The True North Strong and Free

Seldom think of the old Dominion as the centre of international revolutionary action, but there you are.

This is amazing, from Gone, Baby, Gone?, which is about the Canadian Prime Minister running away in the face of the truckers’ convention on the streets of Ottawa.

Not even bilingual: “officiel du gouvernement”. And where has that cowardly nitwit gone?


A Canadian thing and from coast to coast. An Australian thing too. Our time will come.

21 thoughts on “The True North Strong and Free”

  1. Nobody deserves to have black face Justin as heir PM. Now serious protests have started in Canada they will not stop until they win.
    I am not sure that Aussies have the stamina and fortitude to seriously challenge the Government.

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  2. This morning, I tested positive for COVID-19.

    Liar. The whole world knows it too. Even directs to Justin’s wiki page.

    Lets go Brandeau.

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  3. As Justine and the Canadian MSM (BIRM) bleat about the “violence” of words like “freedom”, I think it is time for the demonstrators to re-badge themselves. They need a catchy title that would resonate with their targets on the left. How about “Occupy Parliament Hill”?

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  4. I hope ur right Steve – about our time coming. But I doubt it. At least any time soon. I think well over 50% of the Oi Oi Oi tribe are irredeemably incurious subservient f*ckwits. Sure there is increased pressure on the likes of McGowan. But it’s incremental at best. If WA went to the polls tomorrow he’d be returned in a landslide. Same I suspect for Dan. Withdraw benefits, stop the bread and circuses and then maybe some of the lard-arses will shift (slowly). But as for the hysterical females who constantly shout “but what about the children” – and sadly I know far too many of this ilk – they ain’t for turning.

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  5. A friend of Instapundit was quoted there:

    “GoFundMe has frozen $4,700,000 raised by the Canadian truckers, and Facebook has just banned their 600,000 strong FB group, which was growing more than 100,000 followers a day!” (Source: Stephen Tambolas)

    That’s an interesting development. Lessons learned:

    1. Use sites other than GoFundMe for fundraising.
    2. Facebook supports censorship (like that’s news…)
    3. Eventually, blocking the peaceful redresses of grievances will promote deliveries of truckloads of rapidly exothermic hints to the rulers.

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  6. Tom Woods has founded a course for those who have felt isolated and concerned about surviving in what is becoming a hostile world to libertarians and others who are critical of the Great Reset. I have no idea if it is just another money making venture, but others can make up their own mind. It is probably not for me or mine, but I wanted others to be aware of its possibilities:

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  7. ” Eventually, blocking the peaceful redresses of grievances will promote deliveries of truckloads of rapidly exothermic hints to the rulers.”

    Those who prevent peaceful protest ensure violent uprising.
    A truism the elite have forgotten – at their peril.

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