Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?

Shame Henry II had no one to rephrase and explain what the king had meant. Although, as it happens, the American President meant every word of it even if he was supposed to keep it a secret.

As discussed here.

The President of the United States, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., who is 79 years old and suffering from senile dementia at the end of a long life of bullying, lying, boasting, conniving, grifting, grafting, and living off the public tit to an extent indecent even by Washington standards, declared war on Russia on Friday. In the course of a typically blustering, hectoring speech, the senescent Biden went off script and interpolated the following peroration: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”…

During his long occupation of a Senate seat, Biden served for many years on the foreign-relations committee, and learned all the wrong lessons without acquiring an ounce of real-world savvy. This is the problem with electing a lifelong senator to the presidency with no prior executive experience except ribbon-cutting ceremonies and attending foreign funerals as veep. Senators’ words have no real-world consequences; presidents’ do. Senators can say anything they want, because their words carry no executive authority and they cannot be legally held accountable for them. They’re meant for the ears of voters back home, not for the guy in the Kremlin with his finger on the button.

And just what button is that?

The problem is that the current president  of the United States is no longer disciplined by anyone, although those who are in charge are keeping everything as closely under control as possible. Biden himself is as illegitimate as it is possible to be since the evidence that he was fraudulently installed into office becomes more undeniable with each passing day, not that the media will fail to deny anything amiss, and will never report how the election was stolen. 

Meanwhile, just as The Spectator asks, “will Biden’s talent for f***-ups lead to World War III?”, the big issue in the US continues to be the almost certainly fake and premeditated incident at the Academy Awards. This really was the front page on the largest selling newspaper in America’s largest city.

The United States is no longer a serious country and we are in great danger the more we rely solely on American protection.

Let me finally mention this: China-Solomons pact is a disaster for Australian security in the South Pacific along with this China will keep purchasing Russian oil and this Joe Biden Eliminates U.S. Tariffs on More than 350 China-Made Products. Plus, of course, this: Chuck Grassley Reveals Financial Links Between the Chinese Communist Party and Hunter and James Biden on Senate Floor — And Brings the Receipts

Five years is a very short time in foreign relations.

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  1. Diogenes Avatar

    Biden’s utterances remind me of Kaiser Wilhelm’s prior to WW1 which made enemies of potential allies.

    We know how that ended

  2. billie Avatar

    China Solomon Islands pact is not likely to be the problem our media are getting hysterical about. that is the nature of our media though. hystrical one minute, hysterical the next

    it will be as much trouble to the Chinese as it was to us and everyone else in the pacific

    the islands are essentially run by rascals, gangs of bored kids and young angry men, who are healthy from foreign medicines and various aid groups but have bugger all tech or access to better tech. They know enough about the outside world via the meagre internet they get to realise they are missing out on much available in life and want someone to blame for that.

    Chinese trade stores in the Solomons were looted and driven out years ago, the Chinese themselves carried offshore (“Saved”) by the China government. there is a grudge held by the Chinese government about that and they will attempt to come down hard on the rascals, but it won’t be easy unless they bring in very harsh laws and penalties

    the Chinese government will have to garrison troops there immediately to be able to have any chance of doing anything. the locals will find they are not the benevelant peace keepers of Australia and Fiji, NZ etc

    I fully expect it to bite them on the bum and the locals will begin a war of “resistance” very shortly

    the Chinese will thus live in the interesting times that they have sought and deserve

    the best we can do is stand off, and order more popcorn

    ahhh .. shadenfreud awaits

  3. Winston Smith Avatar

    The Solomons are looking to be a disaster for Australia IF we get involved.
    China will make sure of this.
    Every ‘peacekeeper’ will be a target for the young and poor men who will suddenly be able to get their hands on money and weapons.
    Expect a high price to be put on every head we send over.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    Five years may indeed be a very short time in foreign relations but one year has been a very long time in Biden’s usurpation. Some people might’ve regarded Trump’s term as a roller coaster ride, this is like a house of horrors.

  5. bemused Avatar

    I noted Peter O’Brien’s post in Quadrant today, stating how Putin is the problem and that only military intervention by the west (supporting Biden’s oral blunders) can solve that problem.

    Methinks the problem lies with the west, especially the US and Europe. Who has truly allowed and encouraged not just the invasion of nations, but their ultimate destruction? And I’m specifically talking about the invasion of the US and Europe by so-called refugees, the destruction of the family unit, using bastard ‘science’ for their own ends, ensuring that you will own nothing and be happy.

    Who are the true dictators, hell bent on destroying their own nations?

  6. miltonf Avatar

    Oh and I see he’s advocating Putin be strung up like Mussolini- unbelievable ignorance, stupidity and nastiness..

  7. miltonf Avatar

    As I said yesterday it’s quite pathetic how some still kid themselves that ‘the west’ has some sort of moral superiority

  8. Petros Avatar

    Billie, why would the Chinese baulk at using harsh laws and penalties? Try using capital letters at the start of sentences and full stops at the ends too, please. It makes it more readable. The best we can do is have decent people engage with the Solomon islanders and try to keep them on our side. They probably sent the typical arrogant Anglo-Canberran scum over there for years who talked down to the locals.

  9. Zipster Avatar

    Biden and the other criminals are pissed that Russia has disrupted the very lucrative business as usual they had going in Ukraine.

  10. Roger Avatar

    The United States is no longer a serious country and we are in great danger the more we rely solely on American protection.

    I fear that our political establishment will be the last ones to realise this, just as they never realised that Trump was a serious contender for the 2016 POTUS election.

    What did Donald Horne say? Second raters who so lack curiosity about events around them that they are often taken by surprise.

  11. Frogger Avatar

    Looks like Australia will be on the recieving end of a containment and strangle strategy. Pity we had nothing worth giving, now or in the future, in the eyes of the SI to side with us. Good to see offshoring give back in spades for our economy, well at least for certin shareholders. Hollowed out like a doughnut. Shrinking markets theory in action. With our first nuke sub about fifteen years distant and proceeding at one a decade thereafter, I suspect we might be on a demilirarisation pathway ourselves by a certain neighbour in time.
    In regards to the reduction in russkie forces around Kievan rus, Scott Rittter has some cute observations. Along with a masing of russkie forces even larger than the pre invasion groups, i see the coup de grace being delivered. 1 April when gas/oil will be priced in rubles should be interesting to watch, the russkies have a sense of humour.

  12. custard Avatar

    I suspect the RICO case Trump has just filed against Hillary and others along with Hunters laptop will do the job.

    Buy more popcorn.

  13. Vicki Avatar

    I saw and heard (via TV) the actual exchange of Joe Biden in the press conference. I thought it was actually a puerile comment that he made in respect to “getting rid of Putin”. It was largely the remark of a man who has difficulty in summoning an intelligent response, rather than a sinister and intentional instigation of regime change, or something similar, in respect to Putin.

    This is also of huge significance, of course, since you have a cognitively impaired puppet in the most important political position in the world.

  14. Rob MW Avatar
    Rob MW

    In regards to the reduction in russkie forces around Kievan rus, Scott Rittter has some cute observations.

    Frogger – more observations over here.

  15. Fair Shake Avatar
    Fair Shake

    Obviously the Solomons give no credence to Chinas 1,110 coal power plants and rising sea levels. Twas all just muck for these island nations to throw at Australia.

  16. Rt41Rebel Avatar

    Putin would be doing the USA a favor by dropping a nuke, just one, right in the center of Washington DC.

  17. Frogger Avatar

    Rob MW, that zero hedge article by Luongo was pretty good. Nemesis is considering her next move.

    The Will Smith slap was pretty sad, I doubt it was faked. The bloke has been cucked most probably repeatedly. His red table talks were illuminating. His “wife” is the one wearing the pants in the relationship and Will knows it as a supplicating “beta”male. Indoctrinated in a modern narrative that’s tearing at his soul.
    The reason his son is a queer skirt wearing icon now. Kids know who the leader of the pack is and follow their lead, at least for sons. That must hurt for a bloke that thinks he is the
    epitome of the masculine ideal and shows all the superficiality of it. The slap wasn’t meant for Mr.Rock, constrained by goodthink it was a clear example of misdirected aggression. Poor bastard.

  18. PeterM Avatar

    This is churlish, even by the standards of the Guardian.

  19. bemused Avatar

    This is churlish, even by the standards of the Guardian.

    The Leftist media have no standards.

  20. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    March 30, 2022 at 6:08 pm
    This is churlish, even by the standards of the Guardian.

    The Grauniad has standards? Who knew? The paper that has employed Steve Bell as a “cartoonist” for around 40 years?

  21. Frogger Avatar

    If people are curious, there’s a Chilean blogger on Telegram worthy of a listen. He’s stuck in Kharkov being hunted down by the Ukrainian SBU at the moment.
    He delivers some utterly scathing critiques of the West, geopolitics and it’s benign leadership and what be in store.. Not without some merit. At least it’s better than watching that Marxist propaganda outlet ABC.
    A poorly dressed but passionate vlogger called Patrick Lancaster on YouTube delivers some much needed English frontline reporting on the devastation of the current imbroglio from behind Russian lines. Mostly about the innocents caught in the middle.
    Alex Christoforou from the Duran isn’t bad either if you need to get away from the lies of Australian media

  22. Roger Avatar

    Obviously the Solomons give no credence to Chinas 1,110 coal power plants and rising sea levels. Twas all just muck for these island nations to throw at Australia.

    I wonder how Solomon Islanders feel about their future being sold to the highest bidder?

  23. RogerW Avatar

    Would appreciate the opinion of Steve on the article Rob MW links to at 1.18pm.

  24. Lurx Avatar

    The article posted at 1.18 was referring to Says law…
    Free markets when allowed to function properly grind out profit through competitive arbitrage. It is both brutal and the spark of new innovations and efficiencies

    What the article is saying is that the West is now subject to the economic laws (free market) that it has been able to circumnavigate to its advantage since the Gold price was bastardised in favour of the $.

    That Russia has been able to lead the pack out of the strangle hold that the USA/Brussels/UK banking mobsters have been able to manipulate since the Bretton Woods originally fabricated the con job, will become the miracle of this century.

    The final out come of the Russian push will be interesting indeed.
    The entrenched Yankers of the West must be truly pissed

  25. Tom Avatar

    Those wondering what the billions paid by the Chinese Communist Party to the Biden family actually bought now have their answer:

    President Joe Biden’s administration has eliminated United States tariffs on more than 350 products made in China, nearly all of which could be made in the U.S. or other countries.

    The Bidens have left the Clintons in their dust as the most corrupt American family.

    As I warned in November 2022, the Chinese Communist Party now controls the White House and the US president is being protected by 90% of the American news media, which was meant to be the public’s watchdog — all made possible by a stolen presidential election ushered through by a corrupt judiciary.

  26. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare Avatar
    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    It’s all going to hell in a handbasket if we allow ourselves to think too speculatively on things. However, Biden won’t be in the White House forever and his handlers now realise he has to be strongly ‘managed’. A Republican government might yet do a mighty Clean Up American Politics job in 2024(at least back to where it once was; nothing’s ever perfect in politics). So the US might pull round. Europe is still rich and powerful. There are many other countries to consider in South America and Africa while Russia implodes. China may overreach itself with its stupid Covid Zero closures, it’s past one child and so imbalanced population policies (too many old, not enough young), its staggering incompetence and corruption and the general distrust of it world-wide etc. Australia may be pressured to develop our own resources or watch them being stolen, and the UK is still a wealth hub although damaged by Boris and the climate scam. This may all sound like Polyanna, but predictions are not always what they seem. Pushing against climate economic madness seems our best bet, plus coalitions of interest vs an ambitious China.

  27. vlad redux Avatar
    vlad redux

    the almost certainly fake and premeditated incident at the Academy Awards.

    I don’t believe it was fake for one reason: they are two modern Hollywood actors and they got it right on the first take.

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