Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky on vaccine mandates, adverse events, and the vaccine economy

2:04 Should people be concerned about current Covid-19 vaccines?
7:07 Why mandates are not scientifically justified.
10:37 The transmissibility of Covid-19/Sars-Cov2
13:02 Current vaccines won’t get us ‘back to normal’
15:50 Current vaccines do not provide community benefits, only individual  benefits
18:59 CSL refuses to cooperate with Australian vaccine creators
23:07 Big pharma has zero liability
26:49 Liability waivers are given selectively
30:13 Government contracts are shrouded in secrecy
33:16 The mass silencing of concerned individuals in Australia
36:32 The silence from medical professional associations
38:54 The government is downplaying vaccine adverse events
44:42 What are normal rates of adverse events from traditional vaccines?
48:48 Should children be vaccinated against Covid-19?
55:53 What is the COVAX-19 vaccine?
59:30 What happened in the clinical trials?
1:02:24 COVAX-19 phase 3 trial data compared to the other vaccines
1:04:03 COVAX-19 approved and rolling out now
1:05:26 Will COVAX-19 be approved in western countries?
1:07:27 The science behind COVAX-19
1:08:15 MRNA vaccines vs protein-based vaccines
1:13:05 Adjuvants used in COVAX-19
1:14:16 Will COVAX-19 need boosters?
1:16:22 BREAKING: Sterilising immunity of COVAX-19
1:20:19 What about natural immunity?
1:25:27 Making your voice heard to defend democracy
1:28:27 The pandemic has exposed failing systems worldwide

This is really a very informative interview.

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Shy Ted
Shy Ted
October 24, 2021 11:17 am

Coming to Ch2, 7, 9, 10 soon!

Bruce of Newcastle
Bruce of Newcastle
October 24, 2021 11:18 am

I don’t like watching vids much, so here’s an article on Covax-19 from UQ.

What is COVAX-19? Australia’s most advanced COVID vaccine candidate (23 Jun)

In the case of COVID-19, most of the vaccines in use and under development target the spike protein, as this is the part of the virus that binds to human cells to get in and cause infection.

Vaxine’s COVAX-19 is no exception and does this by making the spike protein in the laboratory using “recombinant technology”, which is where proteins are artificially manufactured.

Other similar vaccines include those made by Novavax and the University of Queensland.

That sounds promising, since Novavax is more like a traditional killed-virus vaccine, thus unlikely to cause the autoimmune issues we’re seeing from the mRNA vaccines. On the other hand the article also says Prof. Petrovsky is the founder and research director of Vaxine, the company which is making Covax-19. So be cautious, he may be a fine guy but it’s his own medicine that he’s selling.

Miss Anthropist
Miss Anthropist
October 24, 2021 12:06 pm

Compulsory untried needles.
Qui Bono?

October 24, 2021 12:11 pm

CSL being unhelpful?
Well they do own blood collection agencies in Wuhan so would have the biggest genetic library for the period beginning say July 2019 to the present day.
They know which side their bread is buttered.

Mark M
Mark M
October 24, 2021 12:32 pm

Today’s danistan press conference, he said the unvaxxed segregation economy in Victoria will last for all of 2022.

Here is Dan’s vision of getting state back together …

In just 6 weeks, the Covid pass has transformed Lithuania into a regime of control and segregation.

This is the “new normal” created Lithuania, the nation furthest along the path to authoritarianism inevitably facing all countries which impose a Covid Pass regime …

John Bayley
John Bayley
October 24, 2021 4:47 pm

Whether the COVA/Novavax vaccines may be ‘better’ or not should be viewed in the context of the fact that the Chinese pox is only truly dangerous to very old people and/or those with certain co-morbidities.

For those who do not fall into those categories, the only rational choice is to submit to NO Covid vaccine and instead concentrate on naturally boosting their immune system in case the do get infected. That approach, by the way, will also help one’s health more generally, not just against this one bug.

I have now met literally dozens of people here in the EU who have had Covid; both the original strain and the so-called Delta. They have suffered anything from no symptoms at all to a few days in bed & loss of taste & smell; by now fully recovered.

There are however numerous people who do know of cases of sudden heart attacks, strokes and cancer among the fully injected. This is in a country where officially some 70% are ‘fully vaccinated’.

The government here has just started talking about a ‘worrying increase in cases’ and there is a proposal to tighten up, possibly with selective lockdowns, from November 1. Universal masking is back, too; so far only indoors, but let’s give it some time.
Invitations for ‘vaccine boosters’ have also started going out, with quite a few turkeys eagerly lining up to obtain their Christmas lunch menu.

Few ask why, if the ‘vaccines’ are so wonderful, these measures should be needed. Expect the same in Australia next year.

In just 6 weeks, the Covid pass has transformed Lithuania into a regime of control and segregation.

And this full-on fascism has been so successful that they now have almost as many new ‘cases’ as at the previous peak.

Success indeed. Maybe they need to lock the dirty unvaxxed into concentration camps, like Dan Andrews is planning to do.

Make no mistake, this will continue and get worse until a meaningful majority of the population says ‘NO’ and starts to passively disobey. Whether that will happen, or when, is anyone’s guess.

October 24, 2021 6:55 pm

Whether the COVA/Novavax vaccines may be ‘better’ or not should be viewed in the context of the fact that the Chinese pox is only truly dangerous to very old people and/or those with certain co-morbidities.

I couldn’t agree more.

However, currently ‘Dan the Man’ has the balls of every Victorian in a vice, and everyday he is tightening it at a great rate of knots.

All the standouts have their own particular circumstances. Consequently, everyone has their own tolerance and breaking point. As per interrogation, everyone has their limits, and no one can hold out indefinitely. Most are hoping sanity prevails before their individual limit is reached. For some, those limits have already been exceeded.

My point is that unless something dramatic happens, everyone in Victoria will end up vaccinated. Frankly, when it happens to me, I couldn’t give a shit what the efficacy of the thing is. Give me saline, for all I care.

What’s important is that I’m not participating in an experiment. I just ask that it is a tried and true technology, and traditionally safe in the longer term. When it happens (and it likely will judging by the current tempo) I’d like a traditional vaccine as an option. There currently isn’t one. By being forced to have one of the current crop of available vaccines, many are going to come out of this mentally scarred…even if not physically. My kids will be the next in line after me, multiply everything I’ve said above by 1000, when it comes to my kids.

I will never forgive nor forget what Dan has done, but in the meantime, another more traditional option is very important to many here in Victoria. I fear that Dan’s diktats will outpace both Novovax and Covax. It’s heartbreaking that they are so close, yet so far.

John Bayley
John Bayley
October 24, 2021 7:24 pm


Totally understood mate. The fascist tyranny is here and people will do what they feel they had to do.

All I’m saying is that if one submits to any ‘vaccine’ due to these mandates, or even if one simply goes with a fake vaxx certificate that can apparently be bought for a few hundred dollars, it will not be the end of the nightmare.

Look at what’s happening elsewhere.

In the USA, the CDC is about to change the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’.

This has already been done in Israel, where many have had three doses and the government is now talking about perpetual ‘boosters’, with the vaxx ‘passports’ expiring every 6 months.

Meanwhile in Austria, a country where 62% have apparently been ‘fully vaccinated’ and where you still can’t do anything without a PCR test or a vaxx ‘certificate’ & wearing of ‘respirators’ has been compulsory for ever, the government is now contemplating a house arrest for the unvaccinated’.

The claim once again is that they are having ‘a pandemic of the unvaxxed’ – yet as the most recent figures from the UK show, it is the vaxxed who are now up to twice as likely to end up sick and/or in hospital than the great unwashed. And that trend is only getting more pronounced.

This will not end. Submission is not the answer, in any shape or form. Only a full-on ‘social credit’ society awaits in that direction, where the state can ‘cancel’ any citizen’s right to live at its smallest whim.

Easy for me to say that, perhaps. But it is what it is.

October 24, 2021 7:55 pm

I can’t disagree with any of that.
I just fear that the point (and mass) required to stop this past a while back.
Sans a dramatic turn of events, we remaining holdouts will stand valiantly, and fall gallantly.

Resistance will likely need to be from the second line of defence, around the issue of boosters.

I don’t like it. But it is what it is.

October 24, 2021 8:53 pm

Terrific interview and very informative.

Reading between the lines it seems that CSL has a monopoly on which vaccines are permitted to be used in Australia. Petrovski is exceedingly uncertain as to whether COVAX-19 will ever be an option for Australians. Iran is about to begin using it.

He did say they are giving it away as the government has asked them to do this. Obviously earning export dollars doesn’t outweigh increasing your personal wealth through close relationships of shares in CSL.

It’s certainly hardened my stance towards to the MRNA shots

October 25, 2021 8:35 am

Just read the discussion between Mater & John. Well said, guys, it reflects our position as well. Both points of view, ironically.

We have held out v vaccination will continue to do so, if we can. It is basically a matter of time since, as Prof Clancy & others argue, pandemics don’t last forever. On the other hand, if Petrovsky’s vax looks good – I think that is the preferred option to Novavax. As I understand, he has brought vaccines to distribution level previously, whereas the company which is developing Novavax has not. Moreover Novavax has ominously had manufacturing problems. I have always suspected ( & there was some data from an ex Pfizer employee) that the gene technology adverse effects may have come from contaminated product.

But Mater is right – since the campaigns v us unvaxxed, it is becoming very uncomfortable & could continue even with the easing of restrictions if proprietors maintain evidence of passports.

But again, as John says, you need to keep in mind the fact that good health is damn good protection. We so easily succumb to the propaganda. The statistics tell the real story & I go back to the when I am feeling depressed. This is NOT the great scourge that is depicted. They have just dug themselves a hole from which they cannot get out of.

October 25, 2021 9:23 am

If this had been called the ‘Nu Flu’ everyone would have yawned and got on with their lives.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare
October 25, 2021 12:18 pm

Well worth viewing. I am a fan of Prof Petrovsky in general. Good luck to his vaccine and also to the Novavax. We need political pressure for both to be used in Australia as a choice. Note that these are both spike protein vaxxes but on a different platform, not a gene platform. Using the spike protein seems the way of most future vaccines for Covid. Prof Petrovsky elides somewhat quickly early on regarding the ‘newness’ of the gene-based therapies, for with other SARS the gene-based platform has had a few more years of trial, but not in large studies or human studies. Agreed, the genetic platform vaxxes certainly do have unwanted side effects, some of which may include unknown long-term ones and new non-gene ones may limit drastic side effects and raise fewer long-term queries.

And the rest is politics.

Plus priming one’s own immune system, harder when you are older.

Chris M
Chris M
October 25, 2021 2:14 pm

This doctor is brilliant, I’ve been following his talks for some time. Knowledgeable and from a pro-vaccine position but quite balanced. He has excellent explanation of the different types of vaccines, how they work and the history of vaccination.

Highly recommend people interested in the vaccine technicalities (but not too complex) check his other talks. For example serious adverse reactions and deaths should be no more than perhaps one in a million at the most or you wouldn’t get approval… (not that we have that many cough, cough).

Chris M
Chris M
October 25, 2021 2:26 pm

Good luck to his vaccine and also to the Novavax.

I was surprised to find Novavax is based on a modified insect virus, harvested then propagated inside moths before blending with a specific tree bark and other ingredients. No joke. The last I heard is they are struggling to get purity up to 90%, maybe bit of moth fur is coming through.

We’re at the point with these compulsory injections where I no longer care about efficacy or longevity, it’s about which one is least likely to disable or kill.

John Bayley
John Bayley
October 25, 2021 4:42 pm

We’re at the point with these compulsory injections where I no longer care about efficacy or longevity, it’s about which one is least likely to disable or kill.

Very true, but then again, there is a reason why there has been a relatively harmless, if almost entirely ineffective, flu vaxx dispensed for years now, while there has never been any sort of a successful CV vaxx.

Even leaving aside the toxicity of the S-protein, there have always been indications of antibody dependent enhancement; be it through the mRNA/viral vector or the older inactivated virus technology.

It may well be that the Nova/Covax will be ‘safer’, but then again, look at the carnage the current ‘vaccines’ are causing out there; pretty much without a murmur from the authorities, who resemble a stuck record with their ‘safe and effective’ mantra.

The ‘science’ these days is entirely corrupt. To be universally forced, without any regard for personal circumstances, to take ANY vaxx against a relatively harmless virus in order to go about one’s ordinary life is a crime against humanity.

I fear that it will take a serious increase in death rates this northern winter before enough people wake up and start saying NO.

Remember La Boetie: All we need to do to stop this is for enough of us to withhold consent from the tyrants. No ‘revolution’ is required.

And withholding consent includes NOT voting for any of the major parties, or best of all, not voting for any of them.

October 25, 2021 7:00 pm

serious adverse reactions and deaths should be no more than perhaps one in a million at the most or you wouldn’t get approval

Other dissenting virologists et al like Robert Malone & Peter McCollough have been emphasising this for some time. And, of course, anyone working in the field knows it to be true. All except the poor mugs who are being coerced into taking a risk at a level that has previously been medically unacceptable.

October 26, 2021 10:28 am

“To be universally forced, without any regard for personal circumstances, to take ANY vaxx…”

Not sure about here in AU, but in the US at least, even having a documented case of being ill with COVID-19 and recovering is not enough, you still need to be vaxxed to get a “passport”.
Talk about anti-science and anti-evidence – especially given that this so-called “natural immunity” has already been shown to be “sterilsing” (unlike the vax!) and also at least as long lasting as the vax, and likely more so (dependent on how sick you actually got though).
In NY and several other US states, you can’t claim a religious exemption – that is being challenged, but the DoJ already know that this is likely to stand as constitutional (ie, to claim such an exemption is guaranteed by constitution).

Here in AU, I already have an email from Human Rights Commission saying they can’t do anything about State GovCo breaching my federal right to medical self determination free of coercion, nor that such coercion breaches international treaties Australia has signed. They suggested I try the NSW Omsbudsman. NSW Omsbudsman say they can’t do anything either. No-one seems able to say just who can examine such a complaint and verify its veracity etc, then do something about it. They don’t WANT to do anything about it. Perhaps we need someone who is a “minority” to make such a claim in order to get any traction – I don’t qualify for that; being white, male and late 50’s I am not worthy of any “special” treatment due to my “disadvantaged” social position (regardless of the fact that males are < 50% of the population, so a minority – he he).

They all seem to be singing from the same songbook – that despite any constitutional, legislative or international treaty rights you think you have, you will do as we say or be expunged from society. Well, as before guys – you break my body with a highly coercive mandate for this vax, and I will break yours before I depart this world, that I promise you. See you in hell.

  1. Fascinating facts .. episode #72 .. opened a packet of coffee beans to grind and noticed a round plastic cap…

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  3. What’s really interesting about that is Soros is/was a big Media Matters donor. I don’t remember his money well drying…

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