“This Has Gotta Stop”

From The Toronto Star — ‘Let the Unvaccinated Die’. And that’s not a letter to the editor but the actual front page. This was the message the paper wanted its readers to read. They believe they are being virtuous and on the side of the angels, but they are as evil as it is possible to be. 

For another and very different perspective there is this: Eric Clapton Appears Frustrated With Covid-19 Vaccine on New Song ‘This Has Gotta Stop’.

In what appears to be his latest salvo against Covid-19 vaccinations and the lockdownEric Clapton has surprise-released a new single, “This Has Gotta Stop,” with an accompanying animated video that also addresses climate change disaster. 

A bluesy shuffle, “This Has Gotta Stop” appears to reference some of the medical issues that Clapton said he experienced after receiving an AstraZeneca vaccination earlier this year with what he claimed were “disastrous” results: “My hands and feet were either frozen, numb or burning,” he wrote at the time. As he sings in “This Has Gotta Stop,” “I knew that something was going on wrong/When you started laying down the law/I can’t move my hands, I break out in sweat/I wanna cry, I can’t take it anymore.” In the chorus he sings, “This has gotta stop/Enough is enough/I can’t take this BS any longer.” 

People are dying from taking these vaxxines. It is hardly the obvious choice since the vaxxines are not actually vaccines and hardly anyone is dying from Covid anyway. 

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  1. These people are psychopaths.

    There are decent reasons not to get vaccinated. Some people do not pass the screening questions.

  2. ‘Let the Unvaccinated Die’. And that’s not a letter to the editor but the actual front page. This was the message the paper wanted its readers to read.

    With every global shock — from Kung Flu to the 2020 US election to the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan — the news media reveals itself as the true enemy of the people. It no longer even pretends to be acting in the public interest. Instead, it has become a rogue political party campaigning for the extermination of its enemies.

    The misanthropy of the Western media makes the global imperialism of the Chinese Communist Party look like pacifism.

  3. I’m not sure what the rules of cross-pollination are, but I posted the following on Adam’s Cat a few hours ago:

    What I find most shocking about this torturous decline in morality and cognition is not the intoxication of our political caste (Ladies & Lords of Fire), the orgasmic hyperventilation of our media caste, nor the rigor-mortis-like stupour of the general population. It is the dead-fish silence of those we would normally look to for reliable evidence that the pyro-pixies we expect to lie to us are indeed doing so. Where is the medical science community (below the political level, that is)? On Cat2 (Peace Be Upon It), numerous posters suggested that the Australian Medical Association was not a universally respected entity within the profession; that it did not speak for everyone.

    For me, I have not lost any trust in the media caste anxiety-ejaculators, for there was none there to begin with. I regard them, almost without exception,as indelible stains on date-night underclothing.

    I admit I have been astounded that the pebble-sized trust I had held – for the sake of nostalgia, perhaps – in the political caste, has crumbled to a fine dust and slipped through my fingers to be carried away on the breeze.

    I am struggling to find words, however, for the breach of faith and trust in those ‘middle’ entities; the groups and associations, both professional and community-based, whose degree of influence by dint of membership or resources or historical status, could have opened a more rational debate and perhaps lessened the burden on the citizens they claim to support and value. A continuation of this abrogation of responsibility can only lead to social disintegration.

    I hope my fears of profound social consequences prove to be fantasy. As an individual who tends to be neither a glass ‘half full’ nor ‘half empty’ type, I worry that the glass has now been placed in the box with the cat, and that even comparatively simple beliefs – If I cannot fight on my own, there are others who will assist me – will never be the same.

  4. How long till we see the same here?

    Sad thing is I wouldn’t bet on it being a Fairfax paper to go there first.

  5. “132andBushsays:
    August 29, 2021 at 1:42 pm
    How long till we see the same here?

    Sad thing is I wouldn’t bet on it being a Fairfax paper to go there first.”

    I don’t think that the Murdoch rags such as the Oz and Daily Telegraph are any better. The Telegraph here in NSW has been a fetid disgrace…demonising those protesters a month ago…smearing people as anti-vaxxers and so on. They make me physically sick.

  6. What’s really concerning, is that a couple of people have pointed out an increasing excess death trend in the UK from heart attacks and stroke.

    https://twitter.com/AlexBerenson had the stats in a digestible format.. but he’s been banned just today. Typical.

    Have a look at the first link in here (“Excess deaths analysis”): https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/excess-mortality-in-england-weekly-reports

    Under “Cause of Death”, Ischaemic heart , Cerebrovascular, Heart failure, and “other circulatory” diseases all had a peak in Apr 20 and Jan 21 due to covid (as noted in the underlying cause of death graphs), but they’re on the increase again, there is no underlying covid this time.

    Long covid? Vaccines ?

  7. Yeah, Toronto, it’s definitely the unvaxxed gonna die. Definitely. Vaxxed all safe as houses. Definitely.

  8. However, when the numbers become too great to be easily concealed, suddenly a new Covid variant will appear in turn requiring booster shots so the show can go on. At least that’s my guess and I pray I’m wrong.


    Delta, I also fervently wish you are wrong but I fear you are not. Our leaders are almost hysterical to get us to the 100% vaccinated. Why? Their concern is just not genuine, I keep getting the vibe that they are hooked on power.

    Gladys in particular has gone off the deep end. The sound bite today was to get to 80% double vaxxed to get SOME of our freedoms back. SOME? In fact there will be none. Nobody will have any freedom as long as the current crop of dictators is in charge.

    The other thing, a few of the people who recently died of COVID contracted it in Nepean Hospital when they were there for other reasons.


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