Twenty-nine years is a long time in politics

It’s clear that focus groups and polling have demonstrated to the Libs that they must first show up in Glasgow and then must support the 2050 Zero Emissions target. This they must do irrespective of what they personally believe if they are to win the next election.

But that is to win the moron vote in our cities. So we now have this: Scott Morrison books in economic check-ups for regions which begins:

The Productivity Commission will conduct five-year reviews assessing the economic impacts of a 2050 net-zero-emissions target on regional and rural communities under a climate change safeguard mechanism adopted by cabinet on Monday night.

But why only look at the impact on regional and rural communities? How about the rest of us? Politics may be the art of the possible, and with global warming a worldwide mania, you have to at least pretend you care. But once we are into looking at the impact, why not look at the impact on the whole economy? But there is at least this:

Resources Minister Keith Pitt — an opponent of the 2050 target — was elevated to cabinet on Monday under the deal struck between Mr Morrison and Mr Joyce, leaving the Nationals now holding five out of 24 cabinet spots.

By being an opponent of the 2050 target, I can only hope he’s not an opponent of the target because he thinks 2050 is too far off.

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  1. I’ve already assessed the impact and have a 6KVA generator connected to our rural home, as have many others in our community. It’s already done fine service during one of our regular six-monthly mains outages, required by new ‘fire safety’ regulations, and I can see a long and successful future for this generator.

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  2. In Morrison’s Tuesday morning press conference announcing his ‘anti-doomsday road plan to climate goodness’ at COP26, ScoMo said;

    “We’ll be ruined if we do, we’ll be ruined if we don’t.

    The coalition has chosen the middle path.”

    >> It seems all roads lead to Ruin, and ScoMo has chosen the main path for Australia.

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  3. The coalition has chosen the middle path.”

    IIRC, the great Margaret Thatcher said something to the effect “ If you stand in the middle of the road, you get hit by traffic from both directions.”

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  4. Pitt in Cabinet will be in minority and have to shut up ( but will take the shilling). He will be useless. Nats betray their voters for a short spell of Ministerial leather. How very Canberra of them.

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  5. I wouldn’t worry about the impact review bring only on rural and regional communities. They’re politicians, no review will say anything our masters don’t want to hear.

    Once you understand that “consultation” always means “an opportunity to vent”, at least you won’t be surprised on the downside again.

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  6. and with global warming a worldwide mania, you have to at least pretend you care

    No, that is wrong. You must always call out the truth. The usual conservative position (which is broken) is to eventually give in if the left screams enough in the hope that the concession will be enough.
    You don’t understand the enemy – every concession is admission that they are right and will bolster them to push further forward their wicked agenda.
    So – never give in, never consent, always hold the damn line.

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  7. Twenty-nine years is a long time in politics

    The only people who will still be in politics then will be Biden and Pelosi.

    And Keith Richards if he decided to run for Parliament.

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  8. Morrison says an unjabbed tennis player may come to Australia if they spend 2 weeks in quarantine.

    Does that mean unjabbed Australians can do two weeks quarantine and then be “free” like their double jabbed compatriots and international tennis people to participate in the new normal?

    Rhetorical question, I know.

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  9. In the words of one of the conga line of failed LNP leaders, climate change is crap. The reason it isn’t going away as an obsession for our ruling class is that, under its new name, climate variability is now a religion for the animist, self-hating minority who have abandoned Christianity and now worship animals and trees.

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  10. “Every single one of these tossers is deliberately acting against the national interest. I don’t have the words to express my disgust.”

    Don’t sound so surprised – happens all the time. “Non-core” promises, “There will be no carbon tax under a Government I lead” etc etc. They are shameless and have no honour or conscience. Their memory isn’t selective, it’s malleable.

    “the honourable member…” – honourable? Don’t make me laugh! Member? Yes, you most certainly are a member, no question.

    What to do? Other than the obvious piano wire and lamp posts, of course.

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  11. “So – never give in, never consent, always hold the damn line.”

    And most importantly, if you lost anyway, then when you DO have power, freaking undo it!

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  12. “The reason it isn’t going away as an obsession for our ruling class…”

    Nah – it’s a do-nothing-real money pit that their mates can get rich off (and the pollies can get “donations” out of) at our expense.
    Lots of talk about “saving the children”, lots of cash to spend, no obvious target to compare against, results unknown until well after they have retired – what’s not to like, eh?

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