“Be well, living in your fascist state”

I just received a note from a friend in San Francisco. This is how it ends:

In the midst of this phase of the pandemic, I’m off to Paris for a 6 week travel spree culminating in the wedding of my stepdaughter in New Hampshire. Planes, trains, buses and automobiles.  Will stay as safe as I possibly can! 

Hugs to you – be well, living in your fascist state 🙂
Who elected Daniel Andrews as our jailer in chief?

7 thoughts on ““Be well, living in your fascist state””

  1. Didn’t that phrase “Be Well” come from a dystopian movie with Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock? A state with a large population of “refuseniks” living literally underground?

    Is your friend giving some hints on the best way ahead?

  2. Inbound COVID testing station on the Hume Highway SHUT.

    Maybe the Dickheadocracy is starting to get a little concerned at how much everyone hates them?

  3. Who elected Daniel Andrews as our jailer in chief?

    57.3% of Victorians.

    There’s your real problem.

  4. “There’s your real problem.”

    Yep….and watch him get re-elected next year. The Liberal opposition is a joke….the only opposition in Victoria is David Limbrick.

  5. Saviours are not elected, they materialize from the primordial ether.

    (Wow. Writing that, I had a flashback to the Monkey TV series of childhood!).

  6. That’s the paradox. Andrews is an elected head of government who governs as if he seized power in a military coup.


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