Why are we taking medical advice from Daniel Andrews and Anthony Fauci?

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Of course you wouldn’t want to doubt the vaccines. Correlation is NOT causation, but it is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for causation. If the vaccines work, then high vaccination rates MUST be correlated w/ lower death rates ABSENT a confounding variable. Of course, the mere fact that confounding variables exist would minimize the significance of vaccination. My point here is why has everyone forgotten basic math & logic in order to “save” vaccines from the obvious conclusion: they don’t work? In any one circumstance, we’d declare vaccines a failure & move on. The difference, I think, is that people are just too invested in vaccines to admit they’re wrong. Heck, if they’re wrong about this, what else are they wrong about? And, more importantly, what else can save them from COVID & COVID hysteria? If you really really want something to be true, you’ll find a way to convince yourself that it’s true, but – if you’re honest – you’ll know it’s a lie. Vaccines have failed by every reasonable measure. We’re left with anecdotes &, of course, the untestable hypotheses (it would have been worse? How do you prove that?)

I believe you’re comment on being ‘too invested’ is the answer for all the covid policies/procedures etc. The politicians are too invested in lockdowns and masks to admit they were wrong. The pharma’s are too invested (literally) to admit the vaccines are just upgunned flu season type shots (at best). The medical community is too invested to admit there apparently is no actual treatment, as of yet, to cure this virus and basically once you have it you have to let it take its course. etc etc

What’s most amazing to me is that it’s common knowledge that if you are “fully vaccinated” you can still get and spread covid. Just like those who are completely unvaccinated and have never had covid. But those people who are unvaccinated but have had covid, lost their sense of taste and smell etc., are actually the ones who are most likely to be the way forward and yet they aren’t even considered. Such a person can tell their doctor this, and he’ll say “But have you got the vaccine shots yet?” Um, doc, why would I do that. I have natural immunity? “But have you got the vaccine shots yet?” It’s like there’s an alternate reality the Branch Covidians inhabit.

Company is pushing us to get booster shots but I had Omicron. Seems like people who had COVID and got the vaccine caught COVID again and some of them had it worse than before the jab. The “vaccines” seem to mess with your immune system and your immunity. I have immunity and worried the booster will actually lessen it. I’d rather skip the shot and potential side effects. Isn’t that the healthiest option? Not that anyone wants common sense anymore.

The data is suspect. Sorry, not sure I believe it. I know too many people vaccinated who ended up in the hospital anyway. I watched literally everyone catch Omicron in the North Dallas area regardless of vaccination status. Some got hospitalized, even being less severe, some did not. My sister has been having heart problems since getting her 2nd jab. Her lips are perpetually blue like she is not getting enough oxygen. She is not even 50 yet. The vaccines are doing more harm than good and seem to be killing people in their 20’s. Ok, the last point I haven’t seen in my circles and in fact I know few outside of my sister that seem to be having long term lasting effects from the vaccine. At the same time they don’t seem to be doing a thing while representing serious harm. It’s Russian Roulette with medicine to protect us from a virus that is highly survivable. If we were pushing HCQ and Ivermectin (I took Ivermectin doing my run) we may well have seen better results without the health issues the vaccines have introduced. What I keep being told is “trust the data” while one set of data says one thing and another set of data has obviously been collected in such a way to get a result (Death FROM vs. WITH COVID) and I work with data in my job. What they’ve done is created skepticism and doubt while causing very real harm.

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  1. bemused Avatar

    I wonder if this situation is in any way linked to the virus insanity?

  2. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Add that there’s been increasing questioning of why there’s no real therapy offered when you do get sick. Panadol is about it. Again there seems to be a religious flavour to this: the vaccines are holy and if we treat with known antivirals people might ask questions about the vaccines. So sufferers don’t get anything.

    There’s such a sickness about politicized medicine now. Objectivity has gone out the window. If you question anything or look for an alternative you are a heretic and are excluded and cancelled.

    As the same treatment is meted out to dissenters of all the other pet doctrines: climate change, green energy, Keynesian economics, racism, LGBT politics, it adds up to a very crazy time indeed.

  3. rickw Avatar

    The whole situation is just completely insane. The fucking vaccines do not work by any reasonable measure, and the acute heart problems associated with them are little short of frightening. Who knows what the long term effects hold.

  4. Lurx Avatar


    Not only but also…..

    Surely it must be close to showtime


  5. calli Avatar

    Heck, if they’re wrong about this, what else are they wrong about?

    The vaxxes are the tottering top storey on the house of cards.

  6. duncanm Avatar

    Whatever you do, don’t mention Ivermectin and the convincing data from Africa, India, and Mexico

  7. Vicki Avatar

    The problem is that we encountered a medical “crisis” in the area of medicine that is the most shaky.

    Look – I think that in the area of surgery & similar technicalities many are geniuses. My husband had a wonderful colorectal surgeon years ago who stopped bowel cancer early. Most recently a micro surgeon successfully put together my grandsons jaw that was smashed in two places.

    But the ready acceptance of GPS of the latest pill produced by Pharma has been a worry for some time. The example of Vioxx, Statins & various other wonder drugs that have failed the test of time. We have never been encouraged to look at various opinions & the “white coat” mystique is still very influential.

    The absolute conviction that medical “experts” are incapable of error does my head in. People often see their GP for consultations of no more than 10 minutes & expect a competent assessment of their ailment.

  8. Dianeh Avatar


    As the same treatment is meted out to dissenters of all the other pet doctrines: climate change, green energy, Keynesian economics, racism, LGBT politics, it adds up to a very crazy time indeed.

    Nice list you have there. I just realised I’m a dissenter on all of those but must clarify that I am not for racism, I am against weaponised racism used for political gain.

  9. Dianeh Avatar

    And against mandated covid vaccines.

    I also agree that not much good is going to come from this overuse of vaccines, particularly since they do not stop transmission and are being overused during a pandemic. I would be very surprised if this is not a contributing factor to the variants that keep appearing.

    That and the need to ramp up the fear factor.

  10. OldOzzie Avatar

    Sent to Prime Minister Morrison, NSW Premier Parrot and list of MPs


    Japanese company press release – ‘efficacy and safety of Ivermectin confirmed in clinical trial’
    Tuesday, 01 February 2022
    UPDATE – here’s a Reuters news report on this announcement.

    Make of this what you will.

    Here’s the Google Translate English version of the press release.

    With closing Paragraph

    When is Australia going to allow Doctors to prescribe Ivermectin, both as a prophylactic and pre hospital prevention using the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance Prevention & Treatment Protocols for Covid-19 that have been available for over 2 years, as the COVID-19 Vaccines are not working (will a Vaccine Passport only be available if we have had our 4th/5th/6th ??? Boosters)


    We have bankrupted Australia for no reason.

  11. OldOzzie Avatar

    TOLD YA SO: Study Finds COVID Lockdown Didn’t Work

    According to a new analysis by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 in the United States and Europe had little or no impact on reducing COVID deaths.

    According to the analysis, the lockdowns of 2020 reduced COVID-19 mortality by a mere 0.2 percent.

    “We find no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures, and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality,” the researchers wrote in their analysis.

    In addition to the lockdowns’ trivial impact on reducing COVID deaths, the research paper acknowledged that they had “devastating effects” on the economy as well as many negative social repercussions.

    “They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy,” the report explained.

    The report concluded that the benefits of the lockdown didn’t outweigh the negative impacts, and that “lockdowns should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument.”

    President Trump warned in the summer of 2020 that the lockdowns were doing more harm than good. He famously tweeted in March that “we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.”

  12. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    It is interesting that the left is so in favour of vaccines now.

    I think I can pretty confidently say that the abode of the anti-vaxxer, the real anti-vaxxer who is opposed to all vaccines and the shots given to kids to protect them from measles, whooping cough, polio etc, has historically been predominately on the left.

    Maybe because they suspected vaccines were a wicked and cynical plot by nefarious pharmaceutical companies to make money. Or perhaps the idea behind vaccines was not compatible with their own views of human health, which would be based on nutrition, toxins lurking everywhere in an industrialised environment, energy channels that course through the body, auras, shakras, subtle bodies, crystals, and magic.

    Of course the real point here is mandating. See, I have no problem with people making their own choices. And in such an environment you would expect to see a lot of discussion and information swirling about. I think most people on the right will have a similar view.

    On the left though mandates are a good thing. The ultimate goal is to control everything in people’s lives. The reason for this is love of power, creating a social harmony (even if everyone hates it), and making sure everyone makes the ‘right’ choices. They have convinced themselves that these vaccines are OK (although previously Big Pharma was the enemy – up there with oil companies) and that therefore everyone must have it. People resisting are not wrong, they are bad, because the point of the vaccine mandates are that they are good, not right.

    And this is a new arena – well relatively untouched. Things like free speech people have clearer conceptions and a sense of what denial of free speech might be like. They will balk at that being controlled (to some extent – not as fiercely as they ought to), but vaccines are an area they are likely only thinking about for the first time now. They are not sure what their rights or obligations ought to be. So they are being terrified to ensure their ideas crystalise on the needing regulation side.


  13. Chris M Avatar
    Chris M

    Vicki yes – Western medicine is superb at acute care, woeful at chronic. Possibly getting worse in some aspects, ironically as they reach new heights in acute.

    Great post Steve, the agendas behind this covid thing are being laid bare and it wall-to-wall evil.

  14. WolfmanOz Avatar

    Why aren’t the MSM hammering the imbecile Andrews for his claim that we need 3 shots to be fully vaxxed – where is his medical advice, as it wasn’t the grub Sutton ???

    We know the answer, as the emperor has no clothes for all to see . . . apart from the MSM scum.

  15. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    Chris Msays:
    February 2, 2022 at 9:46 am
    Vicki yes – Western medicine is superb at acute care, woeful at chronic. Possibly getting worse in some aspects, ironically as they reach new heights in acute.

    Most doctors are very (often extremely) good technicians.

    They seem not to be so good on philosophically complex matters.

  16. Mantaray Avatar

    Sorry New Cats, but almost all of you have it wrong….

    When the trains arrived at Treblinka and Buchenwald etc, there was no actual “belief” that the showers would refresh those being sent to them, There was no expectation that Work would set Them Free. There was no intention whatsoever to rehabilitate anybody. And so it is with the charade being performed around the sham “vaccines”….

    With the gene-jabs we have loads of New Cats asking “how can they keep vaxxing when they know they do not work?”. Others are asking “how can they persist with lock-downs and mandates when THEY do not work?”. Still others; ‘the cure is worse than the disease, so why persist?” and on and on…

    This is all about injecting people with a series of clot-shots which accumulate until they kill, and has NEVER had anything to do with cures or prevention or returning to normal or anything else, except getting the masses to WILLINGLY walk off the cliff.

    Wake up New Cats, and stop falling for the narrative!

    BTW: Was that really soap in the Auschwitz shower blocks? Really warm water coming from the shower heads? FFS!

  17. Big_Nambas Avatar

    Sorry New Cats, but almost all of you have it wrong…

    But but….Whoopi said…………………………………

  18. tommbell Avatar

    I was just looking at the BBC’s “fact check” of the now infamous Rogan podcast. Needless to say the anonymous experts found Rogan wanting in most respects…

  19. Kneel Avatar

    “On the left though mandates are a good thing.”

    Perhaps the most pernicious are the statements that the “mandates are working” and “lockdowns are working”.

    “Working” how, exactly?

    Sensible people would assume that meant we are seeing reduced disease and death, but the authoritarian communists of the left only mean they are “working” because they are forcing people to take the vaxes and/or stay cowering under their beds in abject fear! By that logic, if the mandate was that you put your finger on your head and do a pirouette, that wouldn’t really help with COVID, but if everyone did it the mandate would be “working”.

    This is what happens when you both redefine what words mean, and forget the actual goal – much like Climate Science, where the goal morphed from “preventing overheating” to “reducing CO2”.

  20. Kneel Avatar

    “Wait until the Arkancides start happening…….”

    Good to see the scientists throwing the politicians under the bus before they themselves get thrown under the bus by the pollies.
    If disaster does indeed ensue, you can be certain of one thing – the pollies will claim they were only following the “best advise” of “experts”. That cover is now blown.

  21. Kneel Avatar

    “I was just looking at the BBC’s “fact check” of the now infamous Rogan podcast.”

    Not sure if the Beeb is guilty of it, but…

    Notice the spin on Joe’s statement?
    They say he “apologised”.
    He did – to Spotify, for the angst etc they suffered due to whom he decided to interview and what they said. Not for having the conversations, but for the troubles they caused the people who host them.

    The MSM will never convince anyone who watches Joe’s podcast that he has done the wrong thing at any time – he’s just a guy asking the sort of questions and having the sort of conversations as anyone down the pub having a few beers would if they encountered someone expert on anything topical. And he is giving air to the “other side” that has been studiously ignored by the MSM – anyone who believes in self-determination and personal responsibility would applaud hearing both sides of any argument so they can make up their own mind.

    And they forget that Joe has a bigger audience than even their other nemesis – Tucker Carlson – who is in turn decimating the like of MSDNC, CNN et al. And Joe’s audience is mostly 18-25, so in a decade or so when they start being politicians and CEO’s…

  22. louis Avatar

    The problem is exactly just how many people are invested in the story that vaccines will save us, are safe and effective. How many politician’s careers are hanging on that? How many academics and public health officials have hung their reputation on that? How many public servants have made their careers on that?

    How many GPs have told their patients the vaccines are safe and effective, and their patients should get the shot? Hell, I know of a few people who were told by their specialists that they would die if they got COVID so they must get the shot.

    Do you think any of those people want to admit they were wrong? And worse, that they didn’t actually have sufficient reason to take the stand that they did (i.e. they only ever listened to the news or pharma companies sales pitch). And given how vicious many of those people have been to those who don’t share their views, they absolutely do not want to admit they got it wrong.

    In personal interactions, I haven’t heard any pro-vaccine type, including nurses and GPs, who weren’t convinced of the vaccines’s safety and efficacy by more than just ‘appeal to authority’.

  23. Old bloke Avatar
    Old bloke

    The vaxxes are the tottering top storey on the house of cards.

    And on this tottering top storey they hope to build their digital identity and digital currency systems. It might have worked if it wasn’t for those bothersome refuseniks.

  24. bemused Avatar

    I guess no one watch the Glen Beck video regarding the bailing out of the banks and what happened back in 2010-12 and now? I’m beginning to think all of these things are inextricably linked to ‘The Great Reset’. It’s simply too convenient for these to all happen so close to each other.

  25. lemmiwinks Avatar

    I guess no one watch the Glen Beck video regarding the bailing out of the banks and what happened back in 2010-12 and now?

    I did, horrifying.

    I used to think that the great reset was some nutty conspiracy theory so I did some research. It’s definitely a conspiracy, not a theory. It’s not even a secret – you can buy the book!

    When current events are viewed in the context of the planned great reset it’s impossible to see it as anything other than the implementation of same. They’re quite open about it, I’ve seen multiple videos of Schwab and friends discussing how they’ve infiltrated this parliament etc etc.

    Cash will be murdered and replaced by central bank digital currency, they’ll implement digital id (already passed federal parliament) and then it’s game over. A techno-scientific totalitarian dictatorship will be in place and very, very hard to budge. The greatest hope is that these people are so far out of touch with reality that it’ll fall down around their ears when they find out that all the promises of automation they were sold turn out to be false.

  26. Bruce Avatar


    How well does all that “digital” stuff work if the power goes off?

    Here on the northside of Briz-Vegas we have has TWO short “storm-induced” blackouts in the last 48 hours.

    NONE of the utility systems is anywhere near “hard” enough.

    “See also:

    “Nine meals from humanity to anarchy”.

    We are living in a VERY dodgy “social contract”, believe me.

  27. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    The key word is invested. In April 2020 Australia media, elites and governments became invested in the Wuhan CCP lockdown strategy. Once we set our rudder in that direction we were on the road to vaccination or bust or both. No one could stand in the way of the ‘da science’ . We were invested and no one was going to stand up and say ‘hey we seem to be getting further away from where we need to be going!’. Anyone who tried was howled down, trolled, cancelled, fined and if at all possible , shot. Since then we are all on for the ride. It’s all window dressing to support the cause. We now know the required vaccination will be CJC+ 1. Science or no science. We are invested in this strategy.
    In summary it’s been the biggest public policy failure in history ..and we still have a way to go.
    CJC = your current jab count.

  28. lemmiwinks Avatar

    How well does all that “digital” stuff work if the power goes off?

    They’ll think of something *cough*chip in your hand*cough*

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