Which 18 studies?

The National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce (NCCET) very recently updated its Ivermectin guidance (h/t: Muddy on the OOT).  Apart from the standard mention of the ‘dangers’ of ivermectin, they write: 

The certainty of the current evidence base varies from low to very low depending which on outcome is being measured, as a result of serious risk of bias and serious imprecision in the 18 included studies.

But they don’t actually mention which studies they’ve included. However, they Continue reading “Which 18 studies?”

Was the 2009 Swin flu pandemic a milk run?

Yesterday, twostix posted on the OOT this very interesting study, WHO and the pandemic flu “conspiracies”, published in the British Medical Journal over a decade ago. It looked at the many connections between research scientists, national and international public health officials, and BigPharma, and how they were implicated in the development of responses to future pandemics, from the Continue reading “Was the 2009 Swin flu pandemic a milk run?”

Guest Post: Cassie of Sydney – War declared in Victoria 

One of reasons why Victoria is in such a parlous state is because of the Victorian Liberal Party.  For decades now the Victorian Liberals have failed to provide any credible opposition to the Bracks, Brumby and Andrews’ Labor governments.  In the Westminster system ineffectual oppositions enable corrupt and inept Continue reading “Guest Post: Cassie of Sydney – War declared in Victoria “

Guest Post: Bar Beach Swimmer – Who has the right to work?

Humours of an Election, William Hogarth, 1755

When and how does a citizen in a democracy lose his or her right to work?  Up until 18 months ago, the only reasonable answer to that question would have been because the person had been found guilty of a crime that carried a custodial sentence: with their freedom forfeited, gaol would have taken away all their rights including their right to work.  

However, across Australia, but especially in Victoria and NSW, thousands and thousands of Australians have lost their right to work because of a virus.  Though it’s not been the virus per se that has removed that right; no, Continue reading “Guest Post: Bar Beach Swimmer – Who has the right to work?”

Fisking Ergas’s ‘Even true libertarians can support vax passports’

In Even true libertarians can support vax passports, (The Australian, 17 Sept), Henry Ergas made a very peculiar argument from a purportedly libertarian perspective in favour of vaccine passports. What follows is a traditional fisking of the entire Continue reading “Fisking Ergas’s ‘Even true libertarians can support vax passports’”

Guest Post: Twostix – May you live in interesting times

Elegant Gathering in the Apricot Garden, Xie Huan, c. 1437

Reading twitter, the media and professional class are absolutely shitting themselves at the sight of the working class organising and thousands of strong backed men marching. It’s all sneering “disgusted” and lots of nervous revulsion about “thugs”.

They instinctively know that their class’s protector: this ugly new paramilitary police force, isn’t nearly strong enough to hold this back if it goes further. A paper tiger. It is structurally weak because it is the manifestation, the perfectly Continue reading “Guest Post: Twostix – May you live in interesting times”

Guest Post: Peter West -It’s a Vaccine, Jim, But Not As We Know It

Doctor vaccinating a child for polio in a mobile clinic as part of an anti-polio campaign in Western Australia, July 1956, National Museum of Australia

Who knew the term “non-sterilising vaccine” six months ago? If you did not, you are in plentiful company. Maybe the woke young, who know everything, knew about it, but for oldies like me, a vaccine was a vaccine was a vaccine. It protected you from the thing you were vaccinated against, and because you Continue reading “Guest Post: Peter West -It’s a Vaccine, Jim, But Not As We Know It”

Recent reports on serious problems with the vaccines

Here’s some background: Lara Logan drops dynamite Fox News segment on Biden’s sweeping vaccine mandates.

On Thursday, “President” Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. broke another of his promises by requiring vaccine mandates on most, but not all, American citizens.  The next day, Fox News aired a terrific seven-minute segment by Lara Logan titled “Mandate Nation,” and it’s really worth watching.

Ms. Logan began the show reporting on new directives to OSHA not to report on COVID vaccine side-effects.  She then segued into recent reports from the U.K. and Israel that report on serious problems with the vaccines.

One feature of the segment that conservatives will appreciate is the montages from other channels, like MSNBC and CNN.  Their “commentators” are so crazed that it’s surreal.  These un-American fools actually think Biden “didn’t go far enough.”

The Biden Mandates are a civil rights issue, and they should appall lovers of freedom. 

They should also appall anyone who values their own good health, whether in America or here. Watch the Report for yourself.

Who’s in charge of the asylum? A bunch of tyrannical fools, that’s who

Foster's still has long neck exposed

Surely this time they have gone too far: Now they’re confiscating alcohol delivered to locked-down Australian apartments if booze volume exceeds state-sanctioned limits. Continue reading “Who’s in charge of the asylum? A bunch of tyrannical fools, that’s who”