Wokey Women

Being Christmas, this is the time of year I get to attend work lunches at fancy Sydney restaurants. Yesterday, I attended another such lunch, it was my third in a week, about twenty of us went to a particularly good CBD restaurant. I don’t enjoy these lunches. Why? Well, I like to keep my social and work lives separate, because I don’t have much in common with my work colleagues. This doesn’t mean I don’t like them, it’s just that I know I think differently to them, particularly about politics and culture, and I’ve reached a stage in my life where I only want to spend my precious social time with like-minded people. I don’t find this socially limiting, fortunately most of my family and friends share my opinions. But such work functions can be interesting, because I get to sit, observe, and listen to woke progressive babble and bile, and it gives me an opportunity to counter spurious arguments and nonsense with one or two verbal missiles which invariably leave people’s jaws dropping and drooping, I’ve noticed how some suddenly develop rapid onset bell’s palsy. Yesterday, arriving at the restaurant, I noticed how the table was segregated, with the females sitting at one end and the men sitting at the other.  I thought, oh dear, this does not bode well. These young women are all highly educated, have degrees, and come from privileged homes in Sydney’s affluent suburbs. The lunch began okay, but about forty minutes in the subject of politics came up and then the alarm bells started ringing. I sat up and steeled myself for what was to come and believe me, it didn’t disappoint. The table became drenched in woke talk and woke cliches about Trump, the Liberal Party, and the right in general. The lunch was a horror show and I left disturbed, rattled, and frightened. Of what you may ask? Frightened of the future, because these young woke women are the future, they vote, and it’s scary.

So, what ensued at the lunch once the topic of politics came up? Well, it started with several of the women calling Peter Dutton “Lord Voldermort” and “potato head”, to which all the women laughed, they described him as far-right, one said that the Liberal Party was now so far-right that it will never win another election, especially with Dutton as leader, and they all nodded their heads in furious agreement.  I spoke up and said that many thought the same about Anthony Albanese and Labor and that two years ago “Albo” was as behind in the opinion polls as Peter Dutton is today. I said that Dutton isn’t “far-right”, that’s how the MSM portray him.  The sudden onset bell’s palsy began.

The conversation got worse, far worse. I nearly chucked up my chicken dish when the woman sitting next to me said it would be great if Julie Bishop could return to lead the party. I had to quickly pour myself another glass of sav blanc to calm me. The women continued to parrot every progressive woke talking point…

  • Jacinta Ardern is fabulous. I pointed out that Ardern has nearly destroyed the country. She is on the nose electorally and she and her party will lose next year. There was silence from the women.
  • The Liberal Party under Scott Morrison was far-right. I responded by asking, how? There was silence. I said that if the Liberal Party was “far-right”, it would not have signed up to net zero emissions by 2050. There was silence from the women.
  • Barnaby Joyce is awful, an adulterer. I said that both Bill Shorten and Tony Burke are adulterers. There was silence from the women.
  • The Liberal Party doesn’t believe in “climate change”.  I asked how this opinion equates with the Liberal Party signing up to net zero emissions last year? There was silence from the women.
  • The Liberal Party doesn’t believe in renewables.  I said because they’re unreliable, if we want an energy source which has zero emissions and is reliable, we must go nuclear. There was silence from the women.
  • Sky News and Murdoch media is far-right. I said I watch and read both. There was silence from the women.
  • Tony Abbott is evil. I asked, how so? Silence and I said, you don’t have to like his politics but he’s a decent human being, he is not evil.  I did hear murmurings of agreement from the women.
  • Donald Trump is evil and mentally ill. I asked what they thought about Joe Biden’s mental and physical health? I said he is senile, decaying before our eyes. There was silence from the women.

And it went on and on and on, culminating in, “Albo’s great, Albo’s great, Albo’s great”.

It was time for me to leave, I was exhausted. Walking back to the office, I pondered some depressing truths. The first truth is that the Liberal Party will be out of office for at least a decade. The second truth, a truth we all know, is that the Liberal Party deserves to be out of office, the lunch confirmed to me yet again how the Liberal Party, for over a decade, failed abysmally on so many policy fronts but particularly on addressing woke indoctrination in schools and universities and on addressing the climate cult. It is now out of control. I don’t think it can be turned back. Morrison’s decision last year to sign up to net zero emissions to appease the woke gods and various wet Liberals (we all know their names) made not one iota of difference. The bird had flown the coop, these young women are so indoctrinated, so filled with woke rubbish that it would take a depression, a war or aliens arriving to unwoke them, and even in those scenarios, I doubt they would budge. The tragedy is that despite the Liberal Party capitulating on every woke issue and fad, from climate change to euthanasia to abortion, it fails to win them any votes because the young think conservatives and anyone who’s right of centre are insane, evil, far-right, and Nazis. In my gloomiest moments I wonder if the Liberal Party will ever win another election again, so damaged is the brand. Am I being too pessimistic? Maybe, but I think the young are gone. The pied piper of wokeism has captured them. The party, in its current guise of Labor lite, is incapable of winning anything, evidenced recently with the atrocious Victorian result, and the party here in NSW will be smashed electorally in March next year.

But this suits these indoctrinated gals I lunched with yesterday. They’re progressives, convinced of their moral and intellectual superiority, marching in Maoist unison full steam ahead and we on the right have only ourselves to blame for this situation. Whilst I’m able to toss in some verbal sledges here and there, I know they’re laughing at me because they view me as a curiosity, and I often feel like I’m the lone remaining solder at a battle, with my comrades having fled or dead. Unsurprisingly, by the end of the lunch yesterday, I felt sick. But I did manage to make myself smile with my last barb. Just before I left, one of the young women at the table, who finds me “interesting (code for “odd”)”, asked what I thought about Rishi Sunak. I said that I did not have an opinion about him however he isn’t the one who is pulling the strings, he’s a puppet.  Of course, she didn’t get it what I was saying, however her response was to laugh loudly and say that at least he’s not like the buffoon Boris Johnson, who she described as the UK version of Donald Trump. I responded, “well, that’s an unfair”, she was surprised and asked, “to who, Boris?” and I said “no, to Donald Trump”.  I left with a smile on my face.

I’ll end with some optimism, there are glimpses of hope, but they are not found in these woke educated women from Australia’s affluent suburbs, they are found in women such as my manicurist from Vietnam or my beautician, who is a Hazari from Afghanistan. They are women from the western suburbs of Sydney, women that a Liberal Party with any smarts should be courting.

In the meantime, folks, start preparing yourself for a woke world filled with wokey women. Warning, it’s scary, very scary.

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  1. Gerry Jackson Avatar
    Gerry Jackson

    These women are highly credentialed, not educated. As for the Liberal Party, it is run by a gang of unprincipled political cretins who treat the membership with utter contempt. No wonder they lose elections.

  2. Dragnet Avatar

    I feel your pain !

  3. WolfmanOz Avatar

    Don’t be to depressed Cassie – give it another 5 or so years as many of these woke people will be out of jobs as unemployment will rise markedly, energy will be limited, blackouts will be common, taxes will increase even further etc etc . . .

    When you’re poor and hungry being woke won’t pay the bills or put food on the table.

    That train is coming for all of us – it ain’t going to be pretty but there’s hope that out of the smoking ruins some sense may take hold again.

  4. Roger Avatar

    These women are highly credentialed, not educated.


    They are mere ciphers who borrow their opinions from the msm.

  5. Bourne1879 Avatar

    Would expect no less from you Cassie. Well done.

    As you indicate the problem is the left have captured too many groups ; academia and the students they have brainwashed, Unions, and in particular the public service which is rapidly expanding.

    I was talking to a guy from Melbourne the day before the election. He works for an organisation that Andrews throws a lot of money at and more than happy for it to continue.

    Just heard on the radio Qld nurses just got a good pay rise and now highest paid in the country. This follows on from our cops who just got a great pay deal plus extra allowances etc and they are now most highly paid in the country.

    The public service voting block is significant and obviously centred in cities.

    I agree it is going to be hard for Coalition to come back and Dutton is much maligned.

    The VIC election was an unfortunate lesson that despite the lockdowns clearly too many benefit from Andrews style Government as he happily spends billions on his Govt credit card.

    Not helped by the fact most LIberal leaders are hopeless.

  6. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    Tell us about the men, Cassie. Did they all have man buns? Did any of them wear socks? Did any of them weigh over 8 stone? Were any of them straight? Did any of them not drink Zinfandel?

  7. OldOzzie Avatar


    just to cheer you up “Commando – No Knickers” Hoggins had made rt.com

    How the #MeToo movement crushed its Australian icon

    There will be no retrial in the Brittany Higgins case after news of her poor mental health

    Graham Hryce is an Australian journalist and former media lawyer, whose work has been published in The Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, the Sunday Mail, the Spectator and Quadrant.

    Recent developments in the Brittany Higgins lawsuit – Australia’s most infamous #MeToo case – have cast a very unflattering light on the way the #MeToo movement and its supporters operate.

    Last week, it became clear for the first time that the movement has turned Ms Higgins into a traumatized victim, who it continues to exploit – while, at the same time, seriously besmirching the integrity of the Australian Capital Territory legal system.

    This is hardly surprising – Higgins is not the first #MeToo complainant to be irreversibly damaged by the demands of the movement, and activists and supporters have always shown blatant contempt for due process and the rule of law.

    Higgins’ downward spiral began in early 2021, when she sensationally claimed in media interviews that a fellow political staffer in Parliament House in Canberra had raped her after a night of excessive drinking two years earlier. Higgins was immediately feted by the #MeToo movement and its zealous advocates in the media and enlisted her in their political campaign to destroy the conservative Morrison government.

    Higgins then filed a complaint with the police, and her alleged rapist, Bruce Lehrmann, was charged with sexual assault – a crime that carries a penalty of 12 years’ imprisonment. Lehrmann denied that he had had sex with Higgins and pleaded not guilty. The case went to trial in the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court in Canberra in October this year.

    After deliberating for almost a week, the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict – and then, by chance, it was discovered that a jury member had improperly accessed research material, notwithstanding numerous directions from the trial judge telling the jury that this was impermissible. The trial was aborted, and a retrial was set down for February next year. There the matter rested until the remarkable events of late last week.

    Last Friday, Shane Drumgold, the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions who had prosecuted Lehrmann, dramatically announced that the retrial would not proceed because of serious concerns over Higgins’ mental health. At a press conference, an emotional Drumgold said “In light of the completely independent medical opinions, I’ve made the difficult decision that it is no longer in the public interest to pursue a prosecution at the risk of the complainant’s life.”

    He went on to say that he remained of the view that there were “reasonable prospects” of a jury convicting Lehrmann at the retrial – thereby suggesting that Lehrmann was, in fact, guilty as charged.

    So much for the presumption of innocence in the ACT.

    Drumgold then said, “during the investigation and trial, as a sexual assault complainant Ms Higgins has faced a level of personal attack I’ve not seen in over 20 years of doing this work”

    This comment is a disgraceful attack on the lawyers who represented Lehrmann at the first trial – who were, in fact, complimented by the trial judge for the way they had conducted themselves at the trial.

    It also ignores the fact that media coverage of the entire Higgins saga has been, with few exceptions, uniformly favorable to Higgins – not surprisingly, given that it had been orchestrated by the #MeToo movement and those journalists that support it. It was the media campaign that caused Lehrmann to bring an application – which the ACT Supreme Court rejected – to have his prosecution permanently stayed, and which, in my view, meant that it was impossible for him to receive a fair trial.

    And recently, it was reported in the press that, after the first trial had been aborted, Drumgold wrote to the ACT Attorney General asking him to change the existing law so as to permit the retrial to take place without Higgins having to give evidence in person. This request was praised by #MeToo advocates in the media – even though such a change to the existing law would have severely disadvantaged Lehrmann and made a conviction easier for Drumgold to obtain at the retrial.

    Media reports over the weekend then revealed a number of extraordinary facts – previously not known to the public.

    First, it was disclosed that, during the first trial, Higgins had suffered a severe mental breakdown and had been hospitalized for four days.

    Second, it was revealed that Higgins is currently in the hospital suffering from acute mental health problems.

    Third, leaked documents disclosed that senior police officers who had investigated Higgins’ complaint had recommended that Lehrmann not be charged – on the grounds of insufficient evidence, inconsistencies in Higgins’ account of events, and the fact that her mental health was such that she may not be able to cope with giving evidence at trial.

    More importantly, one document stated that these police officers had been unable to prevent Lehrmann’s prosecution by the DPP because “there is too much political interference.”

    These recent developments, and significant disclosures of previously unknown facts, raise serious questions about the entire prosecution of Bruce Lehrmann. Should he have been prosecuted at all? Was there any ‘political interference’?

    And if, as Drumgold asserted during Friday’s press conference, “the safety of a complainant in a sexual assault matter must be paramount,” why was the prosecution brought when senior police had already drawn attention to Higgins’ fragile mental state?

    It is now perfectly clear that the Higgins case has been a complete and utter legal debacle from beginning to end – and that it reflects very poorly indeed on the basic integrity of the entire ACT legal system. And the ACT Supreme Court’s failure to punish clear contempt of court by Higgins and her supporters has seriously weakened its authority.

    It is, however, the #MeToo movement itself that bears ultimate responsibility for the wretched situation that Higgins now finds herself in.

    Those activist journalists that took up her cause never critically examined or tested her allegations. Instead, they turned her into an instant celebrity and an icon of the movement. They then used her to campaign against the Morrison government – a role for which she was intellectually and emotionally totally unsuited.

    Higgins’ naivety and fragility should have been obvious to her #MeToo handlers from the beginning. She obliquely acknowledged this in her evidence at the first trial when she criticized those journalists who took up her cause “for making it about them, rather than me.”

    Higgins only brought criminal proceedings against Lehrmann after she had been taken up by the #MeToo movement, and two years after the alleged rape. Did Higgins’ #MeToo supporters encourage her to do so? Did they ever tell her precisely what this would entail for her? Did they explain to her in detail how the criminal justice system works?

    Why did they encourage her to make an incendiary speech denouncing Lehrmann and the legal system to the assembled media at the end of her first trial – which may still result in contempt and criminal charges being brought against her? Higgins republished the text of this speech online on the weekend – thereby thumbing her nose again at the ACT legal system.

    I suspect that the answer to these questions lies in the simple fact that the #MeToo movement always places its own interests above those of the individuals that it purports to act on behalf of.

    Even now – with Higgins in the hospital – the #MeToo movement refuses to take any responsibility whatsoever for her predicament. Instead, its supporters blame her fate on the alleged iniquities of the legal system.

    Would Higgins be in the hospital today if she had filed a police complaint immediately after the alleged rape, proceeded to trial in the normal way, and never had anything to do with the movement or its ideologues in the media? Of course not.

    Even more reprehensibly, this weekend, #MeToo journalists continued to write lurid articles about her mental health problems. It must be very gratifying for them to know that, even hospitalized, Higgins is still capable of generating reams of sensationalist copy.

    And Ms Higgins’ problems are far from over yet. Her lucrative book deal – for which she was to receive a $350,000 advance last year – now appears to be in danger of falling through, given that Lehrmann will never be convicted of raping her.

    Lehrmann is now considering suing the ACT authorities for malicious prosecution, as well as bringing defamation actions against those media organizations that uncritically published Higgins’ allegations. And on Sunday, press reports appeared stating that Higgins intends to sue the federal government for “three million dollars.”

    It is not clear what the basis for her claim is, but any legal proceedings would raise the prospect of her giving evidence in court. So, having been totally traumatized by her court appearance at the Lehrmann trial, she is now apparently contemplating – likely in desperation – initiating yet another legal action.

    The fact that such a claim could even be contemplated – given the basic facts at the heart of the Higgins saga – shows just how far the legal system has cravenly capitulated to the #MeToo movement.

    And now, calls are growing for Drumgold to resign, and a bitter dispute has broken out in the media between Drumgold and the police – with each accusing the other of behaving improperly during the Higgins matter. It now appears that the ACT government will be obliged to establish a judicial enquiry into the entire Lehrmann prosecution.

    Two important lessons can, I think, be gleaned from the Brittany Higgins saga.

    First, that the #MeToo movement is essentially an irrational movement that has no compunction about reducing those individuals that it purports to “empower” to the status of permanently damaged victims. This is a strange kind of empowerment.

    And, second, that any legal jurisdiction that succumbs to the movement’s illiberal ideological demands inevitably brings itself into utter and well-deserved disrepute.

    Comments Interesting

  8. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    Cassie, i share your pain as i attend similar work lunches and a Christmas dinner this evening.

    My hopes for the Vietnamese community saving us from the left are not high. Down here in The Peoples republic of Dan his Mulgrave electorate shifted to the right (from hard left) in all booths except the four Springvale booths. High Vietnamese representation here. They moved further to the left and were lockstep behind Mao Se Dan.

  9. Kneel Avatar

    “That train is coming for all of us…”

    As Dan Bongino points out about NY, it’s just not bad enough yet.
    We’ve seen it before in NY, where Guiliani lost his first bid for mayor. But a couple of years later, when 2,000 p.a were being murdered, he won – just. Then, at the next election, he’d done so well at cleaning the place up, he won in a landslide.
    It always follows the same pattern – things are going well and people elect the left, having forgotten the chaos they caused when last in power. Besides, everyone is doing OK, so sure, we can afford some generosity to those less fortunate, right? Some sit around moaning about how things are getting worse, but the left keeps getting elected. Then the left finally dive off the cliff as their policies start to bite the average voter, and the right gets in. They fix everything up and the cycle repeats.

    There have been exceptions to this general rule, such as under Hawke/Keating, and lately under Morrison, both of which were attempts to give themselves broader appeal – the former was at least somewhat successful, but the latter failed miserably. For the liberals to win, they’ll need someone of the caliber of DeSantis – intelligent, articulate, and who listens to and acts on what voters actually want. Not what some “important” part wants, what most want. And with enough support in the party to be able to get it done.

  10. m0nty Avatar

    Cranky sounds like a person one would shift tables to avoid.

  11. Diogenes Avatar

    Cassie, i share your pain as i attend similar work lunches and a Christmas dinner this evening.

    You try sitting in a staff room where this shit is absolutely constant. I no longer argue or try to present facts. I do what Cassie does, by asking questions – “how so?” “what is your evidence?” – lots of awkward silence ensues.

  12. Lee Avatar

    Cassie, you have a far stronger stomach than I have.

    I would avoid such women (and men) like the plague, so that my blood pressure doesn’t go through the roof.

  13. calli Avatar

    Recycled ideas, tropes, attitudes. Once it starts, it can’t stop. And it’s all so silly and divorced from reality.

    Try changing the subject next time. There may be some ground on which you can have a half-decent conversation. Politics is definitely out.

  14. calli Avatar

    And Cassie, I have this type of conversation with the Beloved’s family every time we meet. I’m determined not to allow it to become a bear baiting with me as the bear.

    The point is – don’t let idiots exhaust you. They think they are right because, in their small circle, they are the majority. All in lock step, no individualism, all opinions coming in generic gift wrapping from the best purveyors of b/s – the MSM. You might have been better off at the other end of the table talking footy.

  15. Kneel Avatar

    “… by asking questions – “how so?” “what is your evidence?” “

    Don’t forget:
    “Better than what?” when they talk about a “better” policy they have like SSM.
    “At what cost?” when they talk about even more government spending on the latest boondoggle like “renewables”.
    “And then what?” when they talk about their “simple” solutions to complex problems – they never look beyond first level analysis into what their proposed solution will cause to happen, and then use the same shallow thinking on the predictable results of their ineptitude.

    You don’t even need to win these arguments at first – you can always bring up at the next proposed disaster that you foresaw issues last time. Sure, many will not remember or care, but some will see the wisdom of asking such questions, and may even begin to ask them themselves. Remember – people go crazy in crowds, but only recover sanity one by one. And that societies return to sanity, like all such changes, happens slowly, and then suddenly. Make as many snowballs as you can no matter how small and start them rolling down the hill – inertia and gravity will do the rest.

  16. rosie Avatar

    Oh for the days when Christmas dos were for getting stupid drunk and other foolish behaviour.

  17. Dot Avatar

    These women have never been challenged in their lives.

    As for Trump: let’s say they assert he is fascist.

    Let’s see a fascist policy he enacted and compare that to Obama, Clinton, Biden or Bush.

    They will not be able to articulate anything but bile for the person asking the question.

  18. Rabz Avatar

    Bravo, Cassie.

    It’s been a week since I had lunch with the object of my affections and hadn’t mentioned these observations I made about her at the time. As well as being absolutely gorgeous and extremely intelligent, she:

    Is decidedly “unwoke”
    Knows who karens are and holds in them contempt
    Admitted she hates working for female bosses as they’re invariably micro-managing control freaks

    Given she hails from the same milieu as Cassie’s woke female work colleagues, Miss Emily is most definitely an exception to the rule.

  19. Wally Dali Avatar
    Wally Dali

    Edit button, Cassie-
    Jacinta Price is our girl
    The gramscian gee-gee Gollum from over the ditch via Schwabsburg is Jacinda Ardern.

  20. WolfmanOz Avatar

    Kneel says:
    December 9, 2022 at 12:58 pm

    Thanks for expanding my point.

  21. Texas Jack Avatar
    Texas Jack

    The really good news is that out here in Flyover Country there ain’t no woke, and ordinary people would happily vote for a Coalition candidate who was at least woke-neutral, if not actually pushing back on the Woke BS.

    Wentworth is gawwwn. Same as Warringah. It’s just that careerist moderate Liberals who hope to win back these seats need to turn the entire party into a laughing stock to achieve their aims.

  22. Petros Avatar

    Some questions to ask include: why do you think that, has the penny dropped yet, what experience do you have in that field, do you think they might be doing that to make money, have you heard of Peter Ridd, what do you think of the Maidan revolution, have you considered that those powers might be used against you in the future.

  23. Pyrmonter Avatar

    ‘credentialled not educated’ – it doesn’t matter. They’re probably better educated than their mothers and grandmothers and have passed through the filters to obtain credentials. These are the people whose mothers and grandmothers (fathers and grandfathers) were the solid core of the Liberal vote. They weren’t always right, but more often than not they were; and their judgments were better than those who routinely supported Labor when it offered up Calwell, Whitlam, Wran, Cain, Bannon, Burke and Kirner. The loss of women like these is dangerous; on some issues they are clearly wrong (renewables; and the supposed ‘far right’ nature of the LPA); but on others, it isn’t too hard to work out the sources of difference: a party that is, by personnel, much more male than its main opponent (who is the high profile Liberal female leader of our times? The female Liberal Premier or PM?). The party that even more than Labor is dominated by political staffer hacks; and which, most obviously under Scott Morrison, has stood for very little beyond its own re-election?

    Don’t be mistaken: Albanese is a seasoned strategist. He is currently doing an excellent job of misdirection, fighting on ‘Liberal turf’ – the persistent divisions – while carrying out radical policy changes like the recent IR reforms and the effective socialisation of all development through Plibersek’s federal EPA proposal. Having ditched women of this sort, the LPA and those who support it have fewer friends than they ought to.

  24. duncanm Avatar

    Well done Cassie.

    Sounds like those young ladies (girls) haven’t progressed beyond their high school peer group structures.

    .. and people want to lower the voting age.

  25. Katzenjammer Avatar

    They’re not woke from any particular convictions. They take on fashionable intellectual poses to enhance their self-identification. And it’s odd that the more LNP trots over towards the left, the more they’re called far-right fascists.

    Next time you join them for lunch, request they don’t start eating until you’ve said grace. Set the tone for the affair.

  26. Kneel Avatar

    “Oh for the days when Christmas dos were for getting stupid drunk and other foolish behaviour.”

    As long as you didn’t break the glass in the photocopier…

  27. tommbell Avatar

    To be blunt, who would be surprised by any of this? Young people tend to favour the Left anyway. (we all know the gag line about having no heart as a youth/no brain as an adult.) See the Brookings link below if you like. But young “educated” women are in a league of their own. They seem to love trotting out leftard tropes as some substitute for debate/analysis. And for a group who generally get riled about anyone commenting on a person’s physical appearance, if it comes to someone of the Right they are simply vicious.


  28. Makka Avatar

    Cranky sounds like a person one would shift tables to avoid.

    Sure, to then gather around you enthralled by your leftard wisdom and wrongology, eh mOron? Lol.

    Truth is, nobody would want a creep like you at their Chrissy get together.

  29. John Avatar

    Recycled ideas, tropes, attitudes. Once it starts, it can’t stop. And it’s all so silly and divorced from reality.

    It’s not divorced from reality. It is the new reality and I don’t know what the circuit breaker will be. I don’t think by more pain. Everybody is loaded with credentials nowadays and the mentality of the country is that the answer to more pain and chaos is even more extreme socialism, wokeness and christian persecution. The Soviet Empire showed that when you get sucked in beyond the point of no return, only civil war will get you out of this mess. And I don’t think credentialed Australia has the stomache to fight their way out. I think the vortex of misery is perpetual, as in the many hopeless African tyrannies, New Guineau, Venezuala and so on.

    The evidence from the last Federal election is clear. The Liberals were forced to go woke for survival. Otherwise they would have been wiped out. That they were not sufficiently woke for the electorate is indicated by the defection of votes from the Liberals to Labor/TEALs/Greens axis. If the Australian electorate valued Liberty, such defection would’ve been to the Freedom Parties.

    Our values are doomed.

  30. Kingsley Avatar

    Whenever I have ever been silly enough to engage in these conversations with Lefties, I am always struck by how, almost without exception, I already know all their arguments and talking points but I am clearly telling them facts and lines of reasoning they are hearing for the first time in their lives. This looks to be Cassie’s experience here too.
    The other chief flaw I find with the Leftist brain and I think is the single biggest difference between the Conservative brain and the Leftist brain is Lefties seem to be almost completely incapable of processing second order and beyond effects of anything.

  31. Makka Avatar

    It is the new reality and I don’t know what the circuit breaker will be.

    I do. A severe recession. 8% + unemployment for couple of years. Too good for too long.

    Every one of those woke women has never experienced a recession. It won’t happen because Govt knows they’d be out so borrow, print whatever it takes to keep the ponzi afloat.

  32. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John


    But young “educated” women are in a league of their own. They seem to love trotting out leftard tropes as some substitute for debate/analysis.

    Confirmed, m0nty=fa really is a dickless woman.

  33. calli Avatar

    It’s not divorced from reality. It is the new reality and I don’t know what the circuit breaker will be. I don’t think by more pain.

    I probably didn’t make myself clear, John. When I said “divorced from reality”, I meant just that. An example:

    – Snowy 2.0 – most of these idiots don’t understand how it works. It isn’t about “creating clean energy”, it’s about storing water in a “battery” (read dam) and selling it at a higher price.

    That’s just energy. The myths and fairytales also surround gender, race, social “justice” and most of all…welfare.

    They are not reality. They are constructs that subvert and ultimately ruin societies.

  34. will Avatar

    Just heard on the radio Qld nurses just got a good pay rise and now highest paid in the country. This follows on from our cops who just got a great pay deal plus extra allowances etc and they are now most highly paid in the country.

    and this is the result; the great divide between the working class in the private sector whose pay has been static since 2007 with the destruction of productivity (except recently, following the Trump economic miracle*) and the substantial public sector insulated from these economic effects by government generosity.

    *remember the idiot half kenyan saying that sub-2% growth was the new normal and anything over that would never be achieved again

  35. will Avatar

    and looke here, the US Border Patrol has just sold out

  36. backburn Avatar


    The most degenerate place on the internet, 4chan /pol, has been raging against feminism since its inception.

    I will paraphrase:

    Emotional, hypergamic individuals have no capacity to construct a technological civilisation. Any attempt to do so will invoke the “reaction”. The realisation of Godwin’s law.

    “And suddenly, for no reason at all, they elected the N*ZSI.”

  37. MatrixTransform Avatar

    comfortable opinions are … comfortable

    real tolerance is watching dumbstruck while vapid clowns screw all our shit up

    so lets see what happens in the near future

    perhaps natural consequences will force them to grow a brain of their own

  38. John Avatar

    I probably didn’t make myself clear, John

    You made yourself very clear, Calli. To people with common sense, what’s happening defies logic: it’s like a contradiction of forces: highly credentialed zombies brainlessly following the herd into a bottomless hellhole.

    I’m just looking at it from a different angle. In my day, individual liberty was paramount and the government mostly kept out of peoples’ way and did the minimum necessary, to ensure individual liberty flourished in our country. Indeed, many of our foreparents sacrificed their lives in two world wars, defending liberty against tyranny. The idea that government should be a church or a charity was foreign to us. Contributors throughout this Cat have already identified how successive Marxist ideologues, elected to government, have over the past 60 or so years, surreptitiously but resolutely, diluted individual responsibility and enslaved the people to dependency on and servitute to the dominating hegemonony; infiltrating law, education, journalism, science and the arts.

    In my day, we didn’t need an Anti-discrimination Commission or a Racial Discrimination Commission (Bob Hawkes’s creations). People had the brains to sort this out themselves (to see how it was done, watch the film “They’re a Wierd Mob” on Netfilx). A religious commissar was something that happened only in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. But more evil than that, taxpayers are paying big money, for these perfidious bureaucracies, to brainwash the people to hate themselves; that everybody is inherently racist and discrimatory and the only remedy is ever more concentrated socialism and communism. Anti-Corruption Commissions dominated by Marxist lawyers legitimising ALP corruption and hysterically exaggerating Liberal misdemeanors. Unlike many here, I fully expect that the zombies that dominate our population will enshrine the communist “Voice” in the Australian Constitution, thus completing the hellhole from which there will be no escape.

    I think the encouragement for accelerated communist infiltration into government was provided by the narrow defeat of Menzies’ Anti-Communist Referendum, back in 1951, accentuated by Liberal Party traitors campaigning against it. By contrast you will see no defectors from the communist side, to enshrine and embed communist tyranny into the Australian Constitution.

    The dilema is always:

    ‘How to reconcile necessary and legitimate opposition to subversive or aggressive movements with the broad tolerance of all kinds of thought, even the most radical, which was one of the most valuable traditions of the Commonwealth way of life and its great source of spiritual strength. It was all too easy to discover, that in attempting to repress subversion or aggression, one had in fact been suppressing freedom of thought.’

  39. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “The evidence from the last Federal election is clear. The Liberals were forced to go woke for survival. Otherwise they would have been wiped out.”

    But the Liberals were wiped out, in the wokest and wealthiest electorates in the country. And the Liberals weren’t forced to do anything, they chose the path they embarked on, a path of failure. For nearly a decade, and then particularly after September 2015, they trashed their beliefs and spat in the faces of those who vote for them. They didn’t fight the climate scam, they capitulated on net zero emissions, they fought NO culture battles, which reminds me, what were Morrison’s infamous words a few years ago? That’s right, he said “free speech doesn’t create one job”, my God, Menzies would be rolling in his grave…..and then the coup de grace, Covid, when Scott Morrison said NOTHING about the grotesque overreach of government and the behaviour of state governments.

  40. Rabz Avatar

    highly credentialed zombies brainlessly following the herd into a bottomless hellhole

    I disagree, John. We are currently witnessing highly credentialed zombies* brainlessly leading the herd into a bottomless hellhole.

    The most recent and obvious example being Bat Flu and the subsequent clot shot coercion.

    *Trigger warning: ALPBC go to “expert” and hideously uglee allegedly “highly credentialed” fraud

  41. Rabz Avatar

    “The evidence from the last Federal election is clear. The Liberals were forced to go woke for survival. Otherwise they would have been wiped out.”

    The statement above is bollocks.

    Voters across the “western world” have been disenfranchised en masse. They have been presented a choice of possibly four “major parties” all of which purvey the same collectivist crackpottery.

    For example, in this country you have “a choice” of the following litany of dunderheads:

    The greenfilth
    The labore pardee
    The stupid forking gliberals
    The national agrarian socialist pardee

    Candidate Dick ‘n’ Balls is making a lot more sense drawn on the ballot paper.

  42. mem Avatar

    December 9, 2022 at 8:51 pm

    “The evidence from the last Federal election is clear. The Liberals were forced to go woke for survival. Otherwise they would have been wiped out.”

    The statement above is bollocks.

    Agreed, but consider this, the only party to win seats apart from the Greens was the Nationals. And why was this so? Because at least it offered an alternative to the climate change crap and impending renewable energy disaster.

  43. Roger Avatar

    These women are highly credentialed, not educated.


    They are mere ciphers who borrow their opinions from the msm.

    I had this in mind when I wrote the above:

    ‘The moment a man [or in this case a womea -R.] seeks moral and intellectual refuge in the emotions of a crowd, he ceases to be a human being and becomes a cipher.’

    – Robert Menzies, ‘The Forgotten People’, 22 May, 1942.

  44. Roger Avatar



  45. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “Agreed, but consider this, the only party to win seats apart from the Greens was the Nationals. And why was this so? Because at least it offered an alternative to the climate change crap and impending renewable energy disaster.”

    Correct, probably because the Nats chose good local candidates, not execrable muck like Katie Allen, Fiona Martin, Dave Sharma, Jason Falinsky, Tim Wilson and Trent Zimmerman, but don’t forget, the Nationals did sign up last year to net zero emissions. They should have walked there and then. The Nationals aren’t immune to wokery. The Nationals here in NSW are all woke muck.

    John’s comment above, where he writes ” The Liberals were forced to go woke for survival. Otherwise they would have been wiped out.”….is nonsense. It’s wokery that’s destroyed the Liberals. The vast bulk of Liberals wiped out in May of this year “were the wokest Liberals around”. In electorates like Lindsay, in Sydney’s west, once a marginal seat, the Liberals increased their vote.

  46. Rabz Avatar



    Relax, Rog, “womanage” has also been known to suffice of late.

  47. Rabz Avatar

    the only party to win seats apart from the greenfilth was the national agrarian socialists
    And why was this so? Because at least it offered an alternative to the climate change crap and impending renewable energy disaster

    Err, mems, except when it didn’t

  48. John Avatar

    Cassie and Rabz,

    I base my comments on the changes after this year’s Federal election. The LNP coalition lost 19 seats. Labor won 9 more seats, the Greens 3 more and the so called TEALs/Independents gained 7 seats. I would classify these TEALs/Independents as quasi Greens. So the movement from the LNP was not towards any Freedom Parties, but instead, towards something even more extreme left than represented by the Liberals; that is to Labor and even yet more extreme “Climate Change” policies than the Coalition was offering – the Green/TEAL block.

    I too am disgusted with what the people are voting for. But according to these facts, there was NO gain whatever by those championing Liberty (either within the Coalition, or outside it. For sure the Liberals lost some of their dregs (but they’ve been replaced by others). On the contrary, the only swing was a rush to be enslaved under different shades of communist tyranny.

    I would glady be proven wrong. Sticking to these facts (rather than wishful thinking), show me where you see a turning point for the forces of Liberty. All I see from the trend in elections over the last 50 years or so, is an electorate intent on committing political and moral suicide. Politicians are expert in reading the mood of the people (otherwise they would be out of a job). That’s why nobody in the Coaltion champions the cause of Freedom. I agree, the Coalition is now a lost cause and any pro-freedom change will be reflected in support for the so-called Freedom parties. I don’t hold out hope it will happen in my lifetime. Like Cassie noticed, the people all around me too, are political imbeciles.

  49. Rex Anger Avatar
    Rex Anger

    Like Cassie noticed, the people all around me too, are political imbeciles.

    Our legal system and jurisprudence, since the time of the Magna Carta, have been based on a bargain of mutual knowledge, humility and responsibility by the rulers and ruled alike.

    Kings and Barons, Commoners and Churchmen alike knew how their system was meant to work, and the most egregious outbursts of that thing known as ‘The Will To Power’ could be contained.

    Then came Marx and all his envious, insidious, tyrannical proteges. And in the space of a century, that balance has been utterly destroyed by promoting ignorance amongst the ruled, and contempt among the rulers.

  50. John Avatar

    This could be hopeful, but where it defies logic in the current environment, you would be trampled by publicly going against the mob.

  51. Anchor What Avatar
    Anchor What

    The USA demonstrates how the zombie left never dies. It goes on white-anting western societies by gradually (and then quite quickly) altering all the institutions from basically decent to vehicles for their wide-ranging agendum.
    One can only observe, and keep asking “how deep is the rot”? It’s very deep over there, and it’s getting deeper here.

  52. Plasmamortar Avatar

    these young woke women are the future, they vote, and it’s scary.

    Nailed the core problem there.

    Also, there is a reason that education for women ends early in the Amish community, it’s not a requirement for having children.

  53. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    It’s not your imagination. I’ve mentioned the following Gallup poll graph a few times:

    Percentage of men and women aged 18-29 who identify as liberal

    You can see two things: that young men have not changed, and that the issue started slowly in 2008 then really got going in about 2013.

    That suggests to me the cause is social media. It might also be education, as we know the teaching profession has gotten totally woke in the last decade, but if so that hasn’t affected young men at all.

  54. Bootstrapper Avatar

    My apologies Kneel. I reported your comment by accident.
    I actually wanted to give it today’s gold-star.

  55. Delta A Avatar
    Delta A

    I wonder if the Liberal Party will ever win another election again

    Not likely, when they keep hiring 19 year olds as advisors.

  56. Wyndham Dix Avatar
    Wyndham Dix

    These young women are all highly educated, have degrees, and come from privileged homes in Sydney’s affluent suburbs.

    With minor editing, a fitting epitaph for Western Civilisation.

    We do not need highly educated women – or men – to ensure transmission of life from one generation to the next. We do need an environment in which women will breed, confident in the expectation that monogamous men will be able to provide for them and their brood – commonplace sixty years ago but the very antithesis of what we have today.

    Contrast a newborn quadruped animal – a giraffe, say – with a newborn human: the baby giraffe can struggle to its feet 30 minutes after birth and find its way to suckle its mother’s teat. The mother’s breast must be taken to the infant child for 12 months or more and solid food for longer than that.

    The baby giraffe can outrun its mother at six weeks (part of the survival instinct in nature red in tooth and claw). The infant child can barely walk at 12 months. To become independent in the world the child needs to be sustained, encouraged and educated well into its teenage years, long after the once-baby giraffe attained independence if it survived earlier predations of animals higher up the food chain.

    See also Plasmamortar at 5:13 am above.

  57. mc Avatar

    Liberals and conservatives seem to have vacated the ideological field some time ago. They no longer lead with their ideas but rather meekly follow the left. It is no wonder the woke ideas are taking hold when they are unchallenged.

    I know Howard was no messiah (Turnbull, Gun buy backs, middle class welfare) but he and his ministers fronted the media and unapologetically put forward their case. Abbott also did this (minus the ministers/colleagues). Now, it seems like they just want a presidential like candidate that will just sneak into power every now and then.

    The voice referendum is the perfect opportunity for the Liberals to show some spine. It should be easy for them to say “aboriginal disadvantage is a terrible thing, but race based laws are wrong no matter what and are not the answer.”. I can’t see it happening anytime soon.

    Well done Cassie for challenging them. It is something we all need to do, the conservative messiah is not coming.

  58. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    I forgot to add another thing said at the lunch, which shows just how completely hypocritical these young women are. For the first 40 minutes we talked about restaurants, clothes and body image and weight loss, usual girl talk. Regarding body image and weight loss, the girls were in unison about how awful and unkind it is to “fat shame” and how clothes should be more representative of normal women’s bodies. Yet less than half an hour later, when we started talking about politics, one of the gals made an unkind barb about Gina Rinehart’s weight and all the other women laughed uproariously. So, I said to them, “only half an hour ago you were saying that it’s unkind to talk about women’s body sizes yet here you are making cruel remarks about Gina Rinehart’s body, all because you don’t like her politics”. They had no comeback to this, because I called them our on their hypocrisy. We need to do more of this. They have to be called out for their shit.

  59. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    Brittany is still Top of the Sops, even as we are coming up to Christmas.

    So, in keeping with the Christmas theme, the press is full of stories of Saint Knickerless.

  60. Anchor What Avatar
    Anchor What

    There’s a lot of coverage now concerning Twitter’s past behaviours.
    It’s pretty much as we suspected, but the problem with media is much larger than Twitter.
    Most of the MSM and most of Big Tech are intent on keeping conservatives out of office, and some of the Republican old school are content to be time servers not servants of the public.

  61. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    The greatest condemnation of the massive expansion of tertiary institutions under and since Dawkins is the plethora of ill-educated men and women who have been produced by those institutions since then. Immature, self-centered, uncomprehending and fearful of the world around them, and those are their good points.

  62. Wyndham Dix Avatar
    Wyndham Dix

    Cassie at 11:39 am:-

    They had no comeback to this, because I called them out on their hypocrisy. We need to do more of this. They have to be called out for their shit.

    It’s up to you people like you Cassie. Wise in their own conceits they can be told nothing by a male and in all likelihood by few women. Their want of humility is at times breath-taking.

  63. Simon Morgan Avatar
    Simon Morgan

    In my case I’m a lone voice in my family and friends, let alone colleagues. For all of them:

    Trump is rotten to the core, with no saving graces
    Biden has saved America from a despot – there’s no comment on the laptop
    The election wasn’t stolen, it’s a conspiracy.
    Climate change is real – just look out the window
    Nuclear is far too dangerous a technology. Renewables it must be at any cost.
    The vaccines prevented transmission and saved lives and you’re both evil and crazy not having them.

    My brother-in-law once said to me at a lunch ‘you seem to have some strange ideas’. When I asked him to clarify, he mentioned that I didn’t appear to believe in climate change. I said it’s complete hogwash, to which my dearest nephew interjected with ‘So, 97% of scientists are wrong, are they?’

    They are all rusted-on left-wingers and it’s not possible to get them to look at things from another angle or to get their news from any source other than the ABC or SBS.

  64. CrazyOldRanga Avatar

    Such is the World in 2022. I reconciled myself some time ago to accepting that it is “their” work now and I am just living in it. As some here have mentioned in the past, sit back and watch it burn baby, burn. Just make sure that you have a plan B for when TSHTF, like Mater.

  65. Bar Beach Swimmer Avatar
    Bar Beach Swimmer

    December 9, 2022 at 11:38 pm

    Agreed, Rabz. That bloke sold out the bush for thirty pieces of silver. which the Liars promptly took back when they won.

    great post. I think what we can all honestly say is that we’re surrounded by it. And I can’t see any of it changing until the sh1t really does hit the proverbial. But well done for standing up to it.

  66. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “They are all rusted-on left-wingers and it’s not possible to get them to look at things from another angle or to get their news from any source other than the ABC or SBS.”

    Simon, understand completely. But we need to speak up, it’s imperative we do. I do think they’ve been able to dominate the political and cultural narrative because too many on the right have been timid. This must change, we need to be bold, and if they trot out the usual tedious cliches about being “faaaaaar-riiiiiiight”, then we need to embarrass them.

  67. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    And thank you to everyone for the comments, I enjoy posting a thread.

  68. Ed Case Avatar
    Ed Case

    Agreed, but consider this, the only party to win seats apart from the Greens was the Nationals. And why was this so? Because at least it offered an alternative to the climate change crap and impending renewable energy disaster.

    The Nationals held their Seats, didn’t win any.
    They were lucky not to lose Cowper to a Teal and they had an early scare in Hinkler too.
    What saved them was big margins from 2019, but replacing Mick with Barnaby Joyce was a bad call, it cost the Liberals Kooyong and probably a few more.

  69. Louis Litt Avatar

    Pyrometer at 2.51 & John at 7 .31
    To everyone brilliant insights and thank you Cassie. For fighting back to the acquiescence of what is happening.
    Pyrometer – what makes these women beleive innthis. Non sense and their sense of self importance. Lara Tingle appears to come from a conservative upbringing as does Caroline Overton. So why the leftism. I end up in my mind listening to anti Catholic rhetoric.
    Years ago at a mates birthday his uncle was there who was a dedicated leftist. Seemed to be a good guy. He complained that his brothers wife went to her baptist church group to do community/charity work. The comment was women do that or are attracted to that – where he said I better stop there.
    This slaps me in the face daily.
    John your comment about charity. I recall them being church based. Now they are commercial money pits and attract people to work for them.Eg Costellos son ( not Peter the other one).
    These charities attract a lot of. Money through guilt, pay no tax and the speaking engagements are $1,000/hr. The salary packaging is enourmous – 18k of cash tax free in fbt relief and then the salary on top of that.
    Professional amendicatecy.
    What appears to me the labor party forwards candidates who do not want to participate in decent society, Gillard Wong albenese, etc
    This has dragged everyone to the. Left. They laugh at the family by ridiculing it as the nuclear family.
    Re the comment they are frightened – I agree. Dependant on govt benefits transport, etc ang paid by govt depts.
    Disagree Amish comment, women have the adv in teaching, writing and arguing nicely , eg journalism law.
    Cassie re Tony abbot did life saving and cfs duty , raised 3 daughters and stayed faithful. Trump is a builder.
    There is so much to bebate.
    This social capital stuff sounded good to me as a talentless 15 yr old – I realise the evil that it is.
    Green the interior.

  70. Andy Avatar

    Never underestimate the Labor government’s ability to screw things up.

    I would love to hear what these women think when they can’t afford their power bills and there are blackouts in the middle of summer.

    The liberals should focus on the working class as Labor have abandoned them, rather than champagne socialists from the eastern suburbs 🙂

  71. Arthur Sido Avatar

    This is what passes for “the right” and “conservatism” in 2022, cheering the replacement of your own people with immigrants from Vietnam and Afghanistan and thinking that will preserve your culture. There is an enormous difference between enjoying the economic benefits of a society built by others and wishing to preserve the culture and heritage that made those economic benefits possible.

    We see the same thing in the United States. Lots of people arrive here, plug into the economic system we created, make a nice living and never once seem to consider the exclusive role of the European settlers who built this country in making that system work. Once the whole thing collapses, and soon, they will move on to greener pastures without a thought for what they left behind.

    Your post epitomizes the “conservative”/libertarian obsession with the “magic dirt theory”, the idea that you can plug any people into a system and get the same results regardless of race or ethnicity. It isn’t true, it never has been true but that doesn’t stop all too many alleged conservatives from trying it over and over again.

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