Definition of far-right in 2022

In the wake of Giorgia Meloni’s fantastic win in Italy yesterday, the MSM have gone into overdrive, screeching and screaming how Meloni is “far-right”.  So I thought to myself, what do the left and their mouthpieces mean when they smear someone as “far-right”? Well, I have come up with the following.  The definition of “far-right” in 2022 is….

  1. A person who believes there are only two genders – male and female.
  2. A person who believes a woman is an adult, human female.
  3. A person who believes a man is an adult, human male.
  4. A person who believes you cannot change your biological sex.
  5. A person who believes a woman cannot have a penis.
  6. A person who believes someone is not assigned sex at birth.
  7. A person who believes biological males should not compete against biological females.
  8. A person who believes transgender women are not women.
  9. A person who believes transgender men are not men.
  10. A person who believes males prisoners should not be imprisoned in female prisons.
  11. A person who believes children should not be mutilated into the cult of gender ideology.
  12. A person who believes children should not be sexualised by exposure to sexual perverts and exhibitionists such as drag queens.
  13. A person who believes that it is parents, and not the state, who are the best custodians and decision makers for their children.
  14. A person who believes carbon emission are not destroying the planet.
  15. A person who believes in fossil fuels.
  16. A person who believes in nuclear energy.
  17. A person who believes renewables such as wind and solar are unreliable and will never provide base load energy.
  18. A person who believes in lifting humanity out of poverty, not confining them to poverty.
  19. A person who believes in free speech.
  20. A person who believes in small limited government.
  21. A person who wants government to stay out of their lives.
  22. A person who believes in fiscal responsibility.
  23. A person who believes in individual liberty.
  24. A person who believes in religious freedom.
  25. A person who believes in the significant role small and medium sized businesses should play in a country’s economy.
  26. A person who believes in legal but limited immigration.
  27. A person who does not believe in open borders.
  28. A person who believes countries must have strong borders.
  29. A person who believes in the nation state.
  30. A person who believes in patriotism.
  31. A person who believes men are not evil.
  32. A person who believes white people are not evil.
  33. A person who believes that what is important in a fellow human is the content of their character, not the colour of their skin.
  34. A person who believes the West has been an enlightening presence in the world.
  35. A person who believes western history is not one long horror story.
  36. A person who believes in a strong military.
  37. A person who believes in free fair markets.
  38. A person who believes in Western Civilisation.
  39. A person who believes in the Judaic Christian tradition, a tradition which underpins the West.
  40. A person who believes in the primary role of the family in any society.
  41. A person who believes that marriage is between a biological man and a biological woman.

I don’t think the above points are particularly reactionary. Please feel free to add to the above list. In the meantime I have a confession to make, I believe in ALL the above. So, since the MSM, the left, various progressive scum like the two I confronted on Oxford Street the other day, academia, entertainment and numerous others, insist on smearing and labelling you, me and others as “far-right”, all because we believe in some or all of the above, then we need to come out of the closet, we need to stand up and we need to be proud. To paraphrase Kramer from one of my favourite Seinfeld episodes….

“Oh, it be so everybody, I’m far-right, I’m proud and I’m loving every minute of it”.

The other half of the rainbow

Over the last few months Sydney has been drenched in rain, yet last week the rain stopped, and a blue sky broke through after days of dismal and gloomy grey, and I observed from my Sydney office the appearance of a beautiful rainbow in the sky. I looked at the rainbow with awe and was reminded of the parsha of Noah in Genesis from the Hebrew bible which says, “I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall serve as a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” And then I remembered how we now live in a time where the rainbow, that most majestic of God’s covenants, has been debased and debauched. 

I don’t think there is anyone on this blog who wants to live in a society where gays, lesbians and bisexuals are persecuted or made to live their lives in fear and consumed by self-loathing. I certainly don’t. However, I’m becoming increasingly fed up with LGBTQI+ activists and their progressive allies who are seeking to impose their far-left progressive theology on our society and their ensuing attempts to censor those of us who might not agree with aspects of the theology, such as celebrating homosexual sex, or sinister queer ideology or the nonsense that is transgenderism. If we dare to voice objections, we are quickly shouted down and smeared as bigots, homophobes, transphobes, and even worse, we’re constantly told that our objections to LGBTQI+ theology encourages young gays and lesbians to commit suicide.  I find such moral posturing obscene. Every day we are subjected to this ideological extortion and intolerance by radical fringe groups. I saw this during the SSM debate and as far as I am concerned, all the legalisation of SSM has done is to entrench and legitimise this extortion and intolerance. And they continue with their extortion and intolerance.  I didn’t support SSM and my decision was based on a number of factors, but one factor stemmed from the increasingly aggressive and militant behaviour of the LGBTQI+ lobby despite their hollow mantras about “love” and secondly and most importantly, to me marriage is a sacred institution ordained by God but even if you take God out of the equation, marriage in all cultures, since we came down from trees, was about sanctifying procreation within a structure, a structure designed to continue the family, the clan and the tribe. I remember being highly amused when LGBTQI+ activists parroted the “love is love” nonsense during the SSM debate.  Until recently, marriage had nothing to do with “love”, it was an arrangement based on clan, tribe, religion, social status, finances, procreation and to rein in and control sexuality among young people.  Marriage sanctified sex.  Males and females were fortunate if they did end up “falling in love” with their husbands and wives, certainly most of our ancestors would have been nonplussed at the notion of romantic love before marriage.  Sure, there had to be “attraction” but “love”, that was something that came later, if at all, and the love that emanated had nothing to do with sex, it was a love that flourished from mutual respect, mutual care, and shared values. 

Just because I’m happy for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals to live in peace doesn’t mean that I should be forced to sanctify their sexual practices, nor should I be forced to constantly prostrate myself before the idolatrous altar of LGBTQI+ theology. To this I say no and never. Tolerance should work both ways and quite frankly, I don’t see any tolerance from the “Pride” side.  And, this is why I support the “Manly 7”, and why I regard these men as brave for standing up and refusing to wear a jersey emblazoned with a symbol that many regard as offensive, oppressive and sinister, a symbol of LGBTQI+ theology and identity politics that is becoming increasingly orthodox and totalitarian.

Rabbi Samson Hirsh, who lived in the 1800s, described the symbolism of the rainbow as follows…

“We must understand that the rainbow is at best a half symbol, the complete symbol would be a whole circle, comprising the two halves together”. 

Why isn’t a rainbow round?  Where is the other half of the rainbow? 

Rabbi Hirsh’s response, “God chooses this half symbol because whilst HE guarantees that HE will not destroy the world, HE cannot and does not guarantee that the world will not destroy itself”.

And there we have it. I have long wondered why the rainbow we see in the sky isn’t a whole circle and why it has been appropriated and now I know. The progressive theology that wants to dominate us has appropriated the other half of the rainbow and they are using it to destroy our families and our culture. God will not step in and save us as we slowly and inevitably destroy ourselves. That’s the deal. So, like the Manly 7, we must stand firm, we must resist.  And if we’re called names, so be it.

A lament for Boris

Firstly, let me state categorically that I’m not celebrating Boris Johnson’s resignation.  I remember the euphoria back in December 2019 when Boris and the Conservatives were elected in a landslide. Okay, okay, his opponent was Albanese’s great mate, the Jew hater and terrorist loving Jeremy Corbyn, but it was and remains an amazing win. With the promise of finally delivering on Brexit, Boris’ Tories smashed a red wall of constituencies that had never before voted for the Conservative Party and he didn’t need a dragon to demolish that red wall. Boris himself was the dragon and this British dragon did deliver on his promise of getting Brexit done. Okay, okay, it was a flawed Brexit but he got it through.

I knew a lot about Boris’ flamboyant history, his womanising and his tendency towards “fibbing” (okay, I’m being kind, his lying) but I thought to myself, alright, like Trump and like Netanyahu, Boris is far from perfect but he’s the right person for the job precisely because of his eccentricity, because of his bulldog spirit, and because I viewed him as someone who was not a rabid conservative but more of a “libertarian” and I thought to myself that this is precisely the type of person needed for the top job, just like Margaret Thatcher was back in 1979 when she was elected, the right person for the times.

So, this morning I wake up and I feel a profound sense of disappointment and malaise, actually the better word as to how I am currently feeling is “unease” because it should never ever have come to this.  My disappointment with Boris, as what happened with Tony Abbott, started early, with Boris it began in early 2020.  However, let me state here and now a few pertinent points regarding Boris Johnson

1. Boris Johnson did get Brexit through, after four years of dithering and vacillating by the Tories and the establishment and for his “crime” of accomplishing Brexit, he became the chief villain for a smug urban elite and a squalid MSM to go after. 

2. Having gotten Brexit through, Boris Johnson quickly became the target of a vindictive and vicious left-wing media, led by the BBC and Sky (no relation to Sky Oz), both outlets have spent the best part of two years undermining Boris Johnson and his government in order to destroy it.  But just like Scott Morrison here, Boris should have confronted these media outlets, particularly the BBC, by once and for all terminating the BBC license fee.  For over two years Boris Johnson’s government “talked” endlessly about ending the licence fee but they have done nothing, just like how here in Oz Liberal politicians talk endlessly about their ABC and its bias and yet they do nothing.  Until right of centre government take off their gloves and begin to punch back in the culture wars, firstly by confronting and taking on the biased MSM, particularly government funded media outlets such as the BBC and ABC, absolutely nothing will change and they will continue to be maligned, vilified, and undermined by these outlets which are acting as agents of the progressive left.  “Partygate” was a media distraction, a tool for the media to undermine Johnson and his government.  Don’t get me wrong, what Boris Johnson did was wrong but UK Labour were at it too, as well as other assorted elite scum that permeate through Whitehall, oh and which reminds me, now is also the time for Labour leader Keir Starmer to resign, because he has also lied and tried to cover up his own “party gate”. Fair’s fair.

3. It’s clear that Carrie Johnson was not exactly a benign influence on Boris.  There’s no doubt she was behind the sacking of a crucial Johnson advisor back in 2020, one Dominic Cummings, and that was where the rot began in earnest.  Carrie Antionette, a rich Green toffy Princess, along with her best buddies such as Green zealot multi-millionaire Zac Goldsmith, pushed Boris along a Green highway to hell, beginning with the ludicrous policy of “net zero emissions”, his talking up of “renewables” and his demonising of fossil fuels.  How did that go Boris?  It is a proven recipe for disaster. This disastrous recipe began to crack like the San Andreas fault well before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, think back to November 2021, when the elite scum of the world gathered in Glasgow, the wind stopped blowing with the result that there were critical power shortages, so the Johnson government was forced to fire up recently closed coal fired power plant.  You couldn’t make this up. There’s one thing that Putin’s war has done, very successfully I might add, and that is to expose the Green follies of Western Europe for what it truly is….suicide. 

4. The red wall and the south of England is made up of men and women who are socially conservative and who are unashamedly proud to be British. It is these people who voted for Boris in 2019.  These people are rightly worried about the high rates of immigration to the UK, they are rightly worried about the influx of illegals flooding across the channel from France every day, they are rightly worried about the toxic “religion of pieces”, they are rightly worried about the assaults on free speech, they are rightly worried about the politicisation of institutions such as the UK police, they are rightly worried about the sinister transgender nonsense being spruiked by urban elites and they are rightly worried about the attacks on British culture and British history.  For being “rightly worried”, these people are smeared by London elites as “racists”, “Islamophobes”, “transphobes”, “dumb” and all the other pejorative label elites like to throw at ordinary people who are rightly worried about their country being trashed. In late May and June 2020, these same ordinary proud Britons rightly looked askance when BLM mobs took the streets of London, Bristol, Manchester, and Liverpool and attacked, vandalised, and removed statues of British historical figures with one statue being tossed into Bristol Harbour, and they watched in horror when British police took the knee to these hard-left protesters. They waited and waited and waited for Boris and his Conservative government to denounce the BLM rioters but instead there was silence. Johnson and his ministers were impotent in the face of Marxist trash. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Boris Johnson’s human flaws would have been tolerated by Conservative MPs and by voters had he led a robust and courageous conservative/right of centre government, a government that was willing to unpick Blair’s toxic legacy. Like Cameron and May before him, he didn’t. His great legacy is Brexit but on almost every other issue he failed. 

Finally, this is the man who wrote a very good book on Churchill and who has long modelled himself as a sort of Churchillian figure, yet this same man could not and would not utter one word of condemnation when, in London in mid-2020, hard-left Marxist BLM protesters vandalised the statue of Winston Churchill and the statue then had to be covered up for months. I can’t help feeling that was a portent of what was to come. I doubt Winston Churchill would have remained silent seeing a statue of Wellington vandalised by Marxist scum.

A few hours ago, Melanie Phillips uploaded a piece on the Jewish News Syndicate which I would urge everyone to read (you can find the link on the excellent Powerline blog).  Phillips ended her piece about Johnson as follows…

In Britain, America and Israel, there’s an overarching and urgent need for leaders who will robustly defend their nation against the onslaught being mounted against it both from within and without.

Nothing else matters. We can live with most flaws. We can’t live without a stalwart, patriotic and courageous heart.

Indeed, and Melanie’s words apply to Australia too. We are crying out for courageous conservatives and Boris Johnson, like Scott Morrison, was not courageous. 

Meanie meanie miny moe, catch some progressives by their toes,

when they squeal, don’t let them go, meanie meanie miny moe

In a comment I posted on the Open Thread on the weekend, I wrote how the Liberals here in Australia, just like the Republicans in the USA and the Conservatives in the UK, have long been reluctant to be mean or even to appear mean, despite the fact that Labor, the Greens, the Democrats and UK Labour excel in the politics of mean, and they particularly revel in being mean to conservatives, Liberals, Republicans and anyone else they perceive to be their ideological opponents. It is always open season on the right. Even when faced with a barrage of lies, the right in this country (and elsewhere) are content to sit meekly back, usually too scared to respond or to fight. We have seen this happen many times here in Australia, be it with the shameful cases of Christian Porter, Cardinal Pell and even that notorious occasion when our two major right of centre political parties in this country happily colluded with the left to persecute and censure a right-wing woman for her speech, yes I am talking about that infamous senate censure motion against Bettina Arndt in February 2020.  Remember? The Liberals and Nationals chose to prostrate themselves at the altar of the mean baying left, it was a disgraceful episode that has left a permanent stain on this country’s parliament and on free speech.

There are exceptions, both here in Oz and in the US. Orange Man Bad comes to mind but the left, together with their buddies in the MSM and in big tech, worked overtime to end his presidency. I sometimes think that even the great Donald must have been overwhelmed at the torrent of abuse and meanness that flowed from the moment of his election in November 2016. Florida governor, Ron De Santis. is also a warrior against the left and whilst I have never seen or heard him be personally mean, he is more than willing to fight the meanness of the left when it is thrown his way. He stood resolute against the nonsense propagated by the left with their “Don’t Say Gay” meme. De Santis does not cower in the corner, he does not whimper and cry about the “mean” left, rather, he fights. Here in Australia? Well, I am afraid to say it is slim pickings. We have Alan Jones and Mark Latham, perhaps the two sole warriors in this country who are more than willing to stoush the progressive left. I am glad Latham refused to apologise for his tweet during the election campaign, despite being attacked by a so-called fair-weather conservative. I won’t name the fair-weather conservative, we all know who I am talking about but here’s a clue for those who don’t, the surname rhymes with “dolt”.

Now let me be clear, I’m not saying the right should do what the left does and make up lies about their ideological opponents however the right needs to start being mean. They need to take off the kid gloves, put on boxing gloves and start using those boxing gloves when handed prime juicy meat to use against the left. I knew within weeks of Abbott’s landslide election in 2013 that the Liberals were already on a supine path. The first disappointment was hearing of the new Liberal government’s appointment of Stott Despoja to a plum position, the second was the Abbott government’s refusal to accept the resignation of Quentin Bryce as GG, despite the fact her son-in-law, Bill Shorten, had just been elected leader of the Labor party. Her position was untenable, yet Abbott played Mr Nice. Big mistake. Don’t think for a moment that Labor would not have insisted on the resignation of the GG if the situation had been reversed.  And then in 2014 came the rape allegation against Bill Shorten. Whilst the Liberals did the right thing by refusing to make political capital out of the allegation, that decency was not reciprocated last year with the ludicrous Porter allegations. I often wonder what the Liberals would do now if a similar allegation against a Labor politician surfaced. Knowing how eternally supine the Liberals are, they would probably do what they have always done, which is nothing.

And now we come to the proposed federal ICAC. Anyone who does not think that this will be yet another tool for the mean left to bludgeon the right with, as has been the case in New South Wales for the past three decades, has their head stuck in concrete. We all know the facts around NSW ICAC, missing in action for sixteen years but then it suddenly and miraculously resurrected itself when a Liberal government was elected in 2011. ICAC in NSW has always been a political tool for the mean left. In the last thirty years it claimed Liberal premier’s scalps yet oddly no Labor premiers. Nothing was done during the Carr, Iemma, Rees and Keneally Labor premierships when the likes of Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi were running amok. The stench of corruption and thuggery in NSW Labor was obvious to all during those Labor years, yet ICAC was mysteriously AWOL. I have no doubt that much of the left are salivating at the prospect of a federal ICAC. As C.L. accurately wrote on his blog a few days ago, “the left wants a new quad-cameral legislature: the two constitutional houses + ICAC as a third + the Voice as a fourth. Both of the latter will end up being staffed and controlled by Labor lawyers and activists.” Exactly. Canberra is brimming with activist bureaucratic scum who loathe conservatives, and these bureaucrats will not hesitate using legislation to target and pursue conservatives, be it through ICAC or other legislation. And if you think I am being hyperbolic about this, there is a precedent.

In 2019, the inaugural Australian CPAC was held. I attended that conference in Sydney. My name is probably now on a list somewhere in Canberra. I dare say I’m labelled subversive. If so, I’ll wear that badge with pride. Think back to the latter part of 2019, to a pre-Covid Australia (yes, such a place once existed), when the A-G department, under the useless Christian Porter, and at the behest of Labor’s vile Mark Dreyfus, used Section 45(2) of the federal government’s Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme (a scheme set up by a Coalition government) to pursue certain conservative and right-wing Australians who had attended CPAC, including an ex-PM. We had a situation where bureaucrats in Canberra used laws to try to intimidate and silence Australians becaus­e of their political beliefs. But did we hear any protest from the Morrison government about this egregious overreach by Canberra bureaucrats? Nope, there was cowardly silence, not a peep, nothing was said, nada, zilch, zero. Oh, how the left must laugh at us. When this story broke back in late 2019, someone I know wrote the following words….

This, to borrow the saying, is what happens when good men do nothing. Ironically, Tony Abbott is also involved in this, and he provides a perfect example of what doing nothing achieves. Having spent two years back-tracking on promises then apologising and kowtowing to the left at every opportunity, he lost the Prime Ministership, then his seat and now he is under the threat of imprisonment. This is not likely to eventuate but that was not the point of the S45, it is meant to frighten, intimidate and send a message to conservatives and libertarians. 

Quite so.

One thing is clear, the right has gotten nowhere being “nice” towards progressives. No more turning the other cheek. Less nice, more mean, otherwise we’re done, we may as well turn off the lights and go home because it’ll all be over.

The climate war, it’s time for a tactical retreat

I will preface this piece by saying that I believe climate change to be the biggest scam in human history. At its core it is pure unadulterated Marxism, a religious cult dressed up as science, a theological and ideological tool constructed to destroy the West. It is designed to destroy humanity because it is fundamentally a cult that is anti-human. It is the climax of a philosophy of anti-humanism began by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I always laugh out loud when I hear climate cultists cry out about “our children’s future” because the plain truth of the climate scam is that it is about denying a future to our children. We do not have to look far to see the results of the scam, the unfolding tragedy in Sri Lanka shows us very clearly how quickly the green climate scam can destroy a country’s economy and now its people are starving. 

However, I am going to be very blunt here. I believe that at this moment in time we on the right side of politics need to acknowledge that we have lost the climate change war and we need to engage in a tactical retreat. Please hear me out. For many years we have been let down by cowards on the right who should have been fighting this scam but instead all we have seen are gutless and lazy Liberal and National politicians who have simply tiptoed and danced around the whole climate change debate, too timid and too scared to confront and call out the scam.  Even so-called culture warrior Tony Abbott dithered and wimped, he refused to honestly call out the scam, and how was he rewarded?  He was knifed twice, first by miserable Malcolm Turnbull and then by a vacuous and empty-headed bimbo backed by hard-left progressives. It was a Greek tragedy of epic proportions. Our children have been completely indoctrinated and poisoned, because for far too long politicians on the right have done nothing about our education system, bar one or two examples our MSM has been completely corrupted and captured, we’ve had successive Liberal governments do nothing to confront ABC bias and only recently the Morrison government threw even more money at the ABC, thus rewarding a media politburo that is unashamedly and unapologetically hostile to right of centre politics, politicians and mainstream Australia. So now the die has now been cast, the damage has been done and the inevitable result has ensued, that despite committing to “net zero emissions by 2050”, voters deserted the Coalition anyway on 21 May 2022.

What now and where to now? Well, until we on the right begin to engage in tactical politics it will be decades before we will ever hold the reins of government again. The sensible right side of politics, in this country and elsewhere, needs to engage in a tactical retreat when it comes to the climate scam. By tactical retreat I mean, let them win the war for now but at the same time continue to suck them into the black hole of climate alarmism and climate extremism. The Teal independents did indeed win big last week, and they managed to destroy a flank of the Liberal Party. Let them continue winning. In fact, I wish they had won a more seats, such as execrable Paul Fletcher’s seat of Bradfield, they missed that one, sadly Fletcher has hung on. But all these electoral victories will, in the long term, be Pyrrhic victories because it will not be long before the exorbitant power bills arrive, the blackouts begin, the power rationing starts and then all hell will break loose. Nobody will be immune, not even those living in the Teal electorates. And then people will begin to get agitated, very agitated and the revolt against the doctrines of climate change will begin. This means that politicians on the right must start to speak truthfully and bluntly about how renewables such as solar and wind will never provide base load energy. This means that politicians on the right must start to speak truthfully and bluntly about how vested interests are making money from renewables. And the most important message? This means that politicians on the right must start to speak truthfully and bluntly about how, if we want clean reliable energy, then such energy will only come from nuclear power. But speaking truthfully and bluntly requires courage and we desperately need politicians on the right side of politics who are courageous. I can only hope Peter Dutton is such a leader, after years of lacklustre Liberal leadership and Labor lite government. I was impressed by his speech after winning the leadership. He spoke truthfully and bluntly and whilst that is a good sign, it is early days. People are desperate for the truth and to convey that truth we need men and women who are willing to be brave and blunt.

But I can guarantee you this, when the truth is spoken, as people struggle to pay their energy bills, as inflation wrecks household budgets, as young people are unable to charge their computers and phones, the climate scam will be exposed, the cult will begin to unravel, people’s minds will be awakened and freed and the Teals, the Greens, the left and the cowards on the right will wonder why and how, despite winning the war, they lost the battle. 

A Farewell to Sharma

Good article in Quadrant On-Line about the contest in Wentworth.

The photo of Allegra Da Big Spender with her mother, sister and baby grand piano is a perfect illustration of the modern wealthy “liberal” green, totally disconnected from the need to struggle to put food on the table, clothes on the body and a roof overhead.”

Boambee John

Yes, I’ve just read it. I disagree with the writer about “holding his nose” and voting for Sharma. No, I can’t in good conscience do that, not after Sharma crossed the floor. It is clear to me that Sharma doesn’t have a Menzian Liberal bone in his body. I’m now resigned to Allegra Da Big Spenda winning. The electorate of Wentworth, like the electorate of Warringah, will reap what it sows.

I’ve long thought that the Liberals need to say farewell to electorates such as the one I live in. Three years ago, on election day in May 2019, I campaigned for Dave Sharma (what a fool I was), I spent hours hours on my feet, at one point I was the sole Liberal handing out HTV cards at the booth whilst surrounded by a phalanx of hostile forces, Phelps’ volunteers, Greens, GetUp and Friends of the ABC, all breathing fire at me. I had an altercation with one of the Friends of the ABC when he tried to enter the polling booth. I pulled him up, which of course he didn’t like very much and I told him if he did that again I’d report him to the AEC. I only had someone to talk to when the Labor people arrived….it’s funny but I’ve campaigned on election day many times and I find the only people that I get along with are usually Labor campaign workers. They’re always quite nice and up for a chat, there’s usually some cordiality. Anyway I digress, I had been left there by my fellow Liberal, also a resident of Wentworth who popped away to attend to some private business. Early in the day we were chatting and I remember his face when I said to him that “one day, sooner or later, the Liberal Party will have to walk away from electorates like Wentworth”. He was clearly bothered by my statement and he recoiled and said “Noooooo”.

Well, I’ve been proven right. Sharma will lose the seat to a grifter and puppet who’s also a very rich, entitled eastern suburbs moron who doesn’t give a shit about anyone west of Pyrmont but you know what? Nor does Sharma so now I don’t care if he loses. There’s no difference between Sharma and Spender in terms of ideology. Both are greenies, both are “progressives”, both are equally vacuous, and as you correctly wrote above, both are “totally disconnected from the need to struggle to put food on the table, clothes on the body and a roof overhead “. Such obscene selfishness sums up the electorates of Wentworth, Warringah, Kooyong, Goldstein, North Sydney, Curtin, Higgins and a few others. It’s encapsulated by Da Big Spenda’s campaign slogan, a slogan which everyday, when I’m walking to the bus and back, and I can’t stop laughing when I see her posters (which are everywhere) emblazoned with the following words….”Let’s create a better climate for Wentworth“, which is basically the following message to all those who don’t live in Wentworth, “we’ll continue lining our pockets with subsidies for ruinables so that we can continue to live our marvellous existence, to go skiing every year, to drive our SUV’s, to renovate our huge mansions, to travel overseas twice a year and to send our children to private schools and you, the great unwashed… all need to shut your fucking mouths because we know what’s best for you”.

Lord of the Flies

Last Friday a few hundred young schoolgirls and schoolboys, all of whom should be in school, participated in a “climate strike” outside the Prime Minister’s Sydney residence, Kirribilli House.  As we know, this protest about “climate change’ was yet another one of those same school strikes that have been occurring across the West since 2018. Covid provided us with some relief from the ravings of these rabid, indoctrinated and attention-seeking school children but just like a scary scene from a 1970s horror movie featuring a screaming and shrieking Jamie Lee Curtis, they’re back. And of course, the children’s heroine remains the Viking queen of scream, none other than the eternally vacuous, creepy Swede herself, Greta Thunberg.

On the night of the climate strike I watched Sky News and I saw what ensued outside Kirribilli House. My jaw dropped and I shivered with fear. Why so? I felt something strange and sinister emanating from the children. What was it? I couldn’t immediately put my finger on what it was. I could clearly hear the children screaming, screeching and shrieking far-left propaganda and I could clearly see that the children were filled with naked unhinged aggression, particularly the girls. It was toxic. It filled me with apprehension. The children, many with green and pink coloured hair, none of whom can vote yet, many who were completely inarticulate and frothing from their mouths, young girls jumping up and down squealing with feverish excitement, all of them shouting expletives about Morrison, all of them speaking ignorant rubbish about the climate and fossil fuels, all spruiking LGBQTI+ rubbish (what that has to do with “climate” I’ll never know), I was gobsmacked and then I realised I was witnessing a 2022 revival of the Hitler Youth from Nazi Germany and the Komsomol from Soviet Russia.  It was a menacing and toxic stew of aggression, ignorance and profound stupidity and I thought to myself, my God, these children are the future and then my apprehension and dread increased even more because I realised that these children haven’t even attended university yet. They’re already fully indoctrinated and they’re already lost. And then the revelation came, and I understood why I felt such apprehension and dread because I remembered William Golding’s book, Lord of the Flies.

Lord of the Flies is another name for Beelzebub, the devil. Beelzebub is also named the Lord of Filth and Dung. In the novel by Golding the stranded boys grow wilder, dirtier, and more uncivilised, because all of this reflected the boy’s wild inner state. As the savagery and evil in the boys increased, they look to find a god to worship.

“When Jack and his hunters kill a boar, they have their opportunity; they leave the pig’s head impaled on a stake as an offering to the beast. The head is soon rotting and covered with flies. The head, referred to as the “Lord of the Flies” then serves as a symbol of the evil and savagery of Jack’s tribe of hunters.

I was reminded of the book on Friday night, and since then I’ve been mulling why I feel such apprehension. Watching the footage of the children protesting outside Kirribilli House, frothing and spewing vile insults at a democratically elected PM, all of them wild, incoherent, unkempt, rabid, uncivilised, savage and feral, I thought that apart from the obvious fact that the children are pawns of very evil people, it also seems to me that their souls are possessed by something evil. These children are worshipping a deity but this deity isn’t, as in Golding’s book, a pig’s head covered with flies, rather the children outside Kirribilli House are worshipping a deity that is much more sinister and much more powerful, a progressive deity. Beelzebub in 2022 is an evil deity that manifests himself through vile and sinister tenets such as climate change, queer theology, transgenderism, Marxism, cancel culture, youth indoctrination, the demonisation of religion, particularly Christianity and all the other ideologies that are slowly but surely destroying the West. 

Beelzebub is laughing at us and why shouldn’t he? We have given him permission to laugh at us because we have given him our children.

We’re all in this together

Over the last two years, despite being assured by our Prime Minister Scott Morrison that “we’re all in this together”, the plain truth is that we are not and have never been “all in this together”.  The facts are that all those tyrannical Covid rules and regulations have been applied selectively and specifically, the application has been dependent on one’s sporting prowess, one’s celebrity status and one’s business connections.  To put is simply, rules for thee but not for me.  Whilst borders have been slammed shut to ordinary Australians, various athletes, celebrities and businessmen and women have been allowed to fly in and out of this country and they’ve been awarded privileges and dispensations denied to other Australians, even during that dark year of 2020 Continue reading “We’re all in this together”