If only there were more of this

5 responses to “If only there were more of this”

  1. duncanm Avatar

    They need to be given a good dose of the batts. Worked here.

  2. Lee Avatar

    Just as well for them they weren’t in Victoria, protesting against the government or vaxx coercion, or the police would be beating the daylights out of them and/or firing rubber bullets

  3. Old School Conservative Avatar
    Old School Conservative

    I’m surprised at the restraint shown by the removalists. The protestors could very well have been beaten up, especially the ones who kept coming back.
    The protestors are relying on the inherent decency of the very people they are disrupting.
    A car will win over a sitting down protestor every day, and the protestors are assuming no violence will be directed at them. That assumption may soon be found to be wrong.

  4. 2dogs Avatar

    Just offer them some of this. They should depart fairly promptly after you open the can.

  5. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    2 dogs

    There is always the infamous Bombay Duck (smells like the Bombay docks) as another option.

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