Meme of the Day #14

h/t: Gab

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  1. Miss Anthropist Avatar
    Miss Anthropist

    It’s so true.
    Only the heads have changed.

  2. local oaf Avatar
    local oaf

    All it needs is one more pic with Stalin pointing a gun at us!

  3. bemused Avatar

    Today’s cancel culture in pictures.

  4. Speedbox Avatar

    Laughed at that. Shouldn’t have……but it’s true.

  5. Kneel Avatar

    C’mon, man!
    It’s… it’s… Joe Rogan, Tim pool, and Dan Bongino.
    We need, I mean we would like, I mean we hope that Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Spotify can censor, errr I mean fact check these evil deviants.
    I’m not allowed to answer questions, but I can ask one, right? Where’s the best ice-cream place around here?
    I go out this way? Ok…

  6. Ed Case Avatar
    Ed Case

    That’s a young photo of Stalin, heavily touched up.
    By the way, it’s now generally accepted that the before and after photos where Yeszhov disappears from the group strolling along the Neva is a fake.
    Likely bodgied up by CIA or State Department types with too much time on their hands in the 1950s

  7. calli Avatar

    That’s one I picked from yesterday’s WIP.

    It’s dark. It’s true.

  8. Chris Avatar

    Its a very pointedly true meme, but it needs another vanishing reason:
    “Don’t risk infecting others”

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