There were a lot more than 20,000

The headline in the Sunday paper today read 20,000 rally in CBD. There were a lot more than that, as I did my own count as the procession passed by on Flinders Street.

This was my calculation. There were approximately 16 persons in each row of the procession. Each row passed by at the rate of one row per second (I took out my watch to time it) which is around 60 per minute. The parade lasted around an hour and a half.

So on my estimate, there were [16 X 60 X 90] people which comes to 86,400. Be conservative and make the estimate 60,000. Come half way back, call it 70,000. A lot more than the papers will want to have been true which is why they have taken that absurdly low estimate.

The paper also mentioned there were no arrests, and why would there be? This was not a crowd of radical lefties trying to instigate a confrontation. It was the most middle class crowd you would ever see. There were a few Eureka Stockade flags but many mothers with their children. These were people who may have had the vax themselves but will fight to the end to prevent their children being mandated these experimental vaxxines.

The papers are still, of course, in full-on scare everyone mode, with this now the top story at The Age: Two Omicron cases confirmed in Sydney. For me, though, the best sign of the day read:

Why are we closing the country because of the 38th most important cause of death in Australia.

Not my stat, but I could not agree more. And if this is true, the people who manage our communal affairs could not be more vile. Sent to me by a colleague.

Schools are having children wear yellow wristbands to easily identify those who have mask exemptions and/or are unvaccinated so that they can be segregated from their peers.

The Vaxxine Wars are just about to begin

Adults are left to make decisions for themselves. Forcing children to take these experimental vaxxines when they are at virtually zero risk of harm from Covid is beyond insane.


I am all in for a market economy, but when competition is virtually ended – see HCQ and Ivermectin – and where open discussion of all aspects of the treatment of Covid is forbidden – again see HCQ and Ivermectin – means we are dealing with governments made up of complete idiots who show no apparent regard for the health and welfare of the communities that put them into office.

And this is just the start: Mass Protests Against Vaccine Mandates Sweep Across The Globe.


“People have to be able to exercise free power of choice. Without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion,” one protester in New York said, appearing to be referring to rule one of the Nuremberg Code. “In other words, everything that is happening now violates the most basic principles of law and ethics.”

Your welfare is not what political leaders have at heart

The video is titled, “PRESS CONFERENCE-EU PARLIAMENT OPPOSES MANDATE AGENDA 30/10/2021. She is dead on, and she has never even heard of Daniel Andrews. People in government, she says, have agendas of their own. Political “elites” could not care less about your personal welfare. Listen to it through. She explains why she will not be commanded to be vaxxed. She is “a free citizen”. No vax mandates.

There is then this worth bearing in mind: Victoria’s plan to keep unvaccinated locked up until 2023 blasted.

The revelation that unvaccinated Victorians could be locked out of key freedoms until 2023 has sparked major controversy, with one expert explaining the big issue with the plan.

While Victoria is planning on dropping almost all of its Covid restrictions when the state hits its 90 per cent double dose vaccination target, Premier Daniel Andrews has warned unvaccinated residents will be barred from extra freedoms “for the entirety of 2022”.

“Whether it’s a bookshop, a shoe shop, a pub, cafe, a restaurant, the MCG, the list goes on and on,” Mr Andrews said last month.

“You will not be able to participate like a fully vaccinated person because you’re not a fully vaccinated person.”

The 90 per cent double dose vaccination target is now expected to be reached on November 18. In comparison, unvaccinated NSW residents are set to be given the same freedoms as fully vaccinated people from December 1.

Personally, I think Andrews is still feeling the humiliation of having overseen the highest number of Covid deaths in Australia. Victoria accounts for 1134 out of 1448 covid deaths across Australia, 78.3% of the total covid death rate. And even still case numbers proliferate in Victoria where they have become near invisible everywhere else.

Andrews thinks he is always the smartest man in the room and here was the absolutely undeniable evidence that he is actually the stupidest and overwhelmingly the most incompetent political leader, certainly in Australia, possibly anywhere in the world. 


It’s not “pandemic legislation”

There is a “can’t-happen-here” attitude even as it is happening. A just-in story in The Age: New pandemic legislation passes Victorian Parliament’s lower house. The legislation has nothing to do with medical care. It is entirely about Daniel Andrews taking power into his own hands. Here’s the story.

Victoria’s new pandemic laws passed State Parliament’s Labor-controlled lower house on Thursday evening following two days of heated debate in which MPs hurled abuse at one another across the chamber.

Earlier in the day, Premier Daniel Andrews responded to criticism from the president of the Victorian Bar saying the claim by Christopher Blanden, QC, that the government had not properly consulted the barristers’ peak body about the legislation was “factually wrong”.

[The issue is NOT whether there was proper consultation. The issue is whether such legislation should ever be introduced into a free society.]

The government’s proposed pandemic legislation will replace state of emergency powers which expire on December 15, curtailing the chief health officer’s powers, giving the premier the authority to declare a pandemic and the health minister the role of making public health orders.

[And what follows from the Premier declaring a state of emergency? Are these provisions acceptable is the issue.]

The bill passed by 51 votes to 26.

The opposition, many crossbench MPs, and legal groups have raised concerns about various aspects of the legislation, including what they say is a lack of checks and balances on the government’s powers.

[More detail would be welcome.]

Mr Blanden on Wednesday described the proposed laws as “appalling” and claimed the government had “grossly misrepresented” its consultation with the Victorian Bar.

He said the Department of Health officials conducted a 45-minute online meeting with him to discuss the issue of whether the chief health officer should retain the authority to declare a pandemic.

“That’s factually wrong,” Mr Andrews said. “There’s a lot of [online Microsoft Teams] meetings going on at the moment, we’re in a global pandemic. I’m terribly sorry if a Teams meeting wasn’t sufficient, there’s literally hundreds of thousands of Teams meetings.

The upper house will debate the bill in Parliament in three weeks and it is likely to pass with the approval of Samantha Ratnam, Fiona Patten and Andy Meddick, who were involved in the negotiations.

And there you have it. Why are so few people concerned? Why is The Age unconcerned?