Guest Post: Vikki Campion – Captain Climate’s holding us all to ransom

We eulogise our felons such as Captain Thunderbolt as gentleman bushrangers — they gave back a small portion of the money they stole from poor victims, expecting thanks, and absurdly they got it all the way to big brass statues on federal highways.

But unlike Captain Thunderbolt, buried at Uralla in northern NSW, the noble bushranger who has taken out political parties and prime ministers and retreated to his rocky outcliffs with his fully imported Tesla, is still at large — Captain Climate. This romantic outlaw who has stolen so many political careers – former prime minister Julia Gillard, climate change minister Greg Combet, former prime ministers Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull – is another weather-inspired pseudonym.

Maybe it’s our fascination with bushrangers that spells why we are so obsessed with climate policy.

For previous prime minister Julia Gillard and climate change minister Greg Combet, the carbon trading scheme is now just a scarred chapter in their memoirs, a mourning recital of the day Captain Climate held their government.

In 2008, the Gillard government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme was to reduce emissions by “at least five and up to 15 per cent below 2000 levels by 2020”.

Our emissions are down 20 per cent since 2005, thanks to regional Australia, where most bushrangers roamed. At the same time, China’s has increased 72 per cent, and India’s has increased by 86 per cent.

China is no developing nation. It is a superpower. Developing countries do not build fifth-generation fighter planes and aircraft carriers. They don’t build infrastructure in other nations and lumber them with massive debt. Developing nations don’t soon have the biggest economy in the world.

According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, China’s annual emissions are greater than the entire OECD and projected to grow. Still, we continue to subsidise them with renewable energy technology, which we could manufacture here. In any wind farm in this country, zero per cent of blades, inverters or the guts of wind towers are sourced in Australia

— the only part of a wind farm 100 per cent locally sourced is the concrete it sits on. The problem is global warming of two degrees, and the payment is Australia slashing its economy to net zero emissions by 2050 while we subsidise China to manufacture our demise. China can continue to produce record emissions because it is a developing nation, according to current UN edicts, even though Shanghai is one of the biggest stock markets in the world.

At the very least, Australia should manufacture its renewables. Otherwise, it’s Thunderbolt economics 2.0. Thank you for giving us something back; we’ll build you a monument.

Captain Climate has fawning advocates. NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean is all over this outlaw, promising new jobs and new money and a new future.

The New England energy zone, one of Captain Thunderbolt’s favourite haunts, gets $30 million a year until 2042 for renewables, when this same zone, using this same land for agriculture at the moment, sells $1.8 billion a year in agriculture.

One uses solid Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics data, and the other is Mr Kean’s projections based on academic modelling.

The 2800 ongoing jobs on electricity infrastructure that Mr Kean spruiks for regional NSW, uses modelling claiming a 1000mw solar farm would employ 100 people – when they are lucky to have five.

Instead of using ABS statistics, the academic modelling “surveyed” businesses and grossly inflates lived experience of those working on renewable projects.

This bushranger is brilliant. China is sending us their renewable generation plant manufactured with our coal, inspired by our subsidies, paid for by us – the taxpayer. Poor old Thunderbolt would blush – and he got shot by the police for less. What drove the Gillard and Combet tax was fear: The “curtailment of agricultural production and land degradation”.

Now the fear is our trading partners abandoning us. “Getting to net-zero by 2050 is not going to be easy – it is going to require the complete re-engineering of the global economy,” Mr Kean says in his renewables blueprint. He cites our trading partners, such as Canada, for ambitious targets.

Canada, which he heralds as climate angels, has seen their annual emissions rate decrease by only 0.1 per cent per annum compared to our 1.2 per cent. We are doing better than them. Gladys Berejiklian’s resignation is opportunity for the next leader to remove Mr Kean from the energy portfolio, somewhere his pragmatism can no longer threaten regional futures. Latest polling shows the NSW Coalition is on a knife’s edge, losing their rusted-on voters, and the Liberals need a leader who can roam the state repairing their relationship – not a premier who will have to stay in his seat to try to win.

Cutting the world off from warmth mined in Australian soil, as pseudologues will have you believe, will not reduce global emissions as they will find poorer products elsewhere and destroy the income that underpins our pensions, NDIS, defence, health and roads.

Our future floats in Gladstone harbour, not in Glasgow ballrooms where Captain Climate’s energy crisis has them, hostage, choosing between feeding themselves or turning on the heater. Demand is apparently spiking for net-zero by 2050, with no idea how it will be evaluated, the outcome to be gauged, and how it will be measured. We don’t know what the quality assurance will be, and when the evaluation will begin or end or how. This bushranger has held us ransom with terrifying scenarios. We are cowering, but our neighbours are laughing at us.

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Bushranger Captain Climate is armed with a water pistol.

    Nothing much is happening. Sea ice in the Arctic has been rising for over a decade. Antarctic sea ice has been above average most of this year, dipping only in the last two weeks. The snow line hasn’t moved on average for 25 years. Does ice tell fibs? Does snow lie?

    The terrestrial temperature datasets that the climateers love to put in MSM articles are fraudulent. More than half of the temperature sites have been closed and measurements from them have been substituted by estimates. Those estimates are produced from a climate model. The climate model has an erroneous number for CO2 sensitivity so the estimates run hot. Then the climateers cutely compare the estimated temperatures from the climate model to the climate model and say look, look it fits! Then there are the adjustments they add to the basic temperature measurements, which are such that the current data includes temperatures for the early 20thC that are 2 to 3 degrees cooler than the actual original measurements, which are recorded on paper. Somehow the people of 60-80 years ago didn’t know how to read thermometers.

    I could go on. The real world is steadfastly not warming lately because the natural cycles in the Sun and the oceans are on a plateau right now. Yet these maniacs are using their stupid scientifically ludicrous religion to destroy our country.

    /rant off

  2. Greg Avatar

    BoN, they are nor estimates, they are termed far more scientific than that, they are homogenised.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Greg – I am very well aware of the methods.

    In the datasets the estimated sites are marked with an ‘E’. This analysis is a couple of years old now, it shows over half of the NOAA data is estimated. By now it’s close to 60%.

    And the adjustments are insane. Look at this graph from a few days ago – it’s up to date. Tell me how ‘homogenization’ can heat the raw data by 1.5 degrees in 2021 and cool the raw data by 1.5 degrees in 1930. It’s madness.

    NOAA are on record that they use a model to do the ‘estimates’. However I do not know any details about the model other than it runs hot. It is a logical inference that if they have a nice sparkly climate model which produces detailed gridded ‘temperature’ data and on the other hand have a database full of holes from closed temperature measurement stations that they would use the former to fill the latter. That is my assumption, one which I think is quite likely.

  4. Mark M Avatar
    Mark M

    “Australia’s carbon (sic) emissions are down 20% since 2005” …

    … and still Australia’s climate shows no sign of returning to stable (what ever that was) …

    30 Sept. 2021, Storm update: Hail, heavy rain as thunderstorms blast Queensland , ACT and NSW

  5. 132andBush Avatar

    Captain Climate and his henchmen the “Green Energy Rentseekers”.

    An insight into the backroom lobbying by these corporate cronies would be good.

  6. Roger Avatar

    Gladys Berejiklian’s resignation is opportunity for the next leader to remove Mr Kean from the energy portfolio, somewhere his pragmatism can no longer threaten regional futures.

    There’s nothing pragmatic about renewables, let me assure you.

  7. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    The PM is hopeless but surely the deputy PM could do something?

  8. Zipster Avatar

    Activists investors are increasingly using ESG to batter corporates not onboard with the davos vision of a greener, reder, techno-fascist future.

  9. Tom Avatar

    Vikki, it’s good that you have a spot in the Daily Tele to push back against the economic madness of our state and federal governments on climate. But it will take more than an allegory. I suspect your writing on this occasion is so abstract that most people’s eyes are glazing over.

    “Climate change” is bullshit. It’s just a fancy new name for climate variability. But pointing out the obvious requires courage because the Australian news media is now the enemy not only of the public interest, but also of free thought itself.

    Most Australian journalists are happy to have their industry used to scare children about the end of the world and climate armageddon rather informing people with the facts or holding government to account.

  10. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    At this point you’d have to be retarded to believe in Climate Change. Why are there still so many retards out there?
    …then again those same people are lining up for a vaccine that of not safe and not effective at all

  11. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Tom – I strongly suspect both the Tele and Skynews have been given special attention from on high, in the wake of the Murdoch kiddies announcement that the IPCC constitutes holy writ.

    I’ve noticed the change. The Tele is becoming unreadable and Skynews has been running craven climate crap articles most days lately.

    Good on Vikki and also Tim Blair for defying them.

  12. jupes Avatar

    Our emissions are down 20 per cent since 2005, thanks to regional Australia, where most bushrangers roamed. At the same time, China’s has increased 72 per cent, and India’s has increased by 86 per cent.

    In a rational world, this information is all it would take to end this ridiculous scam.

    How can China and India’s massive output be of no consequence but Australia’s puny output put the “planet” in danger?

  13. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John


    In a rational world, this information is all it would take to end this ridiculous scam.

    How can China and India’s massive output be of no consequence but Australia’s puny output put the “planet” in danger?

    There was a bloke posting as “Stu” when was still going.

    His response when asked this was “The West caused the problem by industrialising. It’s their turn now, so we should allow them to expand their emissions”. With almost the same breath, he would pontificate about Australia needing to act now.

    Winding him up provided many a moment of amusement.

  14. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Won’t someone please put a bullet through Captain Climate and put him out of his misery?

    He is a chimera. He is not needed nor wanted. His antics are destroying the productive economy of a once-great nation that had its bright future ahead of it. All I can see now is Venezuela calling.

  15. Pat Avatar

    Aah God, why do we keep electing so called representatives to government positions of power when they have no intellectual capacity to do justice to their community?

    For Christ’s sake Vikki, get the B out there rattling cages and shit, please!

  16. Greg Avatar

    BoN the more precise term they should use is made-up. I’m from a time when climate change was known as seasons lol

  17. Damon Avatar

    China has an economy and a military probably second only to the US, yet when it comes to climate, we’re constantly fed the nonsense that it’s a ‘developing’ nation.

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