Mater’s Musings #8: Projection Versus Reality



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  1. Zipster Avatar

    out of an abundance of stupidity
    out of an abundance of karenisation
    out of an abundance of panic
    out of an abundance of woolly headedness
    out of an abundance of cruelty
    out of an abundance of madness we have decided to burn the forest and salt the earth to prevent the spread of a mild virus

  2. Megan Avatar

    @therealplasticsurgeon has made a complete leap of ignorance with that little gem. Needs to write out the definition of freedom 1000 times because it’s clear he has zero understanding of the concept.

  3. 132andBush Avatar

    Many of those same elderly people willingly went to military service and would now be spinning in their graves (marked and unmarked) if they could see the FUBAR Australia has become.

    therealplasticsurgeon should stick to opining on fake tits and arse fillers.

  4. Tom Avatar

    @therealplasticsurgeon has made a complete leap of ignorance with that little gem. Needs to write out the definition of freedom 1000 times because it’s clear he has zero understanding of the concept.

    Correct, Megan.

    @therealplasticsurgeon (just another doctor with a god complex) has forgotten that our diggers fought World War Two against the same fascism that our rulers are now using against us to control a seasonal flu, which is killing a handful of people (as seasonal flu always does).

    It’s not about the flu, you idiot. It’s about the fascism.

  5. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    So…the realplasticsurgeon believes previous generations fought for our right to bitch about masks so we shouldn’t. Not much of a right.

    I would not be surprised to find that each generation, when it marches home from war, is pleased with the world then next generation creates? Perhaps he does not understand what freedoms actually are: You don’t need permission to use them.

    Besides which, earlier generations fought against nations where governments just dictated to people what they had to do – which is the situation here.

    And it is not merely masks. And it is not that masks are ‘symbols’ – a style of argument beloved of lefties whereby they can layer all sorts of irrelevancies to obscure an issue. The masks are part of a suite of measures along with lock downs, the creep toward mandatory injections of what are still experimental medications, and following from that carrying documentation to show if you are a kosher person or not, reporting everywhere you go with QR Codes etc.

  6. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    I see Megan made the same point.

  7. calli Avatar

    @therealplasticsurgeon Is another example of someone educated into imbecility. The thinking only follows clearly defined lanes of “good” and “bad” with examples thrown in to suit.

    Throw in a complex problem and this type of person is immediately out if their depth, resorting to tropes that they believe to be relevant, but fail at the first hurdle.

    So the only recourse is…but Doctor.

  8. Pogria Avatar

    Tom! I am sorry, I meant to press the like button and accidentally pressed “report”.

    Dover, it was an accident. Sorry.

  9. rickw Avatar

    To be accurate, they’re not a prisoner of COVID, they’re a prisoner of GOVERNMENT.

  10. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    Shy Ted,
    Do you reckon he wants people to wear masks to cover up his shoddy workmanship?
    Apart from that I am in a very high risk group given my age, open heart surgery and other stuff. I don’t have to wear a mask. I don’t wear a mask.
    However I am thinking of sending my medals back by way of protest. No biggy, they can always get reissued.
    What a presumptive arrogant and pig ignorant doctor. If he is an example of the best I pity the rest.

  11. a reader Avatar
    a reader

    Just over a year ago, an elderly relative that I was extremely close to carked it. The last 3 months of her life was in permanent lockdown in the nursing home. Her dementia was getting worse. She needed to see our faces, hold our hands not a zoom screen (which by the way she couldn’t grasp the concept of). All but the last 24 hours, because her daughter got super bolshie and forced her way in, she was cut off from her family no matter how hard things were tried. All at the behest of Gulag Gladys and ScoMao. I will never forgive them for the way they destroyed her final days and I will never forget the pain and tension on my dear relative’s face as she daily tried to force her way in to see her mother. We are talking about a family that visited her in the nursing home every day or two. They’re not a family that did the nursing home dump and forget. We’re literally stealing our senior citizen’s lives to “protect” them

  12. MatrixTransform Avatar

    We have gathered in 2021 with a collective neurosis and the Projections are the “tell”

    Every time some twat uses shaming language to make their point, you know you’re dealing with a neurotic.

    Somebody the missus knows is a big Blue Haired Fatty that shuts herself inside outta fear and rationalizes the she isn’t actually mental by ranting that people who are not from a single household should be banned from coming into contact with one another. For the good of everybody.

    Glorious in its ridiculous construction, she’s conveniently built a world in her head and the reason for staying in it, as well as the reason for not leaving the house is … yup, everybody else.
    Not her.
    It’s youse.
    Completely nuckenFutz and she doesn’t have clue that she is

    Then there’s theRealSpasticSurgeon … dresses their projections in military garb and by the way
    … you’d be a worser than hitler for bitching about a mask

    if the highly edumicated and most respected are neurotic
    if they’re lawyers and doctors and politicians
    we don’t have chance
    They plan to lock youse up so that they can go outside

    simple as that.

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