Mater’s Musings #3: “I see dead people!”…or do I?

Yes, “subject to retrospective revision”. I get that. I can even forgive the 25 death adjustment for the 31 Aug-13 Sep period…just. I’m a forgiving bloke, after all.

But that still leaves an adjustment of 128 fatalities, without explanation. That’s a lot of deaths, and a very significant adjustment. This is not a patient or two who may have lingered in an ICU for an extended period. This is about 15% of the entire nations official Covid deaths .

Now I might overlook this if the States were communicating by snail-mail, or if deaths weren’t nightly headline news in the disaster porn, but in this day and age…really? These details are supposedly reported up daily. A day or two’s delay could possibly be expected. However, combined, these two reports represent four weeks. This, all at a time when a Premier can lockdown a State within four hours. Perhaps the ‘Surveillance Team’ needs to watch the nightly news…or Dan’s morning Pressers.

To quote Calli, it’s “curious”.

2 responses to “Mater’s Musings #3: “I see dead people!”…or do I?”

  1. Old School Conservative Avatar
    Old School Conservative

    Mater, Mater, Mater.
    Part of following “The Science” and “Health Advice” includes accepting “The Statistics” as presented by health officials, bureaucrats, and politicians.
    So no more questioning of our betters. It’s not that sort of a blog.
    After all, our highly paid MSM investigative journalists aren’t questioning anything, so why should we?

  2. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    My guess is the reporting Dr didn’t classify it as a Convid death and it had to be corrected by a bureaucrat later. Notifications often sit in trays awaiting admin to fax, photocopy, etc. You’d be amazed at the latest health info systems, such as EPAS in SA, which are not fit for purpose and require physical paper to be photocopied, faxed and then emailed to admin to be entered at a later date due to weekends, part-time admin days off and similar. But it is curious. And they are notifications about an illegitimate PCR test.

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