President, especially something as irrelevant as paying hush money to Stormy Daniels.

    But, ‘just not done’ is exactly the thing being indicted here, not Trump. Trump is just the fulcrum on which all of this rests.

    This is just the politics of envy taken to its ultimate conclusion. Racism, sexism, ageism, transphobia, LGBTQT+BBQ Sauce rights are all the same political position. They are all about tearing down the old institutional order.

    It’s been going on for generations, invading male spaces like Augusta National, forcing female reporters in locker rooms, endlessly arguing the wage gap between men and women.

    Of course, these same people can no longer even define the women whose rights they fight for.

    Is the latest term ‘people who menstruate,’ or is that just so last week?

    I thought I was supposed to still wear my mask in my electric car to fight for the rights of Ukrainian men to get pregnant while fighting for freedumb from Putler!

    So forgive me if I’m a little confused.

    This is a perspective that reduces society to whatever we did before was wrong. Progress in the minds of religious puritan Progressives is a never-ending battle against sin. Yesterday is forever evil while Tomorrow holds the promise of heaven on earth.

    In the South we just call these people Yankees and go back to eating our barbeque and playing with our kids.

    That sin is stratification as a result of rewarding merit. But what is merit to people who view all profit as exploitation?

    You can answer that however you wish, but by their actions it’s clear they believe merit is stealing.

    This is why “you didn’t build that,” you “basket of deplorables.’ Anything you have earned can and should be taken from you for wrongthink.

    And that’s what’s at the heart of this Trump indictment. Trump is the distillation of everything they need to tear down to validate their envy. He’s white, male, politically connected, a little corrupt, very cheesy and the antithesis of what middle-class bicoastal midwits believe they should be.


    They hate Trump not because he’s successful but because our society allowed for him to become successful.

    To the progressive midwit, any society that allows a man like Donald Trump to rise like he did needs to be destroyed.

    Is it really any different than the teenager who rebels to become an atheist because s/h/ze finally asked how can a god allow such evil in the world to exist if he has the power to stop it?

    Did I mention these people have the epistemology of weevils?

    Again, in the South we say, “Some people just need killin’” Well, to the puritan mind, “Some societies just need killin’.”

    That’s why Trump’s indictment signals the end of politics as we believed it operated. The key word there was ‘believed.’ We are dealing with people who see those that disagree with them as irredeemable.

    You voted for Trump? Twice? Burn in hell you fascist!

    It’s the only time most of these people want guns to exist.

    Civilization rests on the fantasy that there is a shared acceptance of the rules on which it operates.

    Americans are both immensely cynical and naïve about politics in this sense.

    We all know politicians are lying when their lips are moving but we also believe in the myth that the American system of justice will get the right answer often enough to keep the lights on.

    Today that’s a very big assumption.

    The End of Clausewitz

    Carl von Clausewitz is very famous for saying that war is politics by other means. He’s so famous for it that he’s become a part of speech, Clausewitzian. It’s a short-hand for this idea.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the greatest writers are ones who achieve this, dare I say it, merit badge.

    So, today this indictment of Trump is at once, Phildickian, Kafkaesque, Clausewitzian and Hitlerian.

  55. MatrixTransform Avatar

    Poulantzas and Althusser

    maybe but both names i don’t recall

  56. MatrixTransform Avatar

    OldOzzie, I saw that one.

    of course because Luongo mentions Martin Armstrong in the article it’ll probable set The Dobber off again

  57. JC Avatar

    I’m the Dover and yet trans is dobbing in his ex. As I said, totally self absorbed.

    Trans, you made a claim earlier that you’re dangerous, which inferred your ex was aware of that behavioural strain. You may want to explain what you meant by that or perhaps even correct it.


    Don’t mess with me … I’m way more dangerous than I look, and she bloody well knows it.

  58. JC Avatar

    Dobber. Not Dover

  59. Pogria Avatar

    Matrix, psst put out your ciggie, teacher’s coming. Someone’s dobbed on us.

  60. JC Avatar

    That’s a very gay comment, Poggsie. Man up a little.

  61. Pogria Avatar

    “Balls”, said the Queen. “If I had ’em I’d be King”.

  62. MatrixTransform Avatar

    Dobber. Not Dover

    ever notice how the forum threads become infantile and petty every time he appears?

    looks like Freud is doing both JC’s typos and his corrections.

  63. JC Avatar


    The times blog threads are infantile is when you’re posting your stupid and ridiculous comments or threads such as this stupidity.

    Good to see you’re now focused on highlighting autocorrect mistakes, you useless dickhead.

    Incidentally, we love the use of uncommonly used words that you’re finding on the web. It shows just how incredibly smart you are, you disgusting grub.
    Anyways, keep dobbing in the ex as we’re not in the least bit interested on her take- especially regarding how “dangerous” you are. You clown.

  64. Rob MW Avatar
    Rob MW

    I dunno, fake news, fake meat, fake Women, honda powered dicksTM……… everything is f…..g fake. Time to revisit this from 1983. jesus bloody christ !!

  65. JC Avatar

    Pogria says:
    April 3, 2023 at 1:17 pm
    “Balls”, said the Queen. “If I had ’em I’d be King”.

    What’s your opinion on Trans constantly trolling the open forum such as attacking Liz with stupid stoush trolling arguments?

  66. MatrixTransform Avatar

    another day
    another flimsy excuse for JC to chuck another spazz

  67. Alamak! Avatar

    OldOzzie, its possible to believe that Trump should be subjected to criminal charges for a range of matters including the riot @ Congress and not feel like he should benefit from general anti-woke sentiment. He deserves the standard rights and freedoms which exist in the USA e.g. presumption of innocence, right to a trial, etc – but nothing more. And if the 34 charges are tossed out I hope he contests the next election via democratic processes. And loses.

  68. JC Avatar

    What excuse would that be, Mr. Dialectic?

    Society cannot function when it subjugates itself to a radical narcissistic cult

    So says Dangerman the narcissist.

  69. Pogria Avatar

    What’s your opinion on Trans constantly trolling the open forum such as attacking Liz with stupid stoush trolling arguments?

    Oh look over there, a Unicorn! Isn’t it beautiful?

  70. JC Avatar

    Oh look over there, a Unicorn! Isn’t it beautiful?

    Poggsie, you’re hallucinating again.

  71. Pogria Avatar

    Poggsie, you’re hallucinating again.

    Yeah, isn’t it beautiful?!?

  72. Figures Avatar

    He deserves the standard rights and freedoms which exist in the USA e.g. presumption of innocence, right to a trial, etc – but nothing more.

    Does he deserve the right to have a trial in a state where there is at least some potential for an unbiased jury?

  73. johanna Avatar

    As a long time and reasonably thorough reader here, I may have read mentions of mt’s story, but it is certainly not obvious, would never have worked it out in that kind of detail.

    I can’t imagine what it must be like. My pathetic suggestion is – hang in there.

  74. Albatross Avatar

    We should never have given women the vote.

  75. DrBeauGan Avatar

    Thanks for your story, MT. It’s a useful insight into the current insanity.

    Hang in there.

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