A Farewell to Sharma

Good article in Quadrant On-Line about the contest in Wentworth.

The photo of Allegra Da Big Spender with her mother, sister and baby grand piano is a perfect illustration of the modern wealthy “liberal” green, totally disconnected from the need to struggle to put food on the table, clothes on the body and a roof overhead.”

Boambee John

Yes, I’ve just read it. I disagree with the writer about “holding his nose” and voting for Sharma. No, I can’t in good conscience do that, not after Sharma crossed the floor. It is clear to me that Sharma doesn’t have a Menzian Liberal bone in his body. I’m now resigned to Allegra Da Big Spenda winning. The electorate of Wentworth, like the electorate of Warringah, will reap what it sows.

I’ve long thought that the Liberals need to say farewell to electorates such as the one I live in. Three years ago, on election day in May 2019, I campaigned for Dave Sharma (what a fool I was), I spent hours hours on my feet, at one point I was the sole Liberal handing out HTV cards at the booth whilst surrounded by a phalanx of hostile forces, Phelps’ volunteers, Greens, GetUp and Friends of the ABC, all breathing fire at me. I had an altercation with one of the Friends of the ABC when he tried to enter the polling booth. I pulled him up, which of course he didn’t like very much and I told him if he did that again I’d report him to the AEC. I only had someone to talk to when the Labor people arrived….it’s funny but I’ve campaigned on election day many times and I find the only people that I get along with are usually Labor campaign workers. They’re always quite nice and up for a chat, there’s usually some cordiality. Anyway I digress, I had been left there by my fellow Liberal, also a resident of Wentworth who popped away to attend to some private business. Early in the day we were chatting and I remember his face when I said to him that “one day, sooner or later, the Liberal Party will have to walk away from electorates like Wentworth”. He was clearly bothered by my statement and he recoiled and said “Noooooo”.

Well, I’ve been proven right. Sharma will lose the seat to a grifter and puppet who’s also a very rich, entitled eastern suburbs moron who doesn’t give a shit about anyone west of Pyrmont but you know what? Nor does Sharma so now I don’t care if he loses. There’s no difference between Sharma and Spender in terms of ideology. Both are greenies, both are “progressives”, both are equally vacuous, and as you correctly wrote above, both are “totally disconnected from the need to struggle to put food on the table, clothes on the body and a roof overhead “. Such obscene selfishness sums up the electorates of Wentworth, Warringah, Kooyong, Goldstein, North Sydney, Curtin, Higgins and a few others. It’s encapsulated by Da Big Spenda’s campaign slogan, a slogan which everyday, when I’m walking to the bus and back, and I can’t stop laughing when I see her posters (which are everywhere) emblazoned with the following words….”Let’s create a better climate for Wentworth“, which is basically the following message to all those who don’t live in Wentworth, “we’ll continue lining our pockets with subsidies for ruinables so that we can continue to live our marvellous existence, to go skiing every year, to drive our SUV’s, to renovate our huge mansions, to travel overseas twice a year and to send our children to private schools and you, the great unwashed…..you all need to shut your fucking mouths because we know what’s best for you”.

Lord of the Flies

Last Friday a few hundred young schoolgirls and schoolboys, all of whom should be in school, participated in a “climate strike” outside the Prime Minister’s Sydney residence, Kirribilli House.  As we know, this protest about “climate change’ was yet another one of those same school strikes that have been occurring across the West since 2018. Covid provided us with some relief from the ravings of these rabid, indoctrinated and attention-seeking school children but just like a scary scene from a 1970s horror movie featuring a screaming and shrieking Jamie Lee Curtis, they’re back. And of course, the children’s heroine remains the Viking queen of scream, none other than the eternally vacuous, creepy Swede herself, Greta Thunberg.

On the night of the climate strike I watched Sky News and I saw what ensued outside Kirribilli House. My jaw dropped and I shivered with fear. Why so? I felt something strange and sinister emanating from the children. What was it? I couldn’t immediately put my finger on what it was. I could clearly hear the children screaming, screeching and shrieking far-left propaganda and I could clearly see that the children were filled with naked unhinged aggression, particularly the girls. It was toxic. It filled me with apprehension. The children, many with green and pink coloured hair, none of whom can vote yet, many who were completely inarticulate and frothing from their mouths, young girls jumping up and down squealing with feverish excitement, all of them shouting expletives about Morrison, all of them speaking ignorant rubbish about the climate and fossil fuels, all spruiking LGBQTI+ rubbish (what that has to do with “climate” I’ll never know), I was gobsmacked and then I realised I was witnessing a 2022 revival of the Hitler Youth from Nazi Germany and the Komsomol from Soviet Russia.  It was a menacing and toxic stew of aggression, ignorance and profound stupidity and I thought to myself, my God, these children are the future and then my apprehension and dread increased even more because I realised that these children haven’t even attended university yet. They’re already fully indoctrinated and they’re already lost. And then the revelation came, and I understood why I felt such apprehension and dread because I remembered William Golding’s book, Lord of the Flies.

Lord of the Flies is another name for Beelzebub, the devil. Beelzebub is also named the Lord of Filth and Dung. In the novel by Golding the stranded boys grow wilder, dirtier, and more uncivilised, because all of this reflected the boy’s wild inner state. As the savagery and evil in the boys increased, they look to find a god to worship.

“When Jack and his hunters kill a boar, they have their opportunity; they leave the pig’s head impaled on a stake as an offering to the beast. The head is soon rotting and covered with flies. The head, referred to as the “Lord of the Flies” then serves as a symbol of the evil and savagery of Jack’s tribe of hunters.

I was reminded of the book on Friday night, and since then I’ve been mulling why I feel such apprehension. Watching the footage of the children protesting outside Kirribilli House, frothing and spewing vile insults at a democratically elected PM, all of them wild, incoherent, unkempt, rabid, uncivilised, savage and feral, I thought that apart from the obvious fact that the children are pawns of very evil people, it also seems to me that their souls are possessed by something evil. These children are worshipping a deity but this deity isn’t, as in Golding’s book, a pig’s head covered with flies, rather the children outside Kirribilli House are worshipping a deity that is much more sinister and much more powerful, a progressive deity. Beelzebub in 2022 is an evil deity that manifests himself through vile and sinister tenets such as climate change, queer theology, transgenderism, Marxism, cancel culture, youth indoctrination, the demonisation of religion, particularly Christianity and all the other ideologies that are slowly but surely destroying the West. 

Beelzebub is laughing at us and why shouldn’t he? We have given him permission to laugh at us because we have given him our children.

We’re all in this together

Over the last two years, despite being assured by our Prime Minister Scott Morrison that “we’re all in this together”, the plain truth is that we are not and have never been “all in this together”.  The facts are that all those tyrannical Covid rules and regulations have been applied selectively and specifically, the application has been dependent on one’s sporting prowess, one’s celebrity status and one’s business connections.  To put is simply, rules for thee but not for me.  Whilst borders have been slammed shut to ordinary Australians, various athletes, celebrities and businessmen and women have been allowed to fly in and out of this country and they’ve been awarded privileges and dispensations denied to other Australians, even during that dark year of 2020 Continue reading “We’re all in this together”