Canada revokes Emergency Act

It’s hard to work out the reason for the change since two-thirds of the population of the frozen north support the Emergencies Legislation, but that is only what the press reports. Who knows what the actual truth might be. The notion that conscience had anything to do with it is beyond farfetched. The possibility that there had been a massive run on Canadian banks is more likely as a reason for the change. And it is possible that the morons surrounding the Great Reset have found their plans both exposed a bit before they would have preferred, and have found their plans a bit tarnished in large parts of the population. Finally, the notion that the Canadian Senate might have turned this back is possible in a science-fiction sort of way but hardly plausible.

There is also the American truck convoy that is working its way to Washington that may be starting to worry these people.

Still, it is a surprising turn, and weakly suggests there is some resistance to these fascisti. It is a positive sign but it hardly adds to any sense of optimism about where we go from here.

Video of the boy-PM’s announcement here. And this is from the Canadian news. The absence of any mention of any aspect of this in the Australian media is just the way it is. 

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  1. bollux Avatar

    He needs to be gone. Period.

  2. Kaos55 Avatar

    The WEF is a terrorist organisation. Therefore, do not expect an overtly logical set of actions from its foot soldiers. They have an aim, but will apply tactics in a variety of ways to destabilise and erode the existing democratic fabric within the nations.

    Maybe its a test/trial to see how far they can go, set a new boundary further along than people were use to and then pull back a little, etc….

    Those of us that support freedom and sovereign nation states need to wake up and better understand the enemy. This is no longer the time to support ‘country club’ conservatives with general ideas about free markets and low taxes. These people are part of the problem.

    New more strident parties are needed, which will more aggressively push back against these terrorist criminals.

    In an ideal world a government should be sending anyone associated with the WEF to Guantanamo Bay for interrogation and then tried for crimes against humanity.

    What is so hard to understand about that position? It’s clear on their website and in their aims that they want to enslave humanity (‘by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy’…hello, are you awake??!), and transform us into some semi-robotic creature that is controlled, monitored and injected with chemicals every other day.

  3. areff Avatar

    whoops, wrong thread. Apologies

  4. Rockdoctor Avatar

    One of 2 things. He was heading for a humiliating defeat in the Senate or poll numbers were in free fall.

    In any event I hope his government and police gets sued to oblivion.

  5. johanna Avatar

    Well, I did speculate a few days ago about the damage Canadian banks were doing to themselves by going along with this banana republic stuff. It was really dumb.

    At the Conservative Tree House, they have another explanation:

  6. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John


    Third option: Canadian banks were suffering a run by international investors, and potentially a run on their deposits as Canadians try to switch to US banks?

  7. Damon Avatar

    Money trumps politics every time.

  8. Roger Avatar

    Trudeau & Freelander.

    The Dumb & Dumber of politics.

  9. Roger Avatar

    Freelander. LOL. If only. Freeland.

  10. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    Well, I did speculate a few days ago about the damage Canadian banks were doing to themselves by going along with this banana republic stuff. It was really dumb.

    I agree. The likely answer is that it was the flight of capital leaving the nation (as the Canadian banking sector now has no stability, it is not a safe haven for capital) that made them pull back on the emergency powers.
    It was a retarded own goal by stupid wicked people.
    Nothing though will give back legitimacy to the Canadian government.

  11. 2dogs Avatar

    I suspect the change was the result of legal advice received in respect of some the challenges that had been announced.

  12. Big_Nambas Avatar


    udge Dredd says:
    February 24, 2022 at 1:23 pm
    Nothing though will give back legitimacy to the Canadian government.

    They don’t care, as long as the polls show they are in position to win the next election, blackface will do as he pleases.

  13. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John


    More like Zoolander?

  14. Franx Avatar

    I suppose the emergency act could have been amended with regard to the accessing of funds and property, but that would have given the game away.
    And yet, even if the emergency act is redundant, the political will in the form of brutality remains lurking in the shadows.

  15. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    Oderint dum metuant

    Let them hate, so long as they fear.

    (Often spuriously attributed to Tiberius, but it was Caligula’s motto. I believe he took it from a play.)

  16. Vicki Avatar

    IMO It was the run on the banks.

  17. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    Can someone with better IT skills than mine please go to Instapundit. Look for the headline “Is this the Canada you want to live in?” (Twitter of Justmeet Singhdeau), and link the video. It is a very effective anti-Turdeau act.

  18. Barry Avatar

    There was speculation that a number of the votes that he got from the NDP came with the condition that he revoke it immediately after it was given Assent.

    He held a gun to the NDPs head by making the vote on the Emergency Act also a vote of confidence. A loss would then have meant an election, risking loss of NDP seats.

  19. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    Now on the Open Thread, thanks to Zipster. Play it with the volume up, it is set to O Canada, and is very effective.

  20. Mother Lode Avatar
    Mother Lode

    Wasn’t his deputy saying just a few days ago that these new super-duper powers (or some of them) were going to be permanent?

  21. Ivan Denisovich Avatar
    Ivan Denisovich

    Writing a couple of days ago, Canadian David Warren:

    …….I am modestly optimistic about the course of events, however. True, I must expect direct persecution by the Party of the Dictatorship, which is out to settle scores. But the Freedom Convoy sent to the national capital has shown, for the first time in many years, that a substantial number of Canadians will resist.

    That a majority cannot cope with freedom, and are likely to squall when exposed to it, I take for granted. Humans have always been “conservative,” in this worst possible sense. But the splendid Canadian reaction to tyranny went beyond what I had hoped for. In particular, many articulate voices have been raised to speak truth — in the dark fever-swamp of lies in which our culture, and by extension our economy, is choking. This will make a huge difference. The sun is distantly shining; and the spring can once again be imagined. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, to filth accumulating in public life.

    In 1993, the then-governing “Progressive Conservatives” were reduced from a majority, to two seats in Parliament, and then to extinction at the “federal” level. Men of good will shall be working towards a similar result, at the next general election, in which the Liberals and NDP should be annihilated.

  22. johanna Avatar

    While it is always tempting to talk about current political events in terms of big picture issues like liberty and freedom, the reality is much more prosaic.

    That little turd and his henchpersons have had massive blowback against their attempted takeover of Canada, and not just from those who deal in abstracts.

    MPs in marginal seats, international media outlets, usually tame civil liberties outfits and many ordinary Canucks have all been sending strong negative feedback. What’s worse, thanks to some idiot ideologues in the banking sector, individuals and corporations are moving their money to US or international banks – and this is the kind of thing that cannot be ignored.

    Statements about how Trump supporters had better watch out because their bank accounts could be frozen have not exactly helped to inspire confidence in the banking system. Who’s next, wonder those with substantial assets in Canadian banks.

    It’s been an absolute debacle for Trudeau and the awful people who surround him. Their stupidity and arrogance has resulted in a reaction that the brains trust apparently never expected.

    It must be said that apart from the new Leader of the Conservatives in the national parliament, very little credit can go to the alleged conservative parties, who meekly acquiesced for nearly two years. Sound familiar?

  23. Bruce Avatar

    It’s a trap, Jim!

    I remember when that ,murderous old bastard Mao stated. “Let a hundred flowers bloom”, variously inflated to thousand or million flowers.

    The percentage of all those “blooming’ flowers that survived very long was VERY small.

    Cultural revolution, omelettes, eggs, and all that jazz.

    Turdeau is operating from a similar playbook.

  24. vlad redux Avatar
    vlad redux

    I’ll celebrate when they repeal that Act.

    All that has been revoked is the declaration of this “emergency” and the powers consequent thereupon.

  25. bollux Avatar

    If you think Johnson is a UK patriot, if you think Scomo puts Australia above all else, if you think Macron is for the free French, if you think Trudeau loves Canada, and if you think Jacinda Adern embraces the rights of New Zealanders, and if you think everything Joe Biden does is to advance the USA, then it is no use telling you that Putin has more patriotism in his little finger than that lot of those miscreants put together. And if you believe the MSM on Ukraine, then you’ve joined the dark side. All the worlds a stage and are you distracted enough yet?
    [posted elsewhere]


  26. Luke Avatar

    I think the most simplest explanation is they sought legal advice on the validity of what the government had done, because of legal challenges from civil rights groups etc and that legal advice said ‘yes you are going to lose and be open to all kinds of legal suits from false imprisonment to unlawful confiscation of property to a number of breaches of Canadian’s charter of rights’.
    By revoking the emergency declaration the courts will knock all the legal challenges on the head via the usual procedural bullshit of lack of standing to no case due to repeal. This will leave a legal fiction that the unchallengeable emergency declaration was ‘legal’ and all actions flowing from it were thus also legal.
    If the emergency declaration was successfully challenged and held invalid then all those actions of police, intelligence agency and banks would also be unlawful.

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