A lament for Boris

Firstly, let me state categorically that I’m not celebrating Boris Johnson’s resignation.  I remember the euphoria back in December 2019 when Boris and the Conservatives were elected in a landslide. Okay, okay, his opponent was Albanese’s great mate, the Jew hater and terrorist loving Jeremy Corbyn, but it was and remains an amazing win. With the promise of finally delivering on Brexit, Boris’ Tories smashed a red wall of constituencies that had never before voted for the Conservative Party and he didn’t need a dragon to demolish that red wall. Boris himself was the dragon and this British dragon did deliver on his promise of getting Brexit done. Okay, okay, it was a flawed Brexit but he got it through.

I knew a lot about Boris’ flamboyant history, his womanising and his tendency towards “fibbing” (okay, I’m being kind, his lying) but I thought to myself, alright, like Trump and like Netanyahu, Boris is far from perfect but he’s the right person for the job precisely because of his eccentricity, because of his bulldog spirit, and because I viewed him as someone who was not a rabid conservative but more of a “libertarian” and I thought to myself that this is precisely the type of person needed for the top job, just like Margaret Thatcher was back in 1979 when she was elected, the right person for the times.

So, this morning I wake up and I feel a profound sense of disappointment and malaise, actually the better word as to how I am currently feeling is “unease” because it should never ever have come to this.  My disappointment with Boris, as what happened with Tony Abbott, started early, with Boris it began in early 2020.  However, let me state here and now a few pertinent points regarding Boris Johnson

1. Boris Johnson did get Brexit through, after four years of dithering and vacillating by the Tories and the establishment and for his “crime” of accomplishing Brexit, he became the chief villain for a smug urban elite and a squalid MSM to go after. 

2. Having gotten Brexit through, Boris Johnson quickly became the target of a vindictive and vicious left-wing media, led by the BBC and Sky (no relation to Sky Oz), both outlets have spent the best part of two years undermining Boris Johnson and his government in order to destroy it.  But just like Scott Morrison here, Boris should have confronted these media outlets, particularly the BBC, by once and for all terminating the BBC license fee.  For over two years Boris Johnson’s government “talked” endlessly about ending the licence fee but they have done nothing, just like how here in Oz Liberal politicians talk endlessly about their ABC and its bias and yet they do nothing.  Until right of centre government take off their gloves and begin to punch back in the culture wars, firstly by confronting and taking on the biased MSM, particularly government funded media outlets such as the BBC and ABC, absolutely nothing will change and they will continue to be maligned, vilified, and undermined by these outlets which are acting as agents of the progressive left.  “Partygate” was a media distraction, a tool for the media to undermine Johnson and his government.  Don’t get me wrong, what Boris Johnson did was wrong but UK Labour were at it too, as well as other assorted elite scum that permeate through Whitehall, oh and which reminds me, now is also the time for Labour leader Keir Starmer to resign, because he has also lied and tried to cover up his own “party gate”. Fair’s fair.

3. It’s clear that Carrie Johnson was not exactly a benign influence on Boris.  There’s no doubt she was behind the sacking of a crucial Johnson advisor back in 2020, one Dominic Cummings, and that was where the rot began in earnest.  Carrie Antionette, a rich Green toffy Princess, along with her best buddies such as Green zealot multi-millionaire Zac Goldsmith, pushed Boris along a Green highway to hell, beginning with the ludicrous policy of “net zero emissions”, his talking up of “renewables” and his demonising of fossil fuels.  How did that go Boris?  It is a proven recipe for disaster. This disastrous recipe began to crack like the San Andreas fault well before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, think back to November 2021, when the elite scum of the world gathered in Glasgow, the wind stopped blowing with the result that there were critical power shortages, so the Johnson government was forced to fire up recently closed coal fired power plant.  You couldn’t make this up. There’s one thing that Putin’s war has done, very successfully I might add, and that is to expose the Green follies of Western Europe for what it truly is….suicide. 

4. The red wall and the south of England is made up of men and women who are socially conservative and who are unashamedly proud to be British. It is these people who voted for Boris in 2019.  These people are rightly worried about the high rates of immigration to the UK, they are rightly worried about the influx of illegals flooding across the channel from France every day, they are rightly worried about the toxic “religion of pieces”, they are rightly worried about the assaults on free speech, they are rightly worried about the politicisation of institutions such as the UK police, they are rightly worried about the sinister transgender nonsense being spruiked by urban elites and they are rightly worried about the attacks on British culture and British history.  For being “rightly worried”, these people are smeared by London elites as “racists”, “Islamophobes”, “transphobes”, “dumb” and all the other pejorative label elites like to throw at ordinary people who are rightly worried about their country being trashed. In late May and June 2020, these same ordinary proud Britons rightly looked askance when BLM mobs took the streets of London, Bristol, Manchester, and Liverpool and attacked, vandalised, and removed statues of British historical figures with one statue being tossed into Bristol Harbour, and they watched in horror when British police took the knee to these hard-left protesters. They waited and waited and waited for Boris and his Conservative government to denounce the BLM rioters but instead there was silence. Johnson and his ministers were impotent in the face of Marxist trash. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Boris Johnson’s human flaws would have been tolerated by Conservative MPs and by voters had he led a robust and courageous conservative/right of centre government, a government that was willing to unpick Blair’s toxic legacy. Like Cameron and May before him, he didn’t. His great legacy is Brexit but on almost every other issue he failed. 

Finally, this is the man who wrote a very good book on Churchill and who has long modelled himself as a sort of Churchillian figure, yet this same man could not and would not utter one word of condemnation when, in London in mid-2020, hard-left Marxist BLM protesters vandalised the statue of Winston Churchill and the statue then had to be covered up for months. I can’t help feeling that was a portent of what was to come. I doubt Winston Churchill would have remained silent seeing a statue of Wellington vandalised by Marxist scum.

A few hours ago, Melanie Phillips uploaded a piece on the Jewish News Syndicate which I would urge everyone to read (you can find the link on the excellent Powerline blog).  Phillips ended her piece about Johnson as follows…

In Britain, America and Israel, there’s an overarching and urgent need for leaders who will robustly defend their nation against the onslaught being mounted against it both from within and without.

Nothing else matters. We can live with most flaws. We can’t live without a stalwart, patriotic and courageous heart.

Indeed, and Melanie’s words apply to Australia too. We are crying out for courageous conservatives and Boris Johnson, like Scott Morrison, was not courageous. 

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  1. I agree with much of what you say Cassie. I think we shall regret his forced resignation.

    In terms of policy, I’d say his worst mistakes were Net Zero and the lockdowns. For the latter, the UK lifted all restrictions a year ago unlike, say, Canada or New Zealand or Australia. On Brexit, I don’t blame Boris so much as the EU who have been sabotaging UK trade. Sure, the border in the Irish Sea is appalling but who insisted on it?

    At the end of day he has been forced out for having cake and drinks in Downing Street during lockdown, and for appointing a predatory homosexual as a government whip. I don’t see either of these as sufficient reason for a PM to resign.

    He isn’t perfect but he was the best person for the UK in these times.

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  2. Cassie a bit of positive for you in the World – Some wonderful news out of…wait for it…Saudi Arabia

    For a long time, Saudi Arabia was one of the intellectual homes of antisemitic and anti-Israel sentiment. The Wahhabi clerics whom the Saudi royal house supported held a special animus for Jews, and that animus infused education in Saudi Arabia. Now, though, Saudi Arabia is backing away from this hostility to Israel, and its textbooks are reflecting the increasingly friendly relationship between the two nations.

    Two things are responsible for the change to that dynamic. The first was that Barack Obama worked hard to set Iran on the road to being a nuclear power, something that terrified Saudi Arabia and pushed it closer to Israel. The second was Trump’s Abraham Accords, which sidelined the troublesome Palestinians and encouraged Muslim nations in the Middle East to make separate peace agreements with Israel for both profit and national security.

    Those aren’t the only changes. Last year, the textbooks got rid of lessons that demonized not only Jews, but also Christians and other “non-believers,” and a unit on jihad vanished from textbooks. Two years ago, the textbooks lost a chapter called “the Zionist danger” that had all sorts of antisemitic myths and that delegitimized Israel.

    Things aren’t perfect, of course:

    According to the report, Israeli is still omitted from maps shown in textbooks and Zionism is still described as “racist.”

    But Rome wasn’t built in a day

    What matters here is that the trend in Saudi education is to move away from demonizing Jews and Israel. As new editions of textbooks appear, it’s reasonable to believe that the Saudis will continue to improve their approach to teaching about both Jews and Israel.

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  3. Well done Cassie. The left wing media were rabid for something to pull him down and he gave it to them on a platter. Then didn’t stand up to haters, walked away from his core supporters and then wondered ‘how did I get here?’. Yes the similarities with Scomo are there.

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  4. He was a useless narcissistic unprincipled hypocritical mop headed moron with zero redeeming features.

    Max Hastings got it right when he described the ridiculous blob as more Alan Partridge than Winston Churchill.

    Good riddance.

    P.S. Well written column as always, Cassie but defending him is pointless.

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  5. We are crying out for courageous conservatives and Boris Johnson, like Scott Morrison, was not courageous.

    Nor was he a conservative.

    Like Morrison, the only principle he seemed to hold to was self-advancement and once he got the top job he didn’t know what to do with it.

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  6. Boris Johnson is a traitorous fiend.
    With his fake Brexit, immigration off the charts, no border security, protection of pa3do r@pe gang leaders, war mongering in Ukraine, let alone all the vaxx and lockdown stuff. the Brits are no better off than if they had T May or J Corbin. He had the numbers in parliament to achieve anything he wanted but chose the wrong option (for the UK population) every single time.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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  7. Poor man Boris, elected with all the right intentions he fell prey to wanting to be loved by people who would never love him. It’s the reason they all hate Trump so much. He simply doesn’t care for the people who will never support him.

    Boris lost sight of the actual fight he was in and thought that by appeasing the leftist gods it would free him up to do the work needed to retain power. Nigel Farage said it correctly ‘when conservative leaders stop being conservative, people stop voting for them’. That’s because it makes no sense to vote for a fake lefty when you could have the real thing, good and hard.

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  8. I’d agree with that list except this item:

    protection of pa3do r@pe gang leaders

    Police commissioners are elected locally in England.

    All the “pa3do r@pe gang” problems were in constabularies with Labour police commissioners.

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  9. “Well written column as always, Cassie but defending him is pointless.”

    I’m not defending him, he is the architect of his own demise however he did get Brexit through but even that is questionable as the UK currently can’t even manage and seal its borders and the EU Human Rights Court is still dictating to the UK over its planned Rwanda settlement. Also, Boris is the third of three useless Conservative leaders, all of whom have done nothing to unravel the damaging policies of Tony Blair. I would argue that here in Oz we’ve had three similar Liberal leaders, Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison, they also did nothing to unravel the disastrous Rudd/Gillard years, in fact all they did was entrench leftist policies.

    I think Buccaneer has said it best above…

    “Boris lost sight of the actual fight he was in and thought that by appeasing the leftist gods it would free him up to do the work needed to retain power. Nigel Farage said it correctly ‘when conservative leaders stop being conservative, people stop voting for them’. That’s because it makes no sense to vote for a fake lefty when you could have the real thing, good and hard.”

    Quite so.

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  10. “I’d agree with that list except this item:

    protection of pa3do r@pe gang leaders

    Police commissioners are elected locally in England.

    All the “pa3do r@pe gang” problems were in constabularies with Labour police commissioners.”

    Correct…you can blame Boris and the Tories for a lot of things but not this. The blame for this lies solely with UK Labour. However, the Tories are also absolute cowards when it comes to dealing with the problems of Islam in the UK, as evidenced by the murder of Sir David Ames last year. Instead of laying the blame where it belongs, with the ideology of Islam, it tried to deflect the blame to “online” hate.

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  11. Minor character flaws in the hands of the left media have temporarily felled him. Cassie is right about his deficiencies but his ability to lead is second to none of the aspirant dross. Steered in the anti-woke direction he could have done better

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  12. Great summary Cassie. You have a way with words.
    Conservative leaders all too often become spineless and mute in the face of obvious kicks in the teeth from the MSM and lefties. As you point out Scott Morrison Mr Jovial, was another downunder Boris. The exception to this is of course, Ron de Santis whom the Western world desperately needs to clone.

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  13. Thanks for the call-out Cassie, I think yours is an interesting perspective. I’d note that plenty of people want him gone because they feel threatened by him. I always find Guido Fawkes an interesting blog to find a conservative perspective on UK politics and many commenters there had lost faith with Boris.

    The job of governing is difficult and. It’s tempting to take the easy road sometimes to maximise your impact as a leader across many areas. When dealing with a left leaning bureaucracy and a left leaning media, that temptation must be overwhelming. I think the job for conservative leaders is to spend time identifying and removing bad actors in the environment they need to negotiate. When they don’t do that, it all falls apart.

    For Boris, it was removing as many remoaners from his party as possible, for Abbott it was getting rid of Turnbull. I note Dutton has demoted Hawke, he needs to purge the rest too. The harder job is getting your allies in the public service.

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  14. Great post Cassie, pretty well sums it up for me as well along with what Buccaneer has commented on.

    Buccaneer has said it best above…

    “Boris lost sight of the actual fight he was in and thought that by appeasing the leftist gods it would free him up to do the work needed to retain power. Nigel Farage said it correctly ‘when conservative leaders stop being conservative, people stop voting for them’. That’s because it makes no sense to vote for a fake lefty when you could have the real thing, good and hard.”

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  15. A toss-up as to whether Johnson or Zelensky is the more Churchillian.
    At the moment it’s Zelensky, determined to keep the War going to the last Ukrainian, but Leadership balloting will take months, Johnson can get British Troops involved in Ukraine and suspend Elections for 5 years, like Churchill did.

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  16. In terms of policy, I’d say his worst mistakes were Net Zero and the lockdowns.

    Apart from that…

    He was only ever a pretend conservative firebrand, depending on his mood on the day and what would advance his career.

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  17. Steyne only sees more of the same coming from any Tory appointment now, except worse(yep, most likely), and wants Tony Abbott or someone untained to be parachuted in. Steyne neglects to recognise that Abbott did exactly the same sorts of things as Boris. Given another go, both may have learned something.

    I notice now that looking at the line of up more than a dozen hopefuls some British papers are saying today there is no-one who can replace Boris clearly standing out, and that regrets are already setting in about axing him.

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  18. He was ‘the people’s Prime Minister’. And he’s still relatively young. Keep a lookout.

    Remember the Brits and ‘the people’s Princess’?

    There is lot of emotion in politics and leadership.
    Under that stiff upper lip the Brits are chokingly emotional people.
    Think General Melchett and Speckled Jim. 🙂
    Other countries often can’t comprehend that. It is satire, but there is a reality to it.

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  19. Great clip from Steyn. Draft Nigel Farage in with the intent he is ready to lead once the Tories have been able to remove the remoaners in opposition. It’s too big a stretch to bring in someone like Abbott

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  20. Johnson has resigned, effective in October once a new Leader has been chosen.
    In the meantime, he’s free to cut deals with Zelenskyy and become a bloodsoaked Billionaire.

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  21. I should have thought that adult, sentient Cats would recall what happened to Tony Abbott. It was a concerted campaign. Boris has been shafted good and hard. Ask yourselves why?

    Is it really about Prosecco parties, cakes and homosexual fiends? I don’t think so.

    Who was it that said that in the House of Commons your opponents are facing you, but your enemies are behind you.

    This is exactly what they did to Mrs Thatcher. We ended up with Major, Blair and Brown.

    Well, of you’re happy with that, you should celebrate. Not me.

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  22. The basic premise Cassie is ignoring is that these people have never had to hold down a real job. They have never had to test their mettle against the cold truth of productivity. ScoMo, AnAl, Abbot, Turnbull, Rudd, Gillard and Howard barely worked a day in their lives, and here we are. One of my local members in Victoria has locally only promoted fat girls going around in circles and people killing themselves. She now has a few ministerial appointments. She’s fat.
    We have to stop voting for these retards

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  23. It takes a special kind of fuckwittery to go from a massive landslide win with it’s broad support on the promise to get Brexit through to the utterly ridiculous mess that has seen Boris relegated to the shizenhausen in less than three years.

    The media were, as they always are where conservatives are involved, plainly partisan but Johnson’s eccentric clown show made it easy for them. He has only a fleeting connection to the truth, his hubris is monumental and the serial cheating with accompanying blatant denials, to say nothing of the string of children left in his womanising wake demonstrates a massive moral vacuum. Not one of those attributes indicates good self leadership let alone the capacity to lead others.

    And our dickhead marshmallow excuse for a PM was happy for the big boofhead to persuade him to stick his signature on the whole Net Zero suicide note.

    Good riddance. As in Australia under the excruciating Elbow (I’m now PM. Get me out of here) we can only ride the roller coaster to the bottom while praying we won’t be thrown out into the void on the steep bits or the sharp corners.

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  24. This is exactly what they did to Mrs Thatcher.

    Thatcher’s Cabinet was full of Pederasts and the Government lurched from one corruption Scandal [Al Yamaya deal with the Saudis] to another [Zeebrugge Ferry [P&O] disaster].
    We ended up with Major,
    John Major was Thatcher’s preferred successor anyway, so she got her way, which led to Blair, Brown and the current clusterfuck.

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  25. Australia has gone down a similar path, and the media certainly matters. They have played a major role in our decline by lying and misrepresenting for decades.
    Here we are after the Howard and Costello years and the Rudd Gillard fiasco, being led by that unworthy character Anthony Albanese, and seeing Labor in power in way too many of our states.
    In the USA the left want Fox News shut down, while here they want Sky After Dark dispensed with.
    That would leave the vast majority of the left leaning media to complete the demolition job.

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  26. Like Morrison, the only principle he seemed to hold to was self-advancement and once he got the top job he didn’t know what to do with it.

    Oh, he knew well what to do with it – party like there’s no tomorrow. There may well not be a tomorrow the way the elites are acting.

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  27. “It takes a special kind of fuckwittery to go from a massive landslide win with its broad support on the promise to get Brexit through to the utterly ridiculous mess that has seen Boris relegated to the shizenhausen in less than three years.”
    1.) Boriss is not the first politician a woke airhead female led to disaster.
    2.) Climate change has sorted the wheat from the chaff in political leaders. So far only chaff not a single grain.
    3.) It takes a lot to progress from a woke mayor of London, appealing to yahoo liberals and pink poofters to progress to be a statement. Boriss failed this progress spectacularly.

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  28. Bozo the clown was useless. A clear example of someone who thinks they can do a really good job and then fails miserably.
    Of course keeping Carrie “Wormtongue” Johnson around is a clear red flag as to how inept he was at making good decisions.
    Bozo is like politics the West over – you can either choose evil or evil-lite. They both take you in the same direction. Neither choice is actually good.
    So was Bozo stepping down a good thing? Yes.
    Will it fix anything? No.

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  29. I’m just looking at plugging the holes in the canoe

    We are doing the same. Thought natural gas might be the least troublesome option if not the cheapest but Mater’s comment last night has highlighted the flaws in that approach. Deisel genset now looking the most useful, and affordable possibility. More work needed.

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  30. Sorry. Wrong Fred

    My new phone has screen jitters that are creating all kinds of infuriating nonsense. How it switched from the OT to here when it simply brushed up against something is a mystery I am too old to solve.

    Again.. sorry.

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  31. I agree totally with Duc de Normandie at 8.01 pm and I wonder why others don’t see it clearly.
    It keeps me awake at night wondering why.
    Watch closely who replaces Boris!
    He was always going to be destroyed because of Brexit.
    Donald was also removed for the same reasons.
    Klaus Schwab has his evil hands all over this.
    The Great Reset is at one second to midnight and no one seems to get it or to even care.

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  32. Thanks Cassie.
    No 4 hits home along with the comment above about the media.
    Brexit to my understanding was the return of real creative jobs, manufacturing, shipbuilding etc but this do. Nor eventuate.
    How do we do this now or as mentioned above, how will the web sabotage this.?

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  33. “Right!” … I feel like I’m coming in like John Cleese at the end of the “Four Yorkshiremen” …

    The best person to right the ship of state in the U.K. /Australia and anybloodywhere is Sir John James Cowperthwaite, or, since he is dead, his doppelganger.

    Not elected, but a detester of bureaucracy.

    Here’s even Wikipedia on him:
    “He refused to compile GDP statistics arguing that such data was not useful to managing an economy and would lead to officials meddling in the economy.”


    “He was once asked what the key thing that poor countries could do to improve their growth. Cowperthwaite replied:

    “They should abolish the office of national statistics.” ”

    That should be engraved in gold.

    Under his “rule” – or rather, pointed NON-rule – Hong Kong spectacularly rose from poverty in the early 1950s to sail past Australia in the mid 1990s.

    I don’t give a toss about being elected with a thumping majority, or being sent unelected out to the colonies to govern wisely. It’s the friggin’ substantive policies that matter.

    Forget Churchill, Roosevelt, De Gaulle, Einstein, Martin Luther King, JFK, Reagan, Thatcher, or whoever. THIS was the greatest man in the last 100 years.

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  34. On reflection, I’ve oversaid myself. Obviously I believe Padre Pio, Maria Goretti, the children of Fatima, and Maximilian Kolbe are the greatest, most important figures of the last century. But JJ Cowperthwaite is up there qua statesman.

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  35. I met Boris once, about ten years ago, when he was the mayor of London. He asked me about the danger of global warming to the reef. (So perhaps he’s not only been influenced by his newbie wife).

    Subsequently, and about eighteen months after that chance meeting, I emailed him a wonderful article on Quadrant about the true state of the reef. He responded with a thankyou.

    Clearly, it didn’t convince him. Lefties are like that; they never let the facts get in the way.

    On the “now” of his situation: he should’ve ensured that Brexit was completed and stopped the boats.

    Thanks, Cassie!

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  36. Cassie: you say that there are creditable things Boris did but nominate only Brexit, which remains incomplete given the Irish debacle. I would also point out that very many people voting for Brexit thought they were closing the EU border, while in fact over a million special visas have been issued to avoid a massive skills problem.
    I am curious, by the way, that you see yourself as libertarian.

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  37. Why do conservative politicians get sucked into entrapment with underage prostitutes?

    Hey, it’s the only plausible reason for the level of cuckoldry on display.

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