The shamelessness of Branch Covidian

The drive to vaccinate by hook or by crook the entire country is entering a frenzied stage in Australia. Not only is the establishment of a second class citizenry being discussed in media for the unvaccinated without blushing, but the deaths of individuals are now cunningly exploited (h/t: C.L.) to try and install fear in the unvaccinated and ground the prejudices of the vaccinated. With all due respect to the NSW health authorities, an unvaccinated woman in palliative care has nothing to teach the vast majority of the under 50s of the dangers of COVID; and frankly, neither does the vaccination status of those 70 or over, especially where they have preexisting medical conditions.

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  1. Muddy Avatar

    On another version of Cat3, the Kiwi formally known as Arky has nominated the 14th of October as a tipping point. Just what demands are to be made, and by whom, and what the consequences of non-compliance will be, is as yet unknown.

    If recent history is any guide, setting and enacting consequences for the non-compliance of a set demand or expectation is not the right of political centre’s forte.

    HOWEVER… one wonders if initiating chatter supporting such a concept might lead to something which might lead to … You get the idea. BIG chatter is required, though.

  2. rosie Avatar

    I’m hoping the tipping point comes a lot sooner.

    The days of talking about individual deaths will also end.

  3. dover0beach Avatar

    Yes, Rosella Day. I like rosellas so I wouldn’t be so unkind. Yes, big chatter is required, but it also involves tersely worded emails to local MPs, filling talkback on local radio, local papers, etc. I noticed, late Friday afternoon neighbours congregating in a court with food and drink, must have been four to five parents with their kids running about, maskless, and chatting together outside one of the couple’s house. More of this casual, ordinary civil disobedience is needed.

    BTW, Arky, if you’re around, message me.

  4. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    As I wander around some days I seem mass mask-wearing and I see no hope. Other days barely a mask and I see a little hope. Money makes the world go round and my preference is to not watch the box, buy a paper or listen to the radio. No buyers, no revenue. Silent disobedience – no mask, don’t QR, turn off your phone or leave it at home. At least turn off the location app. Don’t carry ID. Pay by cash for small items locally. Change your supermarket if they want you to sign in. Beleive me they’ll see you walking away. Letters to MPs? No, hand deliver a letter to the office. Walk in with a face of stone. Hand it to the receptionist. Let the envelope contain a blank piece of paper or better still a quick printout of something that challenges the narrative. Psychological warfare. Not nice that you have to target staffers but they’re enablers.

  5. Intractable Avatar

    Dover, thanks for rebuilding Catallaxy

  6. rosie Avatar

    Our mp’s offices haven’t been open throughout any lockdowns. I think mine is outside my 5km limit anyhow. I wrote to him early and got a personal reply. But Andrews rules with a first of iron and there is no dissent. I see lots of casual failure to comply but its businesses that can’t open that is the biggest stumbling block and they are between a rock and a hard place. Add $10,000 fines to the inability to cover rent and electricity. Not going to happen.

  7. rosie Avatar

    Oh and Matthew Guy blocked me on twitter. I don’t even know what I said to cause that.

  8. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    I just feel complete despair for this country.

  9. rosie Avatar

    In the short term yes. Dan now has vaccine skirts to hide behind.

    Gladys possibly admitting the inevitable?

  10. rosie Avatar

    By the way the battle on dash cat isn’t about winning the war with progressives. Its simply a firm hand required on the tiller.

  11. Vicki Avatar

    Arky has nominated the 14th of October as a tipping point.

    Yes, one gets that distinct feeling for a number of reasons. It is casual conversations with the vaccinated, some of whom are starting to question the “medical advice”, given the reality of infection of the double vaccinated & the doubts of a “return to normal” any time soon.

    Secondly the pace and increasing numbers of virologists, immunologists etc who are finally coming forward with concerns not merely for the experimental nature of the gene vaccines, but of the maths of the adverse reaction calculations, possibility of ADEs etc.

    Thirdly, the “pivot” of Fauci and his Pharma cronies in the announcement this week of release of anti-virals at the end of the year.

    None of this,however, is remarked upon by our intellectual pygmies in the Aussie press gallery.

  12. Ellen of Tasmania Avatar
    Ellen of Tasmania

    Surely, by now, even the most avid pro-every-vax-ever-made soul would have to start wondering about the way this is all unfolding.

    At some stage, wouldn’t you start to think this ‘only believe what the government tells you’ stuff is getting a bit OTT? Just a little tyrannical?

  13. Ellen of Tasmania Avatar
    Ellen of Tasmania

    Sorry. I just accidently pressed the ‘report comment’ instead of ‘reply’. I’m really sorry to Vicki and Dover.

    I agree with what you say, Vicki, but when we talk to extended family we find that they simply don’t know any of the facts you mentioned, and as they go against the ‘official narrative’ the folks aren’t even interested in finding out about it.

  14. rosie Avatar

    To me it’s very simple. Strip away all the government nudging and blackmail and lockdowns and vaccine passports.

    Will getting vaccinated reduce the risk of getting seriously ill or dying?

    If the answer for you is it would appear so, yes, get vaccinated.

    Because the evidence that getting vaccinated improves your prospects is there.

    Australians have a choice of Astrazeneca or Pfizer if Pfizer isn’t good enough.

    Personally I don’t see getting a Pfizer booster in light of a new variant much different to getting the latest flu shot against the latest flu variant.

    It’s a virus, after all.

  15. areff Avatar

    An irate pair of rufous owls, savage creatures, would do a better job. Plus there’s a jolly rhyme:

    For offences foul,
    Two owls
    In the bowels

  16. Barry Avatar

    Gladys is running a covert let-er-rip strategy.
    I just hope she keeps at it, and doesn’t cave.

    It’s the fastest way out for all of us.

  17. areff Avatar

    Earlier tonight on 3AW’s Good Health hour they dragged out the editor of the Medical Journal of Australia, who proceeded to bag ivermectin, first by misquoting the latest studies of its efficacy and then, just in case, by repeating several times in a quite agitated tone, “It can even kill you!”

    Why not get Borody on to discuss it? We all know why.

  18. Megan Avatar

    The Sicilian Prince has been saying for a while that what is needed is a silent mass protest. Not screaming, no signs, no hysteria. Just ordinary people congregating somewhere local such as an RSL or the MP’s office, even a well known pub. Sit down, lock arms and refuse to move*. Geographical dispersion at an agreed date and time would stretch the police resources to a point they couldn’t cope.

    Coordination is the biggest barrier and biggest nightmare in making it happen.

    * It would require three large polis persons to lift me to my feet these days. And that would be with me cooperating in the attempt.

  19. Megan Avatar

    And the TGA have reported they are running out of Invermectin supplies because of unexpectedly high demand.

    How big an idiot do you have to be not to have seen that coming?

  20. dover0beach Avatar

    Well, well, if people are using ivermectin in high numbers and there are no adverse effects being reported I guess all those warnings about its dangers were fraudulent. No?

  21. dover0beach Avatar

    A few years back, I don’t know if they are still doing it, Sentinels Europe and its city affiliates would attend a public square at an appointed hour and simply read a book facing a public building for 1/2-1hr or so and then disperse.

  22. Armadillo Avatar

    The transformation of “The Cat” reminds me of wandering about the streets of a Saturday night checking out the new night clubs. This one seems pretty flash.

  23. Megan Avatar

    Sooner or later we will have to stand up for what is right. None of what is happening in this country from both a political and medical standpoint makes any sense at all. It is most certainly not right.

  24. Wally Dalí Avatar
    Wally Dalí

    In my ongoing Mask Exemption Bid saga, I went to see my usual GP a week or two ago.
    To put things into perspective, I’m healthy bar mild asthma, the only time I’ve spent with the doctor was through recursive throat infections, a quinsey- infection behind the tonsils, considered life threatening, ruptured on the way to emergency- mature age tonsillectomy.
    GP’s a nice bloke, but talks fast and thinks slow. Took a long time to get across to him that I wasn’t seeking an mask exemption for asthma, it was to avoid the accumulation of bacterial load which leads to the throat infections. We talked of many things, the seasonality of my episodes, the Spanish Flu epidemic and the popularly unknown significance of bacteria in the lungs- I thought it would be a reasonably good case for me.
    (Don’t think me a wimp- I don’t think I’m in any real danger, but the discomfort does piss me off and going on and off antibiotics is not my ideal long-term life. My main reason for wanting a certificate is to toe up to the filth, next lockdown/mandate, be part of the visual resistance and get famous.)
    His weasel route was, he wouldn’t write any recommendation which he thought that he would not be able to defend in front of a panel of his peers. At this stage, I reckon he was alluding to a tribunal, and would have known I’d pick up the hint- he knows my wife was once on the edge of a vet tribunal process in town here- and I realized he wasn’t going to stick his neck out, so I then let it go. Probed him about ivermectin and HCQ- his opinion is the opinion handed to him by the AMA, the CMO, the ABC. He used to be an interesting bloke, this doc- did an internship in the south pacific royalty, knows all about obesity, diabetes, anti-malarials, anti-parasitics- could not draw him out. It was like sitting with someone willfully and contentedly brainwashed.
    Chatting through the third act, he told me his son is now newly arrived in Canberra, working for the finance dept, which was basically administering a fresh printed batch of cash pumping. “Five years at Uni studying economics, and I’m working at a call centre!” the young turk laughed.
    That was a bit much for me. “Your son is a Public servant. He’ll have that HECS debt paid off on schedule. He’ll be promoted on schedule. He’ll have an above-statute super entitlement on schedule. No lockdown, no recession, nothing will ever dent his prospects or his lifestyle.”
    I said it with a bit of cheesy comedy, but I’m sure he’s observant enough to notice rising colour. Nothing else that he did made me angry, disappointed maybe, not surprised though. But the doctor is sitting pretty, with a Medicare mainline to bulk billing an increasingly mentally dependent population, and his son probably has nothing to worry about other than the sedentary lifestyle diseases.

  25. Delta Avatar

    This is a must watch video about vaccination: A Final Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon.

    I think he has it all exactly right but it’s a pity that he doesn’t talk much about the “vaccine” injection, through the messenger RNA, instructs your body to develop the spike pathogens and that they continue doing just that! Deadly stuff – it’s just a matter of time.

  26. areff Avatar

    Remember when we put old shoes on the fence post and banged pots and pans?

    We had the shoes and saucepans. Andrews had VicPol, his corrupted Praetorian Guard, and courtrooms ruled by Labor hacks who know exactly what’s good for anti-social hooligans.

    Victoria, you’re standing in it.

  27. Gilas Avatar

    First post here.. so please be gentle.

    Has anyone read the comments under the SMH article linked by Dover above?
    I know the readers are mostly brainwashed leftards, but virtually all are criticising Gladys for not doing enough, and doing it too late.
    These people vote.
    This Country is truly copulated!

  28. Gilas Avatar

    Wally Dalí says:
    August 15, 2021 at 10:49 pm

    Also, apropos of a shatterzz post yesterday on Adam’s site.. I’ve managed to never wear a mask, register, QR code anywhere in Sydney’s South-West and Inner-West.
    Ever, regardless of any applying Draconian diktats
    And, aside from hardly seeing them at all, have yet to be stopped by police, while clearly not wearing the obligatory paraphenalia.
    I have often wondered how much of all this is steaming BS, only for MSM consumption and distribution, and fuck-all else.

  29. Bruce in WA Avatar
    Bruce in WA

    For the past 12-15 months I have been optimistic that (a) the CV-19 “threat” would diminish over time and mutations; and (b) everyday Australians would say “WTF!” and demand an end this lockdown hysteria.

    How long I was! The media are now openly lying and distorting, and not even trying to hide it! Hysteria is being whipped up by TV electrodes applied firmly to the genitals and the reasoning centres. Bluntly, we are lied to.

    And so many of us have rolled over and begged for a tummy scratch.

    Friends, people I have known for 50 years, whom I knew as educated, erudite, thinking, responsible people, have become gibbering, spineless, unthinking robots. Scomo good; McGowan good; dissent BAD! Do as the government says and we will survive. Punish those who think otherwise; take away their rights to free speech, to disagree, to even ask questions. Close us down; ban travellers; keep out the unclean!

    It’s frightening, and it’s wearing me down. I no longer even demur, because to do so (according even to my own daughter and darling wife) makes me an unhinged “conspiracy theorist”.

    I don’t think I am. I think I’m an ordinary, moderately intelligent, reasonably level-headed person who has come to the end of his tether.

    I can’t fight any more. I’ve looked intensely at both sides, and as much as I want to, I can only see this situation carrying on, or worsening, for two or more years.

    I don’t think I want to be around for that.

  30. Bruce in WA Avatar
    Bruce in WA

    long = wrong

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