12 thoughts on “Mater’s Mischief #1: Mmm…”

  1. Yes, The Far Side. Not sure what the original cartoon was about, though no doubt well ahead of its time.

  2. Fundamental journalism at the ALPBC – Hey Sam are you busy? Can you get a quote for us to use first up from one of your academic mates, something along the lines of, “A small ugly mob” to depict the 80,000 -130,000 demonstrators out last Saturday in Melbourne. Thanks Sam. By-the-way do you want to go to the next climate meet O/S in style, you and squeeze will be top of the list. Thanks Darls. Knew I could rely on you. H.

  3. Mater, even though you don’t have a piece of paper from a J-school sausage factory, you are one of the best journalists I know — because you can see the professional misconduct of Big Pharma and its compliant medical establishment, as well as the betrayal of our freedoms by political bottom-feeders like Daniel Andrews, and you’re digging like a dog with a bone.

    They should be teaching it in J-school, but they’re not.

    Keep at it. It’s much appreciated.

  4. Perfect Mater, just perfect.

    “They should be teaching it in J-school, but they’re not.

    Indeed Tom but they’re too busy churning out little Marxist activists.


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