Guest Post: Muddy – Anti-coercive Coffee Pavlova

Initially, I had planned to begin this post with a concise and semi-lucid 26-paragraph screed about competition in the information space (the battle for influence), including the need to re-evaluate ‘our’ perception of propaganda – ‘It’s bad, mmmmkay.’

Given that I presently identify as a post-menopausal coffee bean, I’ve decided to get straight to something more practical.

This Tuesday morning I will be attending an informal gathering of local non-vaxxed, anti-coercion health workers. Hoping to avoid a repeat of last week’s conversations, I’ve written what I call ‘talking points,’ and had them printed on A4 paper and laminated. I’m planning to tape them up around the rotunda in which we gather, and observe if they garner any response.

Ideally, they would be more effective in A3 size, however this is a trial run. Illustrations would also help to grab attention, but then they minimise the space available for text.

What follows is the content of those talking points. Don’t let the fact that I’m as fragile as a topless pavlova detract you from providing constructively critical feedback. Thanks.

(The bolding below is as it appears on the talking points).

20+ months, the best & brightest minds, & gazillions of taxpayer dollars later, have we flattened male pattern baldness, I mean … the ‘curve’ yet? Instead of re-evaluating the plan, maybe we could try finger painting, I mean … pointing, instead?

When bombarded with 26.78 bajillion pieces of information per second, we only have time to focus on the loudest, most attention-getting & familiar (repetitive) pieces. We store that without analysing it, and prepare for the next wave. Unicorns are real?

Anti-Vaxxer is a rather limp put-down, isn’t it? Spoken quickly, it sounds like anti-waxer, and who isn’t opposed to waxing? The personal kind, I mean. We need a more creative name, so the real decision-makers can continue escaping responsibility.

What football team you support says more about your health than your vaccination status. Then again, so does the condition of your toenails. O.K. … shoes & socks off! (Nose pegs on).

For a Zombie Apocalypse, I’ve not yet seen an actual Zombie. OH. WAIT … Individuals who choose not to be bitten (jabbed), are the Zombies, aren’t they? We must have scapegoats… I mean, monsters, to pin the blame on.

If you choose to be vaccinated for COVID-19, I will support your choice. If you choose to use my favourite coffee mug (you know the one), I will support … actually, that’s a different topic. (We’ll speak later. The point is – you could have chosen not to).

If the Government TRULY had my best interests at heart, they’d outlaw first dates. They haven’t. Are they amused by my social awkwardness, or not as omnipotent as they claim? Could it be that mistakes have been made, deep holes have been dug …?

8 responses to “Guest Post: Muddy – Anti-coercive Coffee Pavlova”

  1. Boxcar Avatar

    How long did Chicken Little keep it up?
    Did the lemmings only stop because they had all run off the cliff?
    Arky is right. It’s all about the bet.
    So many of us here are so busy boiling with righteousness, we can’t see ourselves in the mirror.
    Keep it simple. The believers are not stupid.
    Their, and our responses are deeply programmed.
    They are betting their lives on Chicken Little being right, and believe it as much as we believe our position.
    The only trouble is they are betting on a Poker machine, and there is always going to be another Ding!
    of rationalisation.

  2. jupes Avatar

    Could it be that mistakes have been made, deep holes have been dug …?

    Yep. For which not one government in Australia has the courage or the will to climb out from. Even if they wanted to, which most, if not all, do not.

    Craven arseholes the lot of them.

  3. Muddy Avatar

    To clarify: I wanted to begin with talking points that were not nakedly adversarial; the reason being that for those who had not previously been politically motivated, such assertive messages may be seen as ‘too hard’ & therefore avoided. Having observed the members of this group previously, they were not hardened warriors. In order that everyone participates in some small way, the means by which to do so must be practical. Not everyone is happy to confront a heckler (most of whom heckle from a safe distance), but they may be great at sharing a meme with their social media network.

    That’s the point of this post: Finding messages that even wallflowers can spread.

  4. Botswana O'Hooligan Avatar
    Botswana O’Hooligan

    Yairs, it’s no longer Sunday but I am going to add a religious note to the proceedings by taking the hat around for donations.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    For a Zombie Apocalypse, I’ve not yet seen an actual Zombie.

    Lefties are everywhere, haven’t you noticed?
    They’re in search of brains, which they lack.

  6. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    Went downhill for me after topless.

  7. Muddy Avatar

    Bruce, at the risk of derailing this thread, I disagree. While the right of centre preens itself in a mirror, and purrs the mantra that ‘my brain is the prettiest & most functional,’ our opponents actually use their brains to facilitate the decay that surrounds us.

  8. Kneel Avatar

    If the government can mandate an irreversible medical procedure to keep you safe, how long before that procedure is sterilisation and the safety is saving the planet?
    Can’t happen here? I thought incarceration without due process wouldn’t happen here, but we’ve already seen that…

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