Mater’s Musings #11: 2020…a Round-Up (or Round-Down)

So let’s have a look at the scoreboard on 3 January 2021, having passed through two waves of Covid in this Country. Let’s call it a belated New Years Eve party!

Reference: COVID-19 Australia: Epidemiology Report 32

That’s right folks. Despite all the panic and carry on, according to their own figures and table, if you are under the age of 50, your risk of dying from Covid-19 doesn’t even register.

To put a little bit more perspective around that (something sorely missing nowadays), we locked up nearly 17 million (16,944,725) people to avoid a risk that, for them, isn’t even statistically relevant enough that they could round it up to 1 decimal place.

The <50 demographic is 66% of the population. If you drag the threshold up to <65, you get 84% of the population and the Case Fatality Rate (even being generous because of the lack of fidelity in the data) rises to a staggering 0.15. Yes, this would register on their table…just. Without the generosity, it would most certainly round to 0.1.

More or less, that is the working demographic of this country. The productive demographic. The demographic that funds the Universal Healthcare System, and the handouts.

Let’s put a bit more perspective around that figure.

Reference: Influenza disease burden in Australia, National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance

You’ll notice that 2009 was excluded from the graph above. That’s because it’s an outrider outlier, and is rather inconvenient. Perhaps an event something like COVID…except for the locking up bit?


Our descendants will truly shake their heads…provided they are allowed to.

15 thoughts on “Mater’s Musings #11: 2020…a Round-Up (or Round-Down)”

  1. Thanks Mater.

    Edumacation has been key to creating the panic and willing relinquishing of freedom for safety. I would challenge anyone coming out of the school system, or even university these days to explain the significance of the data.

    Add the constant gaslighting by the legacy media and social media buffoons and you have people ripe for exploitation.

  2. But Delta!

    The bastards are being tardy in releasing the latest report, but given the high case numbers and low number of deaths, my sense is that the figures are going to look even more ridiculous.

  3. the high case numbers and low number of deaths


    The only reason that Cov-19 would not behave in the same way as previous viruses is the Gain of Function stuff being whispered about and Fauci’s involvement therein.

    Which is a convenient scare tactic in itself and is no doubt being used as such.

    Which brings us back to China.

  4. We have had two tiny ripples of covid and perhaps now are seeing vaccine effect.

    I don’t think the govidiots will ever allow covid normal.

    We’ll see.

  5. It’s not made sense since the beginning. Panic and the complete failure of government to set policy and the overheated media overreaction to it have brought us to where we are today. It’s unforgivable.

  6. I have been trying to get a perspective on the numbers being thrown at us daily.Found that normal annual flu deaths in Australia range from 1500 to 3000 which is quite shocking.Where do these people get treated and why doesn’t this overburden the health system.?

  7. Just so everyone understands the magnitude of the stupidity on display here. We would have needed to get 4 times the number of <50 deaths for it to even register on their table.

    That’s 300% more, just to get it to 0.1.


  8. Where do these people get treated and why doesn’t this overburden the health system.?

    You’re best off not trying to put sense around any of this.
    You’ll end up doing yourself a mischief.

  9. if you are under the age of 50, your risk of dying from Covid-19 doesn’t even register.
    Whereas if you’re one of the people who has rammed Convid down everyone else’ throat your risk of dying earlier than you normally would has increased exponentially.

  10. The only thing rising exponentially that is of any consequence is the fear in the population and the authorities cracking down hard on compliance, particularly out here in the rural areas.

  11. What’s more frustrating is that none of this is new.

    The UK has had publicly available statistics, with much larger sample sizes (infections), for months.

    They show exactly the same thing.

    Delta has 0.0% CFR for 50. (0.3% all ages)

    For those that presented to emergency, which is a staggering 4.3% of cases for under 50’s, CFR for the under 50’s is 0.04% unvaccinated, 0.06% vaccinated.


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