Meme of the Day #6

h/t: Luke Storey

4 responses to “Meme of the Day #6”

  1. Damon Avatar

    What’s the bet you won’t hear another murmur about this.

  2. Ed Case Avatar
    Ed Case

    Joe’s in bad shape, that’s for sure.
    How did that prankster get thru?
    Not by accident, i’m thinkin’ Clintons.
    No one’s even bothered to tell him about Let’s Go Brandon?

    But how dumb is Kamala Harris?
    Willie Brown publicly urged her not to accept the VP Nomination, hold out for a Cabinet position
    but she can’t be told anything, by the looks.

  3. Winston Smith Avatar

    The Forgettery lives!

  4. Kneel Avatar

    “The Forgettery lives!”

    Yes – remember how it wasn’t about the man, it was all the AR15’s fault in the Rittenhouse case? Just the same as it was an SUV in Waukesha what dunnit, not the driver. How two dead adults rioting protesting for Black Lives Matter is so much worse and so much more worthy of endless coverage than 6 dead kids at a Christmas parade.

    Or how, on the same day as Rittenhouse was acquitted, a black man was also acquitted on self defense grounds when he shot several police officers executing a warrant on his premises – they never even mentioned that case, let alone how “racist” it was, or how it set a new precedent allowing anyone to randomly shoot police officers with no risk of going to gaol.

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