Mater’s Mischief #1: Mmm…

Note: Not my handiwork. I just appreciate the artistic quality.

12 responses to “Mater’s Mischief #1: Mmm…”

  1. Lee Avatar

    Love it!
    Mind you, you could apply it to much of the MSM, not just the ABC.

  2. bemused Avatar

    Yes, The Far Side. Not sure what the original cartoon was about, though no doubt well ahead of its time.

  3. mizaris Avatar

    No ears with which to hold their liquor.

  4. mem Avatar

    Fundamental journalism at the ALPBC – Hey Sam are you busy? Can you get a quote for us to use first up from one of your academic mates, something along the lines of, “A small ugly mob” to depict the 80,000 -130,000 demonstrators out last Saturday in Melbourne. Thanks Sam. By-the-way do you want to go to the next climate meet O/S in style, you and squeeze will be top of the list. Thanks Darls. Knew I could rely on you. H.

  5. Tom Avatar

    Mater, even though you don’t have a piece of paper from a J-school sausage factory, you are one of the best journalists I know — because you can see the professional misconduct of Big Pharma and its compliant medical establishment, as well as the betrayal of our freedoms by political bottom-feeders like Daniel Andrews, and you’re digging like a dog with a bone.

    They should be teaching it in J-school, but they’re not.

    Keep at it. It’s much appreciated.

  6. Mak Siccar Avatar
    Mak Siccar

    Love it, love it, love it!!!! But we need names on the sheeple being trained!

  7. Beertruk Avatar

    Mater, fvcking brilliant.
    If I wasn’t blocked on Fakebook, I would be posting that pic.

  8. Justabloke Avatar

    Lesson 1. An introduction, before getting deeper into the subject.

  9. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    Perfect Mater, just perfect.

    “They should be teaching it in J-school, but they’re not.

    Indeed Tom but they’re too busy churning out little Marxist activists.

  10. Megan Avatar

    Cartoon of the week! Also true.

  11. Zipster Avatar

    nice cartoon, but not enough tongue

  12. chrisl Avatar

    Ooooooh The tide is turning

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