The continued failure of Official Science and Public Health

Dr. John Campbell talks with Dr. Pieter Gaillard about the importance of aspirating when injecting mRNA (Pfizer/ Moderna)/ viral vector (AstraZeneca) vaccines and the role of lipid ‘nanoparticles’ in each of them. None of the clinical trials investigated this aspect. They just treated them as classical vaccines.

This is without doubt an experiment conducted en masse without the knowledge or consent of most participants.

Question for those vaxxed: did the vaccinator aspirate to check they were indeed injecting the vaccine into your muscle and not into a blood vessel or did they not?

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  1. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    I wonder how many of the vaxxed are having buyer’s remorse?

  2. P Avatar

    That you dover0beach for putting forward this most informative video.

    I look forward to reading the comments here on this topic.

  3. Bruce in WA Avatar
    Bruce in WA

    No, neither of them aspirated.

  4. mem Avatar

    Correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding from this interview is as follows: that by aspirating (pulling back) the plunger on the needle for 5-10 seconds the Dr/nurse can see if there is any blood and therefore know if a vein/blood vessel has been breached and therefore should not continue the injection at this site, as to do so risks that the MNRA vaccine will go directly into the blood stream, and even a miniscule amount of the MRNA vax which is comprised of nanoparticles, may cause some nasty problems as will migrate through blood system and attach who knows where. And that this aspect of the vaccines and what happens when directly inserted into blood stream has not been researched. And that the guidelines for administration of the new vaxines has not been updated to reflect this risk. Oh dear!

  5. OldOzzie Avatar

    Get your second J&J dose ASAP say health experts after FDA advisory committee recommended approval of booster: Protection fell from 88% to just 3% in six months, study finds

    Experts have suggested that adults get their Johnson & Johnson booster shots as soon as possible

    The FDA advisory committee unanimously voted on Friday to recommend COVID booster shots of J&J’s vaccine to all adults after two months

    Research has shown the immunity provided by the vaccine diminishes over time

    A recent study of 620,000 military veterans found that J&J’s vaccine’s protection fell from 88% in March to just 3% in August

    On Thursday, the FDA advisory committee recommended that the Moderna vaccine be approved for a booster shot for those 65 and older

    The Pfizer COVID vaccine was approved for a booster shot in September for those 65 and older and adults at risk

  6. Rabz Avatar

    We exist in a society of morons. Trusting them to inject a useless unnecessary toxic chemical cocktail into your arm is inexcusable.

    So much for scepticism.

  7. dover0beach Avatar

    That’s exactly right, mem. We are in the best of hands!

  8. dover0beach Avatar

    A recent study of 620,000 military veterans found that J&J’s vaccine’s protection fell from 88% in March to just 3% in August

    Wow. Just wow.

  9. Gab Avatar

    Dover – have you got my emails?

  10. Gab Avatar

    I meant to say I’ve sent another one

  11. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    On this topic, it is additonally worth listening to Dr.John Campbell here on the issue of an initial aspiration during the giving of an intramuscular injection. In this video he discusses how genuine high quality medical researchers, whose work turned up in a spurious ‘fact check’ trying to prove him wrong, provided initial and very useful information that supports his general thesis that not aspirating may be one of (note not all of) the reasons for some the deleterious outcomes of the vaccines. He references the relevant studies with regard to AZ and the Pfizer/Moderna vaxxes and discusses experimental results in detail.

    My sister (who did an MPH at SU after I did mine) tells me that most older medicos and nurses and other paramedics were taught to aspirate during training in the 1960 and 1970, but after that it was seen as not necessary because striking a blood vessel was so rare. She still aspirates when injecting. She holds a first class honours MBBS from SU and is also a Fellow of a specialist College.

    Being rare matters, as Dr. Campbell suggests, when you are vaxxing a whole population, and he is right to ask that the issue of aspirating be at least considered.

    Public health has many slow and not-too-bright bureaucrats in it as this epidemic has shown from the Ruby Princess fiasco and on to some of the idiocies of so-called ‘infection control’ measures put into play especially in Victoria. That said, some of the uninformed commentary around the vaccinations and the resultant data and against some of the useful measures applied is not helpful either. And that is really all I want to say on public health on Catallaxy now.

  12. P Avatar

    Thank you Lizzie for your above input. Appreciated.

  13. flyingduk Avatar

    Being rare matters, as Dr. Campbell suggests, when you are vaxxing a whole population, and he is right to ask that the issue of aspirating be at least considered.

    I wish that rare, accidental, intravenous vaccine injections explained the side effects, but they don’t, its FAR worse than that – one KEY safety assumption with the COVID vaccines is that the lipid nanoparticles largely stay at the site of injection (thus avoiding whole of body exposure and damage). Now, it seems that *even if* you don’t inadvertently inject the dose IV, up to 75% of the shot nevertheless gets into circulation via the lymphatics. Given there are BILLIONS of lipid nano particles in every shot, this means that they get distributed widely, throughout the body, explaining the systemic side effects (vasculitis, myocarditis, menstrual changes, neurological effects etc etc etc).

    Make no mistake, this is a TERRIFYING failure of the assumptions.

  14. Phil Avatar

    It worked!

    If you are still undecided re the vax, I suggest that you set one hour aside and read the above all the way through. You may well have come across around half of the points made in other publications, but I can guarantee that you will have not read any other document that comprehensively covers, in relative layman’s terms, the issues surrounding the disease, and the problems associated with the vax. Truly riveting and horrifying, at the same time.

    Each to their own, but it is worth the read.

  15. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    For others who might be interested, this paper presents the more usual position on the spike protein as used in the mRNA and DNA vaxxes. My personal preference is to defer to the expertese nominated within that paper than to as yet less secure expertese elsewhere.

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