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  1. For such a young bloke, Bob Moran certainly has been putting out some hard hitting cartoons.

  2. We all know that Orwell was a conspiracy theorist. Officials deny anything that he postulated. Oh, wait…

  3. We’re living in San Angeles.

    Only John Spartan can save us from the moo moo wearing pussies who have banned everything.

  4. I studied 1984 in 1984 for English.
    Sadly now, I doubt even 1% of people would recognise the caricature and the significance.

  5. Eric Arthur Blair was a visionary – and not in a good way.

    On that note, it’s interesting to see that various “trusted identity bills” are being rolled out across the anglosphere. We’ve had our own here.

    Because we’re all just hanging out to be told (while languishing in a prison cell) by big stupid government (pronouns it/it/xi) that 2+2=5. When they aren’t tracking you 24/7/365, should you not have attracted their all encompassing attention.


  6. the cartoon has been censored

    Miss A, the censoring you refer to is part of the “gag”, such as it is.

    Go and read the book. I’d love a jerb in Minitru, but only if I’d sold my soul to satan.

    Memory holing the constant stream of duckspeak spouted by the Silly Moaning Haemorrhoid, the Garudina and the ALPBC would be one of life’s simple pleasures. Job satisfaction, so to speak.

  7. Our beloved contemporary inner city western collectivists have been very diligent in applying the principles of IngSoc*, especially when it comes to limiting the ability of people to express themselves, or even engage in something as basic as attempting to think (for yourself).

    Limit the language, limit the ability of people to comprehend the hideousness they’re existing through, much less contemplate rebelling against the established order.

    Barely 75 years later, thanks to the stalinist collectivists Orwell warned us about, we’ve somehow managed to “unlearn” the harsh lessons of the twentieth century – that most monstrous period in human history. Santayana is revolving in his grave.

    * A classic modern example from Airstrip One: OfStEd.
    Now what the bleep could that be?
    Simples – the Office of State Education. The abbreviated structure is lifted directly from the monsters that gifted humanity the “Gestapo” or the “Geheime Staatspolizei” to go the entire mouth full.

  8. Bob Moran’s brilliant cartoon reminds me that high-profile AFL reporter Tom Morris lost his lob at Fox Footy on Friday because he outed a work colleague as a lesbian an unspecified number of months or years ago on a “private” WhatsApp forum.

    The thing is Channel Seven was still using Morris’s live AFL reporting on Friday night hours after he was sacked by Fox Footy.

    Both networks employ(ed) Morris because, in TV land, he is that rarest of commodities – a very good reporter who actually breaks stories in a field where the appetite for breaking stories is insatiable. as Seven and Fox Footy pay hundreds of millions of dollars a year for footy broadcast rights.

    No-one, including the TV networks, give a flying fuck whether their employees are gay. After all, the AFL Lezzo League (a.k.a. AFLW) is teeming with rug munchers.

    However, the TV networks are required to pretend they care — for legal reasons as lesbians, like male poofters, are highly litigious, noisy and self-righteous, even though they’re a tiny and otherwise irrelevant minority.

    They’re even more litigious since they bullied the Australian public not just to tolerate their sexual perversion, but celebrate it in the 2017 gay marriage plebiscite.

    The point is that language fascism (a.k.a. political correctness) is rampant in the West, where people are now so “highly educated” they’re completely stupid and banned by their own self-censorship from being honest in public – one of the major reasons George Orwell wrote his barnstorming prophesy, 1984. It is more relevant now than when he penned it in the 1940s.

    As Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson responded when asked whether he was prejudiced against homosexuals: “Not at all. I love lesbians on the internet”.

    No-one gives a shit if you’re gay.

  9. An Orwellian moment arose on one of my feeds yesterday. Apparently the University of Melbourne has formed a shiny new competitor to the Pond’s mob – the Melbourne Social Equity Institute. They are offering a PhD scholarship to anyone who is excited to spend the next five years of their life researching and writing reams of irrelevant rubbish insightful reflections on Gendered Dynamics in Community Volunteering Practices.

    Your taxes at their academic best.

  10. I must say I’m surprised Bob Moran hasn’t yet been kicked off Twitter by the backward, 19th century primitives who run it.

    I get all of my Bob Moran cartoons from his website, which, for the time being, is still immune from Silicon Valley’s rampant fascism.

  11. That interview is worth a watch. Bob explains why his personal circumstances have made him become so forthright and ‘anti-propaganda’ (his words).

  12. There is an old quote along the lines of “fruit juice drinking, sandal wearing vegetarians”. I have been trying to work out if it is an Orwell take on the writers at the Guardian but can’t seem to chase it down. Does anyone here happen to know the provenance?

  13. Tom – cracking.
    Personally I can’t watch female footy _ wimmenz crashing into eackother – try hard to be some thing they are not.
    I refuse to pay to watch this as I can go to the parklands in Adelaide and watch a division 10 game with the same skill set and speed.

  14. The political cretins who are ruining our world are the product of our wonderful universities.

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