Roadmap to a brave new enlightenment

Under the Gladys Berejiklian’s lauded dispensations, “Only fully vaccinated people and those with medical exemptions will have access to the freedoms allowed under the Reopening NSW roadmap.” For example, the Monday after the 70% target is reached, retail will be opened. Drool in envy Melbournians. If only Dan was so enlightened. If you doubt that tune in to Sky News.

Never in the history of human affairs has a political leader had to do so little to earn the admiration of so many fair-weather conservatives. As an Untouchable I will still be able to buy groceries and medicines; and, I understand, pot plants and screwdrivers, drills and hammers and suchlike will become accessible. However, shoes, clothing, books, gifts of various kinds will be off limits. Checked my wardrobe. All right for now. No hair, banned from barbers, no hardship.

Additionally, it’s a comfort that I have complete confidence in the inability of government to implement a passport system of the ubiquitous kind Ms Berejiklian envisages in her reveries. Will there be loud beeps when an uncredentialled Mrs Jones tries to enter a gift shop?

Before ending, a compliment to Prue MacSween (Apology to Teena McQueen, who I originally mistakenly named). When on a panel yesterday evening with Rita Panahi and Nick Cater, she said that she would feel uncomfortable, as a (leaky) vaccinated person, sitting on a plane next to an unvaccinated person. She quite obviously feels distraught about the possibility of catching and then passing on the virus to an ‘unprotected’ person. Very Christian of her, I must say.

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  1. I’ll have to break my walker out so I can sit outside of Parliament House with an amputee exserviceman second class citizen sign.
    When no one’s looking I can spray paint swastikas on the wall.
    I studied the rise of fascism at Uni. This is pretty much the same. Make all your abuses legal.
    Hopefully the Armenian Hitler will be banged up by ICAC. Sooner rather than later.

  2. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the unvaccinated will have to wear some identification (maybe the Star of David) – here in Oz the daily insanity just gets worse every day.

    I have utter contempt and loathing for the entire political class, irrespective of political leaning.

  3. Although oft attributed to Einstein, words to the effect of “definition of insanity: doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.” I suspect the words could be attributed to someone else and were actually in reference to stupidity.

    Google alleges that the Oxford dictionary gives one definition of stupidity as: “the quality of being stupid or unintelligent”. The example given thereafter of “a comedy of infantile stupidity” would seem a fair assessment of the repeat that the Honorable NSW Premier and cohort seem to be aiming for. Repeating the situation as observed in recent times within Israel and The Seychelles of hospitals with a ratio of seriously ill covid patients directly correlating to the ratio of the vaccinated population to the unvaccinated.

    Professor Bodgy’s ( whatever he’s called) intellectual advice/ explanation will be as the boosters begin to show further affect? Something creatively mindless I assume based on models. Likely increasing circulatory system problems that is with each dose. Each throw of the die the blood vessels will become increasingly obstructed with each round of GM modification of endothelial cells to poke out some more spike protein. Bit more autoimmune action with every event. Bit more scar, bit more systemic vascular obstruction.

    Perhaps at some point we are to see a real world reproducible example of that statistical, chance and game probability rule about risk. The one where you multiply the individual probability of each event to estimate the net probability of a net event. Not like three rounds of Russian roulette 3(1:6) = 1:2 of empty head as each event in the set space is independent. Say there was a 7 in 100,000 chance of a particular adverse event per dose, by dose four that may be close to 2400 per 100,000.

    I read an analogy comparing shot one to five years of smoking. Shot two to fifteen. That’d be about a log scale increase. I feel genuinely sorry for the country and its’ people should the analogy be accurate.

    And those of the vaccinated covidian cult encourage their adherents to worry about unvaccinated persons. The ones retaining an intact life memory of background immunity to all the other coronaviruses ( or “flu” 1/3rd of the time) previously encountered by themselves and through their ancestors’ spatial/molecular memory . The vast majority for which the worst that can occur is a bastard of a flu and that’ll be it. Whereas for the genetically modified it will never quite end until it is all over.

  4. With regards to that Tina thing:

    It is like a number of people have learned a technical sounding word, in this case “vaccinated “, but not quite understood its meaning.

    So they are happy to adorn themselves with the word and on the basis not of its meaning but of its tribal connotation xenophobically ascribe to outsiders all manner of means to bring her immaculate caste down.

    It is as if an engineer didn’t believe they could design a machine if everyone else wasn’t also an engineer.

  5. This is pretty much the same. Make all your abuses legal.

    journalists are bad enough,
    lawyers are next level

    if you know one, knee them where the soft skin is

  6. It was Prue McSween, not Tina McQueen.

    The observation is correct nonetheless. Prue was vehement in opposing vaccination apartheid in pubs, shops, restaurants etc, except on a plane she is on.

  7. Each throw of the die the blood vessels will become increasingly obstructed with each round of GM modification of endothelial cells to poke out some more spike protein. Bit more autoimmune action with every event. Bit more scar, bit more systemic vascular obstruction.

    but it will numb the brain … so that they welcome the endless sleep

    who was the bloke that made themselves invincible with micro-doses of strychnine, or was it viper-venom?

    yah, he’s dead too

  8. she said that she would feel uncomfortable, as a (leaky) vaccinated person, sitting on a plane next to an unvaccinated person.

    If she said that about a gay man, or a Jewish person, or a muslim the AHRC would whip her into a court for hate crime before she could blink.

    But it’s ok to say that about someone who hasn’t had a medical treatment which literally isn’t much better than taking an asprin.

  9. The Facebook group of businesses who will not discriminate against the UnVaxxed keeps on growing. I do not worry about being left out of society. When I want to travel O/S next year I will take the Novavax shots. I am prepared to take that risk because it is a more “traditional” vaccine and has had a longer testing period.

    As to the “Passport”, I truely am gob smacked that I might need one tomorrow when I don’t need one today. I am an “essential” worker visiting Hospitals, Aged Care facilities, multi floor offices, Police establishments and even the Victorian DHHS. What changes the day after the Passport comes in? Ive been going there for months already.

    The stupidity of Government is turned up to 11.

  10. CrazyOldRangasays:
    September 11, 2021 at 8:15 am

    “When I want to travel O/S next year…”

    That’s not to Sweden, Portugal or the Netherlands is it? Probably other places by the time you get on your way.

    2:08 ->

  11. I’m assuming their QR Code vax passport is based on your MyHealthRecord? I opted out of that as soon as it came up because I had no faith in the CIvil Aviation Safety Authority. Does that mean even if I get frankenvaxxed (and it looks like I no longer have a choice if I want to be able to eat, or pay my mortgage) I still won’t be able to eat or pay my mortgage because I don’t have a MyHealthRecord?

  12. Case Study.
    A 70-something woman at my gym told me (and later others) quite proudly today that she had dobbed in the grandson of her elderly next door neighbour for not doing home quarantine after returning from a trip to Victoriastan (home is the Sunshine Coast). The grandson lives in his grandmother’s house next door, that is. As a result, the police turned up after staking out the house for two days, and just-short-of-dragged the bloke away into mandatory hotel quarantine for 14 days.

    I don’t know the bloke or his grandmother; he may or may not be a bastard, I have no idea. There seems to be no evidence thus far that this bloke has Covid-19 either (though his chances of catching it in hotel quarantine have now increased).

    What impressed me was the demeanour of my informant, who was absolutely convinced of the righteousness of her action in officially denouncing him. She is retired and thus not dependent on employment, and doesn’t seem to have a hobby (except for verbally sedating people at the gym). Roughly every second day, she asks me if I have been vaccinated yet. I respond with a sharp ‘No’ and provide no justification. Her response is always to jokingly question my masculinity: ‘Afraid of a small needle are you?’ Hardy-har.

    I tolerate her because the young female gym manager seems to like her, and being a very slow learner who cannot read people, and possessing decades of unrealistic expectations in terms of the opposite sex, I want to remain on the manager’s ‘good side’ (which is actually the front).

    Back to my proud informant. Having not endured any direct damage as a result of the elite’s mismanagement of the past 18 months, and being a firm believer in and transmitter of, whatever the mesozoic media dribbles daily, she is taking the opportunity to inflate her self-worth by assuming the role of ‘block warden.’

    When we consider the propaganda efforts of the past 18 months, it is important to realise that a blanket approach will not work with everyone, so a different message must be sent to every subset of the target audience. ‘Help us to control the uncontrollables by becoming a safety monitor (block warden, etc), and know that by doing so, you are a valuable person.’


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