Who’s in charge of the asylum? A bunch of tyrannical fools, that’s who

Foster's still has long neck exposed

Surely this time they have gone too far: Now they’re confiscating alcohol delivered to locked-down Australian apartments if booze volume exceeds state-sanctioned limits. You can see from the way this is written, it’s for a non-Australian audience who think Australia is run by despicable idiots.

In New South Wales — a southeastern state encompassing Sydney — alcohol deliveries to apartments under COVID-19 lockdown are being confiscated if booze volume exceeds limits mandated by the Ministry of Health, news.com.au reported.

The powers that be are enacting daily alcohol limits to “ensure the safety of health staff and residents,” the outlet added.

— and it should come as no surprise that they don’t like it….

Residents are allowed to receive a ration of one of the following: six beers or pre-mixed drinks, one bottle of wine, or one 375ml bottle of spirits.

Excess alcohol is being confiscated until lockdown rules are lifted.

Residents can consult with a clinician if they think they need more than the allowed limit.

A Sydney Local Health District spokeswoman confirmed the limits are in place in NSW Health’s Special Health Accommodation where COVID-positive patients and close contacts are sent for isolation, news.com.au reported.

Here’s the thing. Anyone who is afraid to go out should sit home. The rest of us should be allowed to just get on with our lives.

18 thoughts on “Who’s in charge of the asylum? A bunch of tyrannical fools, that’s who”

  1. I wondered about this …

    How do they know that this is a daily delivery and not a more cost effective weekly one?

    Surely there is a (ahem) case to be made here?

    Ordering a slab is significantly cheaper than a six pack. And 4x less delivery to boot!

    This order is imposing arbitrary but punitive costs .

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  2. Hey, Gladys!

    Check it out. The world, that had never heard of you before, no one knows you for two things only:

    Dictatorial lockdowns, and

    Having the fussy puritanical aunt’s need to control other people’s ‘vices’.


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  3. Just because they live in public housing doesn’t mean that their personal property can be searched and legal products confiscated by “Health”, whoever he is.

    I agree that some people might overdo it because they’re locked up. I’d be interested in what their legal rights are in this instance.

    Another report had cigarettes confiscated too.

    At least I can leave my house and go for a nice, long ramble without a thousand tutt-tutting Karens descending on me. What these people are going through, though they have committed no crime, doesn’t bear thinking about.

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  4. Residents can consult with a clinician

    Clinician, ie receptionist at a bulk bill practice. What are they going to do? Prescribe them Wild Turkey Rare Breed?

    Here’s the thing. Or, more accurately, one of the things. Quite a few of these punters are on the piss all day, every day. Not setting cars on fire, screaming and starting punch ons in the street pissed, but verrrrry gently pissed.

    The amount of grog these people can get through in a day is unbelievable. Some have the tolerance of a herd of elephants, and the downside is that they actually do need all that piss every day just to keep the levels up.

    Because if they don’t, they will start having seizures and die – and it’s generally in a window between 24 and 72 hours after the levels drop. It’s a real thing, and if people needed extra mud to throw at gummint then I’d suggest this might be yet another ill-advised and thought-through concept to throw on the giant bonfire of idiocy the last 18 months has brought us.

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  5. Too true Calli. Unfortunately far to true.
    If only the dogooders weren’t purse lipped prudes a lot more problems would be solved.
    Are they limiting how much they can smoke as well?
    I know some days I don’t drink. Some days a glass wine. Other days more than a 6 pack. Obviously if you are poor and otherwise disadvantaged you already are a second rate citizen in this once lovely country and the fevrant fascists will make your decisions. For your own good.

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  6. Miss Anthropistsays:
    September 11, 2021 at 9:38 am
    Too true Calli. Unfortunately far to true.
    If only the dogooders weren’t purse lipped prudes a lot more problems would be solved.

    The driving emotion driving the do-gooders is the fear that someone, somewhere, might be having fun.

    When did the louche left become the Mrs Grundy’s/Wowsers of the modern world?

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