8 thoughts on “Weekday Reading #19”

  1. I’m yet to see any evidence of a massive atrocity in Bucha.
    Followed hard on the heels of the Ukrainian/Nazi torture videos – I presume that was the thinking behind the production.

  2. I have to say, Dover, your choice of art is almost always delightful but you’ve outdone yourself today…

    …do you want to tell us who the artist is?

  3. Yeah Dover – for what it’s is worth I love the painting you post.
    It shows the beauty of life on earth – whether it’s a landscape or portrait.

  4. Dover, thank you very much for introducing me to Harold Knight who, I confess, had absolutely passed me by. An interesting and attractive body of work – arguably you’ve picked out the standout piece, but he was a portraitist of some serious talent.

    I think my other favourite, amongst those I have found, is the two women on a cliff top – very 1920s/30s railway advertising posters in style.

    I once had a framed set of posters produced for the relaunch of the Orient express – 4 stations, sleeping & dining car – in a reminiscent style (sadly they went “missing” during one of our international house moves). My wife (to be, at that time) bought them for my birthday soon after we met…


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