Meme of the Day #2

H/t: Catturd.

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  1. bemused Avatar

    You could probably make a meme out of this new development:

  2. dopey Avatar

    Who is Dave looking for I wonder.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    That looks like Rickw in the centre, not Dave.

    I’m minded of Hugo Chavez who fired all the workers of the Paraguaná oil refinery, and replaced them with party members. Ditto the rest of the Venezuelan oil industry. Oil output weirdly decreased to nearly nothing and the oil refinery exploded killing 48 people.

  4. srr Avatar

    Everyone except Dave got onto Whitlam’s, “Work Smarter Not Harder”, grift.

    Only Dave will get to heaven.

  5. John Avatar

    This is happening in Nursing Homes. All of them are pandering to their CEOs. The NH residents are merely pawns in getting money out of governments. While their backoffices bloat out, they penny pinch on staffing and wages to the overworked carers in the front line. The recent Royal Commission was a farce and WORSE than a complete waste of money, serving only to enrich useless lawyers.

  6. DDinAus Avatar

    WHITLAM! shit. He is dead, when will he just leave us alone?

  7. Enyaw Avatar

    srr.. err , but Daves digging his way to hell ..!

  8. MatrixTransform Avatar

    it’s an optical illusion.

    there’s nobody actually in the hole

    and management are standing around wondering where the salary increases have gone

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