Covid passports must be date stamped

In the Weekend Australian, Cameron Stewart, known Trump hater, wrote that, “an unvaccinated person is five times likelier to spread the virus.” No source for this definitive assertion. Typical of today’s shoddy journalism. I searched and found the likely source. It is a well-publicised CDC study dated 24 August.

The study’s sample was 43,127 infections which occurred in Los Angeles County during the period from 1 May to 25 July. Using outcomes as at 25 July, the study, among other things, concluded that the rate of infections among the unvaccinated was five times (4.9 actually) the rate among the vaccinated. Incidentally, the study confirmed other studies (from the CDC and Public Health England for example) in concluding that the viral load of the vaccinated and unvaccinated is the same.

Of course, you can’t pass the infection on unless you’re infected. But a first point to make is that this is one very narrow and very specific study. And, as with all studies based on a small sample, it may not be representative and may well have flaws.

Second, account does not appear to be taken of the time since vaccination. A sample of people with an average time of two months since the second jab is likely to give a radically different result than if the average was six months, when the effect of the vaccine will have markedly reduced. So, if Mr Stewart feels safer sitting next to vaccinated people, he’d better ask them how long since they were vaccinated.

Making a sweeping statement, as Stewart does, is entirely inappropriate and ill-founded. Most journalists have become Covid whores. They search around for the fattest wallet. In this case for anything which backs their preconceptions and agendas.  Searching for the truth be damned.

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  1. Logic seems to dictate that over time that there will be an inflection point within the first 8 months after vax that a vaxed person will become much more virulent than an unvaxed person (aka a Pureblood). This is because over time the vax gets less effective and therefore as months go by they can catch it more easily, but on average be less symptomatic, meaning that they will be out and about more often spreading it to people unknowingly.

    When you look at the Israel data (especially versus low-vaxed Palestine next door) the data seems to support this as Israel are getting record cases out of flu season.

  2. When you look at the Israel data (especially versus low-vaxed Palestine next door) the data seems to support this as Israel are getting record cases out of flu season.

    They don’t give a shit, they want the social credit infrastructure in place so it can slowly expanded.

  3. Why do people still waste money on Murdoch rags- the guy’s an elitist kunt and always has been. The few newscorpse germalists that may have had some credibility has proved that they have none.

  4. When will it leak out that the compromised immunity of vaccinated persons, as a result of their multiple Rona-19 shots, makes them more susceptible to other viruses than those filthy, disease-ridden, Purebloods?

    Only time will tell.

  5. Covid passports must be date stamped

    . Covid passports must be rejected lock, stock and barrel. Make that two smoking barrels.


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