Mater’s Musings #43: Attention ‘Purebloods’

Really Guys? Some of the moral posturing here of late is not only unnecessary, but it’s also largely unwarranted…and unseemly.

What follows is not me changing sides because I’m now on my way to being ‘vaxxed’, what follows is me laying out a few facts for the good of the cause.

The moment the ‘Vaccinated Economy’ took effect, the people holding out against it become irrelevant to the politicians, especially Dan. He has moved on. He has the directions and structure in place to freeze you out of society (providing the Pandemic Bill passes) and he is happy to see you slowly sink and drown below the mud of the battlefield.

Continuing to hold out is a personal health choice, based on what I believe to be very sound reasoning, but it’s not causing Dan a single night of lost sleep. It’s gone from being a political, principle and moral battleline, to a personal health choice, and it did so (at least in Victoria) at 23:59 18 Nov 2021…when the vaccine economy kicked off. If I was to use a military analogy, you are still manning a Machine Gun post in Normandy, when the battle is being waged in Arnhem.

I don’t say this to be disparaging, or to discourage you, or to encourage you to get the jab. Heaven forbid, no. Would to God I was still in your position, if only for the peace of mind. I most certainly wish my kids were. I hope you make it to the end of this unscathed. No, I’m saying this because I’m talking purely strategically in the fight against this abhorrent turn of events we are experiencing in this country. It would do us all well to refocus on this rather than polishing our respective ‘moral’ laurels, and how we fared in the recent battle.

Last weekend, I carpooled into the Melbourne protest with six individuals from the country. Of those individuals, only two were not vaccinated. None of the other four had taken the vaccine willingly. They were resolute enough to travel two hours each way, and waste a complete Saturday, to protest this mandate and Bill. It wasn’t the first Saturday that they’d wasted, and it likely won’t be the last. I suspect this sort of ratio would hold true throughout all the attendees. The ‘vaxxed’ likely outnumbered the ‘unvaxxed’, significantly.

Why am I telling you this? Because alienating them is stoopid! They are fellow travellers on this journey. I won’t even call them ‘Allies’, because that infers that they are in a different camp…THEY ARE NOT! There are only two sides in this battle, those who support mandates (and the associated shit), and those who don’t. Fragmenting your own team is a regrettable trait of the Right, and I’d advise against it in this instance. We need all the help we can get.

Not one of the vaccinated people in my car last weekend suffers from ‘buyers regret’. None of them ‘bought’. They had the vaccine foisted on them. They walked into the cubicle with their eyes wide open, knowing that it was unnecessary and they didn’t want it, aware of the fact that it lacked safety data, and suspecting that it might cause problems in the short, medium and long term. They suffer ‘victims contempt’, not ‘buyers regret’.

Dan’s stormtroopers are currently packing up the various vaccination hub tents all around Melbourne. He knows THIS battle is over. The one-time stream of victims entering these tents has slowed to a trickle. He is moving on to the next battle. For the self-labelled ‘purebloods’ resolutely waving your fist in the air, claiming victory because you survived this onslaught, can I suggest you pack up YOUR tent and move to where the battle is NOW actually being fought? And that is, standing side-by-side with your team (many of whom are vaccinated) in opposing the Pandemic Bill and mandated boosters. Standing around preening yourself, admiring your skill in dodging the bullet, and bad-mouthing the fallen, will see you eventually fall victim also.

The Battle of the vaccinations is over: the Battle of the boosters is about to begin. 

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December 3, 2021 6:41 am

I can’t talk for interstate protests but all here in Qld labour the point that it is not about vaxxed versus unvaxxed and many at the protests are jabbed.
It’s about getting our freedom back.
I am suggesting to go all out on your silent and missing in action locak reps.
No nice guy but no violence either.
But physical confrontation and serious anger Shown.

December 3, 2021 8:49 am

“Tyranny is as overwhelming as the population will accept, and it will continue to push to find that point.
Until you are nameless slaves or dead.
History shows us this.
By not doing this, the alternatives will be much worse and the longer we leave it until we make a stand , the worse it will be.”

Numbers struth, numbers.
As I said, I held out as long as I was able to – I reckon Rex did too, as well as others.

When it gets to 75% have submitted, when you were a “hero” essential worker and suddenly you are thrown under the bus, when it looks like you will go broke, lose your house etc, when it may even be the case you will lose your family – eg, wife says “you should get it” and then wants a divorce because you refuse and no longer have a job etc etc. Push, push, push – from many sides.

Mate, if it was JUST me that copped the hit, but those I care about were still fine, I’d hold out forever.
But it’s not. Those are going to cop the fallout too – and well before my non-compliance has ANY effect on govco. Yeah, I might be dead in 2 years from this, but if I don’t do it, those I care about may be begging for scraps on the street inside 3 months. That’s the reality. It’s fucked up, but that’s the way it is. I hate it, I think it’s wrong, but I have to deal with it. NOW is so much more concerning than 2 years in the future.

And those whose job is to protect us from government over-reach – Human Rights Commission, Omsbudsmen, Governors – none of them will do anything! I know, I’ve asked! Police are happy to arrest pregnant woman for wanting to exercise a right to protest, no-one does anything – at least, no-one who could actually make a difference. Just a few ‘tut, tut!’s from a handful of media, all labelled “far right”. Police are happy to fire rubber bullets at people marching peacefully in the street, and the media cheers it on. People in NT told they can’t even leave their home to buy food, then forced into a concentration camp because they MIGHT have a disease, and kept there against their will even after they’ve tested negative – “You’re negative, but you have to stay in close contact with all these people who are positive” and they wonder why these guys jumped the fence and pissed off? And the media cheers on the government and slams the guys who ran!

Tell me how I can fight this struth – seriously, how do I fight it?
Maybe it NEEDS to get worse before the masses wake up and fighting becomes possible.
But right now, that is not the case.
You know this is true.
The only option appears to me to be a grass roots movement – and that is hard to get when the media is on board and most people think it’s a handful of fruit-loops instead of 10s of thousands, trying to smother the only option left. Big Tech is on board as well, killing one of the few “by-passes” we had.
What can I do struth?
Serious question.

It’s all very well for you to sit there and complain that people shouldn’t submit, that they are brainwashed by a complicit media, that it’ll be worse in the end if you comply. All true, and I agree.
So how do we fix it? How? I don’t know, I’m out of ideas other than a few political assassinations, and that’s pretty radical and not a path I want to go down. If you know of something that has a chance to turn this around, spit it out. Because 5-10% of “holdouts” won’t do it, if it’s even that much prepared to go all out. How do you fight against unreasonable mob fear? There is nothing in history that suggests a way to do this – it seems that normally, we have to wait until things get so out of control there’s basically a revolution.

December 3, 2021 9:35 am

How do you know how many are vaccinated?
How many are angry about being forced?

Old School Conservative
Old School Conservative
December 3, 2021 9:52 am

everybody for the most part, is going through the motions

I went to the local Bunnings yesterday and was told “no need for a vaxx passport”. They made it sound like a Christmas present.
I wasn’t the only one in the queue who was confused with their changing policy positions.

December 3, 2021 10:10 am

“How do you know how many are vaccinated?
How many are angry about being forced?”

They are claiming 90% are vaxxed. I dunno if it’s true, but have no other way to find out.
Plenty are angry about it, plenty are not – they are even happy about it! There are no surveys etc that I am aware of.
I know several people who didn’t want to get it, but did anyway because otherwise they couldn’t work, couldn’t support themselves. That’s against UN Convention on Human Rights, which Aus has signed up to to, but those whose job is to prevent such breeches don’t seem to care, or say it is not something they can do anything about, so they won’t even look at it.
If even 10% jack up and complain, only to be told what I was (ie, “Sorry, not our job”), even if you go through the motions several times, and keep getting stonewalled, most people just give up trying.
When even the “oversight” people, supposedly independent say they can’t do anything, what can I do?
I don’t have a lazy million or two to attempt a court battle, not even a few 10’s of thousands – and would cost at least that, with no guarantee on outcome, and seems likely would be a waste anyway (would lose, in one way or another).

Look, you’ve suggested getting in the face of pollies. OK, it’s a start. And if, as and when the pollies cave to the party and won’t do anything, then what? I want to fight this shit, but am at a loss how to. I don’t want to get violent, because that is a losing strategy without cover from the media, which we won’t get. So what next?

Look, as before, I’m not saying you’re wrong about this crap – really, I’m not. But complaining about it on the cat won’t do anything. It needs to be a bigger push-back – we need numbers. We may have them, if only we could organise it. OK, fine – how do we organise it?

Mate the only I hope I see is a long play – voting the bastards out, and voting UAP in. I don’t have confidence that will happen. I am hoping it happens enough to force a change (ie, balance of power situation), and that UAP holds strong. But that hope seems slim – at the end of the day, they are still pollies, and will likely “do a deal” to advantage themselves as they see it. So we need another strategy. I don’t know what or how. I’m out of ideas. If you have a plan that seems like it might work, let us know – seriously. Because saying “stand strong, they can’t do anything if enough of us do it” may be true, but there aren’t enough of us to do it! Sorry, I wish there was, but there’s not. And even should you martyr yourself to the cause, do you think most people will even hear of it? You know they won’t. Nor are there enough willing to be martyrs to force their hand and make it known.

I’m asking you (or anyone) to show me a plan. How do we fight it? How do we organise? How do we get the word out? How, how how? As I said, I don’t know, I really don’t. I want to fight, but I don’t want to be a martyr when no-one knows or cares that I am fighting for everyone, not just me – or even knows I’ve done my bit for them.

Talk is nice, and we certainly need it. We also need to DO. But do what?

December 3, 2021 10:34 am

You sound as if you are in Victoria Kneel, so I ‘ll go with that.
Right from the start I was advocating for disobedience, and I got told that’s ok for you to say struth, but we could get a fine?!!!?!
Think about it.
Now it’s comply or lose your job, your freedom and basically your life.
Yes I am lamenting the political ignorance of the mass of Australians.
But complaining is not what I was doing.
I was trying to get people to realise the alternatives of not fighting back immediately when this happened, has brought us to this stage and this is only the start because we allowed it.
For a year I had to leave a right wing blog because of the hysterical fear put into right wingers by a bit of socialist bullshit propaganda.
Every minute of every day of every hour we are not pushing back, they are pushing forward.

So you ask what can we do.

The first thing is to realise we are at war.
We have been sabotaged by the enemy well before the first major attack in March of 2020.
For years.
With all western countries adopting the very same approaches , right down to the slogans, and the timing of their moves, it is centrally co-ordinated globally.
This should be obvious to all.
Especially on this blog.
The enemy have not declared war formally and remain in the shadows, their soldiers are the traitors in our government.
You need firstly to accept that.
We all do.
Hard as it might be to say the conspiracy theorists were right, they were….because they were not conspiracy theorists, they just had not fallen to fear and did some fucking research.
The level of insanity and lack of logical common sense thinking brought about by fear was something that blew my mind.
The extent of the hysteria was amazing.
Why do I bring this up when deciding what we can do to fight this, is that today, many of those people are waking up and some are nearly back to their pre hysterical , common sense selves.
TIME is everything in my view, and why people think I was being aggressive and “demanding”
I was trying to wake once solid, clear thinking ,digital friends from the insanity they had succumb to as right wingers were needed in the fight.
After leaving for a year as I could see it was hopeless, we find ourselves at this critical juncture.

Believe it or not, I still have faith in Australians, because although incredibly naive when it comes to government, and humans in general, once they get angry, they get angry.
There is a level of christian decency in many nations of the west that is not to be found here.
And there is a level of inventiveness.
And there are many who think exactly like right wing freedom loving people do.

So firstly Kneel. turn that frown upside down.
You are obviously still falling for some of the propaganda regards jab numbers, and many of the jabbed are fuming as more and more bad reactions to the jabs come out and to find they will never be able to be jabbed enough to be free.
The government like to claim nearly everyone is jabbed, it’s only a few kooky holdouts.
Well there are far more than just a few holdouts, and half the people jabbed didn’t want it and are angry about being forced.
There are far more against the government than with the government.
That’s the core issue.
There are far more against the government than supporting them.
Jabbed or unjabbed is irrelevant.
Showing your good Nazi papers is relevant.
It should never be done and only businesses that don’t enforce it should be patronised.
And get stuck into your local reps.
We are having some success…although Llew is just sending mixed messages before an election that will be corrupted anyway up here, our Labor guy is losing his shit.
Screaming at people in the street.
Because people went in and tore him a new arsehole (figuratively speaking)
Get into their offices.
Make these arseholes lives as unpleasant as they are making ours.
They started a war, and we are the defending side.
And defense is preferable over attack.
Yes we should have stood our ground right from the start.
It didn’t happen, but we must fight, because the alternative doesn’t bare thinking about.

Fines can be fought in court.
Too many fines taken to court, stuffs the whole judicial system.
Go out and disobey, collect fines.
Take them to court.
Urge others to do the same.
There’s not enough courts and cops to enforce any of this.
Time now to understand the government is our enemy and must be disobeyed.

Do you know what set the price of fines in the trucking industry?
It was the maximum amount they could fine people before they decided it was worth fighting it in court.
Then the government was in strife.
So down came the amount.

December 3, 2021 10:51 am

You don’t need a million bucks to fight a fine Kneel, you just tick the box to have it heard in court.
And you can actually win.
Many are.
It is the least we can do for our country.
IGNORE THE FUCKERS and if you get fined take it to court.
There are thousands of unpaid fines in Vic so I am led to believe, and I bet many of them have just ticked the box to have their day in court…..which clogs the system.
There are not enough courts and judges who would work 8 hours in a screaming fit.
I also am keyed in with local fighting groups on instagram and facebook (the government are closing the facebook ones down), and attending rallies and speaking.
And I have been short listed as a candidate for the UAP, and just waiting for the executive to make their final choice.

You know kneel, we all are going to die sometime.
My son will know I fought this for him and my grandson all the way.
I reckon you sound frustrated.
Lord knows I am.
And tired.
Mrs Struth is getting weaker and more depressed daily.
Depressed means you’re sane.
So just get active with local groups to fight global groups and just do what you can.
I’ve met some awesome people in my area.
They will be some of my best friends in the future, I can tell.
They are decent people, and they are now speaking up.
Be part of it.
Even if we lose, enjoy being in the company of Aussies who are fighting back.
And fuck the rest of them.
They are irrelevant.

December 3, 2021 11:19 am

“You sound as if you are in Victoria Kneel, so I ‘ll go with that.”

No, NSW. Only better by degree, and barely at that.

You’re right – I am frustrated. And angry. In large part because there has been no-one I have been able to find who is willing to be part of a “local group” in my area. Some would even “report me” for even suggesting it – no joke!

I’m trying Struth, really I am. I know it’s hard, because I AM trying. Not ready to give in – we are only defeated when we think we are, never before. And I will NOT accept defeat, not in this. Even when I am forced into things I don’t want to do, even when I do what I must for me and mine, still I will not give in. These are pragmatic set-backs required for survival, not giving in.

They break their own rules and say it’s for my own good. Their mates in the MSM and Big Tech will lie and censor to cover for them. It can’t last. It won’t last. Too many notice. The only thing is: when. When will it boil over. I’ve got my match under the pot, adding what heat I can. What more would you ask of me?

December 3, 2021 11:45 am

Kneel – are you in Sydney? If you are you could catch up with the Cats here.

December 3, 2021 12:58 pm

There are many groups forming in Queensland Kneel, so don’t give up hope.
And they are as angry as hell.
But there were not at the start of this last year.
I was surrounded by insanity both in the real world and on line.
It was the hardest year because you can achieve nothing when not only the government is against you but all around you is fear, hysteria and insanity.
I know how you are feeling.

I take magnesium and sleeping tablets to help me and still it is very hard.
But my point is Kneel, what are your options?
If this goes it’s full course, as I was saying earlier, then look at what the New world order has in store for us.
If I now mention the Austrian Chancellor quitting what does it tell you?
Why was Berriesjiggling sacked?
These people were no longer answerable to the people, so why go to these great tyrannical lengths and just resign?
Gladys only had to mumble that she would be setting the unjabbed free and she was gone the next day.
The Austrian Chancellor is made to go a step too far, also not answerable to the people, he quit.
Therefore, logically , somebody is his boss and he doesn’t like the working conditions.
And his bosses are not the Austrian citizens.

What point I am making here yet again, is it is worse than most believe.
That may not be of any comfort to you, but I say it because this is a globalist/commo attack on all of us, and our nation.
Sane and un-hysterical people back in march last year when our governments immediately started building concentration camps as soon as they took over citing a virus they knew nothing about at the time (apparently) to be ready in two years should have been proof enough.
Sane people would know that taking two years to build something that we only needed two weeks to flatten the curve was complete baloney.
There is so much that slipped through to the keeper while people shat themselves about the sniffles.

Those Rallies in Sydney are huge.
There are groups and they are usually found on instagram.
I suggest it would help strengthen you against your feelings of hopelessness and isolation to be part of them.
Then you start getting ideas, you start to fight back better.
Reality is a bitch.
But all should fight anyway they can.
There is no other option.

December 3, 2021 1:05 pm
Rex Anger
Rex Anger
December 3, 2021 2:12 pm

Arky, Arky, Arky…….Things could’ve worked out so much better for you if you had followed my advice a few years back.

You shoulda taken the panels etc off the Ford T, and attached them to a (home-built) spaceframe and shoe-horned in a Chev Big Block 632 CID with twin turbos. Then you would not be jealous of any man (or woman or trannie or…..

Heheh. That sounds like Project #2, Arks.

Just make sure you give Fat Tony his due, and take him for a joyride in it when you’re done… 🙂

December 3, 2021 4:05 pm

“…a Chev Big Block 632 CID..”

You know you can get the Gen 3 S/B Chevs in 7.4, right?
And that even for a 6.0, they will happily do 1,000HP with a blower on standard crank and rods.
If you want a high rev one, get a 5.4 truck engine, which can also be had with cast iron block. These are shorter stroke and happily rev to 8,000 with the right cam, as opposed to the 7500 or so for a 5.7/6.0/6.2.
Here endeth the trivia.

December 4, 2021 11:39 am

“…take him for a joyride in it when you’re done…”

My mates VE is a ball tearer.
Was a 6.0, now a 6.2 after rebuild.
Blower with 12 psi, mildish cam, 4.11 diff, manual.
Registered, very streetable – you can ease the clutch out from stopped in 1st without touching the loud peddle if you want/need to.
700 HP on dyno.
When it still had the 2.92 diff, it was doing low 11’s over the quarter on street tyres, but a little doggy at low speed with that diff.

Took me for a spin in it. OMFG! I want it! Haven’t grinned so much in ages. Probably not a good idea for a daily driver though – aside from the fuel usage, I wouldn’t have a license after a week. 🙂

  1. That’s a fine laugh Monty. Dunning-Kruger is your friend. What he gets up to is his own business, so long…

  2. Outstanding WIP. 2 of the best: Palestine doesn’t have a history just a criminal record. Gaza has the largest transgender…

Oh, you think that, do you? Care to put it on record?x