Meme of the Day #38

h/t: Collin Pruett

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  1. Zipster Avatar

    1984 whizzed past so fast

  2. duncanm Avatar

    David French ?

  3. Dot Avatar


    This is the exciting new Ministry of Truth I’ve been reading about all of these years!

  4. Judge Dredd Avatar
    Judge Dredd

    Slippery slopes:
    -Gay ideology and propaganda
    -Government encroachment on everything.
    -Abortion (child murder)
    -Vices of every kind

    The slippery slope provides an increasingly quicker ride to hell.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle Avatar
    Bruce of Newcastle

    It’s ironic that the “information” they intend to push is stuff like Hunter’s laptop being a Russian intel plot. Also that masks work (they don’t), Covid vaccines are the best things evah (they’re woeful), four year olds can change sex (slippery slope eh?), CO2 is Armageddon (it’s harmless) and Republicans are Nazi racists who hate women (plus that all black Republicans are Uncle Toms).

    No doubt the Board members will each be paid squillions, eat at the finest restaurants and have lots and lots of staff. I wonder if they will have Twitter accounts?

  6. thefrollickingmole Avatar

    Slippery slope fallacies finest achievement was convincing people there was such a thing as a slippery slope fallacy.

  7. Old Goat Avatar
    Old Goat

    The road that’s paved with good intentions . Mistakes getting exponentially worse as you try to correct them.

  8. Dave of Gold Coast, Aust. Avatar
    Dave of Gold Coast, Aust.

    Hard to believe anything much now promoted by governments or MSM. The formerly strong western civilisation is now crumbling because it has lost values and virtues. Any Judo-Christian ethic is mocked, belittled and generally discarded. Thinks how honesty, truth, marriage, family and integrity are frowned on. The substitutes are lies at every level, marriage is now considered a contract or a piece of paper instead of a binding covenant between husband and wife and so many are children are born out of wedlock and mistreated by a parade of ‘partners.’ Most people in power have no integrity as we all found out during Covid fear mongering. Instead of ‘saving’ us they became dictators operating at a level Australia has never seen in my lifetime. Forced experimental vaccines with people blackmailed to have them or lose everything, all the while everyone was told how safe it all was. Facts tell the very opposite. In the meantime we all suffer the effects of inflation because of lock downs and broken supply chains. The Ukrainian war was used as an explanation, a blatant lie from where I sit. Mismanagement is just one real cause.

  9. Roger W Avatar
    Roger W

    Link to David French piece, whatever that is, please.

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