Meme of the Day #27

h/t: Aimee Terese

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March 18, 2022 5:39 pm

People are slowly beginning to wake up. The more strident the claims from government, science and media (I should just call it the GSM), the more the distrust grows. The boys who have cried wolf are being exposed.

March 19, 2022 12:18 pm

“The latest being the NYT admitting that the laptop from hell was Hunter Biden’s after all, not the ‘Russian disinformation’…”

They did that for two reasons:
1) a vain attempt to finally publish the truth and keep their “publication of record” status;
2) as part of their “drip, drip, drip” support of the left – if, as and when Hunter is convicted, they can say the laptop is “old news”, and any links to Joe are “unsubstantiated”, “unproven” etc. Then the next drip is Joe was involved, but didn’t know any details and finally he was aware of all the details, but he’s not president anymore and is mentally incompetent to stand trial, so who cares?

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Oh, you think that, do you? Care to put it on record?x