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  1. I live in Indi, heard the greens candidate on radio this morning, said the greens are running so as to send preferences to Helen Haines the ‘Independent’ member but one of the Climate 200 candidates. Says it all.

  2. Does not make any sense on a rational level.

    Bear – I’m a treadly guy but my bro is a bike guy. Once he pillioned me on his Duke 900 to the old ton on the Bondi Jct bypass between the traffic lights. I think he still has it 40 years later. And I know he still has his BSA he bought and rode on all over in India back then. On the other hand he’s broken most of the bones in his body at various times. My SIL keeps him alive by nagging him.

  3. I’ve got a crazy idea that I’d love to go for a fang round the Isle of Man one day, preferably at TT time.

    Problem being, I’ve never ridden a motorcycle. Let alone raced one on a closed circuit or public course.

    Still, one can dream. And neck pints while watching other, more delightfully crazy folks risk their lives during Race Week. And there’s always the Snaefell Mountain Railway, the still all-steam operated Isle of Man Railway and the quaint little Victorian era zoo/nature reserve line of the Groudle Glen to keep a fellow occupied afterwards. 🙂

    * Fun Fact- The Isle of Man is the almost-direct inspiration for Rev. Wilbert Awdry’s Island of Sodor. That seemingly mythical place just off the southern coast of the UK that so many children love. And kept Ringo Starr in the public consciousness long after John Lennon went weird (and got shot for his weirdness) and Paul McCartney sold out…

  4. Timothy Neilsonsays:
    April 26, 2022 at 10:57 am
    April 26, 2022 at 10:26 am

    “Models” and “simulations”. We actually have data from disparate jurisdictions all round the world for about a year and a half as to what, if any, effects vaccination has had on transmission. How do the models and simulations match up against the reality? Strangely the article doesn’t say.

    Facts? Data? Don’t waste my time with facts and data when I can get a lucrative grant to do some modeling that will produce a result conforming to my prejudices!

  5. The older bikes weren’t slow. There was a guy on an old Norton 750 I used to bump into on my commute to work. But not for long.

  6. Rock memoirs are a dirty pleasure. The Dirt is a good (not great) read if you come across it. Certainly better than any Motley Crue music.

  7. The older bikes weren’t slow. There was a guy on an old Norton 750 I used to bump into on my commute to work.

    One railway modeller I know (in his 80s, I am fairly sure), still rides his Norton in to visit the Model Railway Club in Bayswater from time to time. Formidable and pedantic modeller, and also an avid motorcycle racer for much of his life. And genuinely nice chap, too.

  8. I think with old British bikes you became a mechanic and tinkerer whether you wanted to or not. Certainly if you wanted to go anywhere. Another time.

  9. “… more delightfully crazy folks risk their lives during [Isle of Mann TT]Race Week. “

    I forget who it was, but one rider had whitewash from one of the buildings on the shoulders of his leathers – never crashed, not bruised, just brushed the wall. Now that’s just a wee bit too close if you ask me – talk about no room for error…

    Factoid: all bike racers use kangaroo leather. Why? Twice as strong, and half the weight of cow leather.
    So if you ever do go into the TT, make sure you use ‘roo leather!

  10. I’ve never played The Sims on my PC, which is a good thing since if I did I’d be a Nazi.

    Russia appears to confuse ‘The Sims’ for SIM cards in possible staged assassination attempt (25 Apr, via Instapundit)

    Russian security services on Monday have been accused of staging a Ukrainian assassination attempt by releasing photos of confiscated copies of “The Sims” video games that some speculate were mistaken by Kremlin officers for SIM cards.

    The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation released the bizarre photos Monday and announced that police had arrested six neo-Nazis plotting to kill Russian TV Host Vladimir Solovyov in Moscow.

    In other news the Russians are now saying the CIA wants to assassinate Mr Solovyov.

    Putin claims CIA behind assassination plot of pro-Kremlin TV host (Israel National News, 25 Apr)

    Perhaps they should all adjourn to World Of Warcraft and have it out with each other. Obviously someone has it in for Mr Solovyov, although whether they’re real or virtual isn’t clear yet.

  11. The functioning of exchange markets in a human society is no more an ideology called “capitalism” than the attraction of objects under an inverse square law is “gravitism”.

  12. Rex Angersays:
    April 26, 2022 at 11:56 am
    I’ve got a crazy idea that I’d love to go for a fang round the Isle of Man one day, preferably at TT time.

    Guy I used to know got killed during the TT years ago. He was crazy fast. Made a mistake on one corner , paid for it on the next. Apparently that’s what happens to most of the deaths. Another mate was going home to see his mum there, he said he was going for a drive around the Island, she wanted to know where he was going to stay overnight as it was inconceivable to go round in one day.

  13. On the other hand he’s broken most of the bones in his body at various times. My SIL keeps him alive by nagging him.

    I did a Return to Riding course a few years ago, after 25 years off a bike it seemed like a good idea to Mrs F.

    Slow riding around obstacles, counter steering, reflexes all fine. Shown the obligatory horror pictures, and off for a road ride.

    Five minutes in I nearly T-boned a flowerpot who pulled out of a side street and stopped in front of me.

    The beautiful secondhand Norton I had in mind went to someone else.

  14. “The older bikes weren’t slow.”

    No, but they typically rode them slow. 🙂
    It was only from the mid ’70’s or so that riders would “hang off” the side and/or put a foot out to gain respectively more turn and more stability, or even “push” against the foot pegs to get more turn.

  15. Back in the 1950s, motor bike riders were known as temporary Australians

    And in the 70′ and 80’s too.

    Used to ride from Hobart to Launceston in a pack for the races up north. Average cruise speed was about 140 kph. Ducati 900s; Kawasaki 900 and 1000s, the occasional H2; Suzuki GTS; Honda CBX 6-cylinder etc etc.

    In those days the coppers used to run a speed trap in the small towns which had a 70 or 80 limit. Used to get a wave as we went through.

    Not any more.

  16. Faustus – hard to say how much perception and reaction time comes into it. Even if my balance was not completely shot the rest of my brain is just not fast enough for a bike. Don’t think I’ll bother asking the physio, she won’t even try me on arm crutches.

  17. “The beautiful secondhand Norton I had in mind went to someone else.”

    If you’re not riding with the “they’re all out to kill me” mindset, someone will kill you!

    Not everyone though – I very much surprised a guy on a 900 one night coming back from Newcastle through the Galston Gorge. Going up the non-hairpin side. In my at the time 450HP/1350kg car with race grade metal pads (already nice and warm from the downwards part, where he looked rather bored and likely disappointed that he was going to have a slow ride). Hit 160+km/h at several points (I knew it VERY well at the time, having driven it at least twice a week and some weeks daily, for 6 months or more) and he had a hard time keeping up. When I finally waved him past near the end I got a big “thumbs up” and a wave. I think he was impressed that I was pulling away from him out of the bendy bits and he only caught me up under brakes at the next bend. Ahh, to be young and indestructible again… 🙂

  18. If you’re not riding with the “they’re all out to kill me” mindset, someone will kill you!

    This is quite true.

    Ahh, to be young and indestructible again…

    That was my thought.

  19. “Indeed.
    That was my thought.”


    “… race grade metal pads…”

    I highly recommend you never use these kind of pads on the street.

    On cold winters mornings, you needed to trail brake for the first 500m or so, or you’d be “Stop ya idjit! [slap] When I says Whoa, I means Whoa!”.
    Still, they were the only pads I’ve ever had where you could do a “crash stop” from 160km/h three times in a row, and you’d stop in less distance on the third go than the first. Never found a “fade” point for them, despite massive bluing and surface cracks on the rotors. Aside from the “cold is danger” part, they were awesome.

  20. Heh. Delighted to find so many mo’bike memories sparked by Murray’s memoirs.

    I’ll repeat mine – doing 100mph for the first time on the back of Mick’s Norton 750. Under the tunnel at Mascot in the middle of the night. No cameras in those days.

    I’ll never forget it.

  21. Co-founding HTML coder Jack Dorsey became a billionaire by inventing a clever digital idea, Twitter.

    But Dorsey allowed Twitter to become an echo chamber where everything that didn’t toe the leftist tribal line was banned as “hate speech” and made it unusable for everyone not inside the tribe. All that ended today when Elon Musk bought the company.

    Changing the company culture necessarily means parting company with most of the staff — fascists who are emotionally unable to handle the concept of free speech.

    That starts tomorrow. Meantime, non-leftists are celebrating the return of a usable digital town square to which everyone has access. Tucker Carlson Tonight

  22. “…refused to turn over his business records to the state’s attorney general’s office.”

    You’re supposed to have a crime reported and then find out who did it, not look at a person and try and find a crime to fit…. Grubs.

  23. “Tomsays:
    April 26, 2022 at 2:43 pm”

    Well said.

    Tom, can you post that on the new thread?

  24. “All that ended today when Elon Musk bought the company [Twitter].”

    Well it’s a start…

    According to Tim Pool, if you use “The Governator”‘s surname, EweTube automation will ban you for being racist…


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