“Be well, living in your fascist state”

I just received a note from a friend in San Francisco. This is how it ends:

In the midst of this phase of the pandemic, I’m off to Paris for a 6 week travel spree culminating in the wedding of my stepdaughter in New Hampshire. Planes, trains, buses and automobiles.  Will stay as safe as I possibly can! 

Hugs to you – be well, living in your fascist state 🙂
Who elected Daniel Andrews as our jailer in chief?

7 thoughts on ““Be well, living in your fascist state””

  1. Didn’t that phrase “Be Well” come from a dystopian movie with Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock? A state with a large population of “refuseniks” living literally underground?

    Is your friend giving some hints on the best way ahead?

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  2. “There’s your real problem.”

    Yep….and watch him get re-elected next year. The Liberal opposition is a joke….the only opposition in Victoria is David Limbrick.

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