Policy outpaced by events

As the days and weeks pass, we are learning that the road maps offered by the PM and premiers, particularly, the sign posts of our deliverance from house arrest, do not comport with reality. Zerohedge reports that the most recent study of vaccine efficacy re delta variant is significantly reduced compared with alpha and degrades over time.

It should be clear now that the vaccines, though helpful as a part of a coordinated policy, are no panacea. As Mater described in a previous post looking at the Cabinet’s final response to the Spanish Flu in 1919, the government’s resources are exhausted and the public is by now well-informed of the measures they can take to avoid COVID; continuing the present course is ruinous.

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  1. rosie Avatar


    Make vaccine available and otherwise leave us all alone.

  2. Winston Smith Avatar

    Yes – this has gone past ‘face saving’ through ‘ridiculous’ into ‘wait until dad gets home’.
    Now where did I put the riding crop?

  3. Zipster Avatar

    This seems to be all about the thin edge of the davos agenda. Internal passports =social credit

  4. Old School Conservative Avatar
    Old School Conservative

    Even politicians agree that policy is is outpaced by events.
    Gulag Glad admits “we are in uncharted territory”.
    In Tasmania, Mr Gutwein said there is no “magic number” to trigger a lockdown and how long the lockdown will last i.e. “we will make it up on the run.”

  5. johanna Avatar

    They have NFI what is going on, and react like goldfish given mild electric shocks.

    For example, the poor buggers who live either side of the Queensland border have been subjected to a bewildering series of changing and conflicting ‘rules’ which change every few days. A lot of businesses have employees and premises on both sides, and it must be absolute hell for them.

    Same goes for other linked cross border areas like Albury/Wodonga.

    In a tiny island of sanity, the otherwise Stasi-like ACT government has not tried to block links between Canberra and Queanbeyan. But we in Queanbeyan know that is only because if they did, there would be no-one available to unblock their drains or fix their circuit boards.

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