The progress of the climate crusade

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Check out the critically important IPA research on job losses that the so-called net zero crusade will cause.

An earlier report by the IPA, Net Zero Jobs: An analysis of the employment impact of a net zero emissions target in Australia, estimated that up to 653,600 jobs could be put at direct risk from a net zero emissions target, and that the Nationals represent six of the top 10 electorates which had the most at risk jobs.

The report also finds that up to 162,100 jobs could be put at direct risk in Queensland, which is approximately 6% of the state’s workforce.

Meanwhile in the real world, coal and oil use will continue to increase up to 2040.

Countries are planning to produce more than double the amount of oil, coal and gas over the next decade than can be used if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change, a UN report says.

It warns that production plans are “dangerously out of sync” with the Paris agreement temperature limits.

It also says that the plans are inconsistent with pledges by countries to reach net-zero emissions by the middle of this century and says that climate targets must be matched by “concrete” action to reduce the production and burning of fossil fuels.

16 thoughts on “The progress of the climate crusade”

  1. Still nothing much happening climate-wise.

    Arctic sea ice has been increasing for 14 years now.
    Antarctic sea ice has been increasing steadily for 40 years.
    The snow line hasn’t moved on average for 25 years.

    Yet pCO2 has risen greatly in that time, from 340 ppmV in 1980 to about 415 ppmV now. Yet ice and snow are ignoring this. You would think that if temperature is really rising that the snow and ice trends would be going down, not up, wouldn’t you?

    We are in the grip of the biggest fake emergency since in 1856 the Xhosa killed all their cattle on the instructions of a 15 year old prophetess. And today we have Greta urging us to kill our economies for something which isn’t happening. History is rhyming again, very loudly.

  2. Those thousands of new jobs in the exciting Green Future consists of people standing in front of windmills pursing their lips blowing to make the windmill turn when the wind isn’t blowing. I know this because the Gretas of this world, the ones who have never made anything done anything productive in their miserable lives tell me so. Hallelujah we are saved. Who is going to save us from the Gretas.

  3. Are the Nats under Barnaby going to or have already rolled over?

    That Nats party room will reportedly present a list of their demands (he writes advisedly) to Morrison before he leaves for Glasgow.

    Morrison, however, has stated that climate policy will be decided by cabinet.

    Looks like another government is about to self-combust due to non-existent global warming.

  4. Thanks Roger, looks as if Leak’s cartoon was spot on then. And many thanks to Tom for posting.

  5. The problem in UK coal mines is they were Arfur’s closed-shop union fief, and as inefficient as anything. So the coal they were mining was extremely expensive. I suspect it would’ve been cheaper to ship the stuff from my town all the way to the other side of the world than it would to mine it Arfur’s way.

    There’s only about 23 trillion tonnes of coal that Britain could mine if they wanted to. Enough even for government work. The whole world could be powered at current rates for nearly 3000 years on that resource, alone.

  6. Do not make the mistake of thinking the Climate Rort is anything to do with climate, any more than the Covid Crisis is anything to do with health.
    This is why all the logical and rational and factual arguments and information you can provide makes no difference.
    The collapse of our economies is not a problem, it is a feature.

  7. “The collapse of our economies is not a problem, it is a feature.”

    Nah, not a feature – the goal!

  8. Unicorn farts. The country will be run on unicorn farts.
    It’s all a sham.
    Rotten robbing ratbags. Make them live in caves without electricity.
    And take away their private jets. That would solve half of their shinnanigins.


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