About as bad as it could have been

“Give the people what they want, good and hard”. It’s a philosophy, I suppose, but not so good for those who didn’t want whatever it is that actually gets served up. So now Australia joins the Biden-Trudeau-Adern club of Mencken’s worst nightmare societies.

I am still a bit shell shocked from the outcome, not that I am all that surprised, so rather than say what I think, I will take a pair of comments from a previous post and then go read the papers – or at least do the crossword puzzle. First from Another Ian who quotes from JoNova.

“My daughter just finished a class in college about the alchemists. Before some of you rant about how useless this class was, it’s not It teaches us about the past and is a guide to the future. The alchemists did produce some useful discoveries. But they are most known for some of their absurd attempts to turn lead into gold and other nonsensical endeavors.

“Climate science is really the new alchemy. It is using regression analysis to figure out what level of CO2 will endanger the planet. But it makes no more sense than what the alchemists were doing. We don’t really have quality information on worldwide temperatures for past years. It’s questionable whether we have information on it for present years. We don’t know all of the variables that impact temperature. So the new alchemists are trying to predict future weather by generating computer models that are absolute garbage because they don’t take into account natural variability, urban heat zones, etc. They don’t know the variables and just fudge the numbers to get the programs to make it look like they work. But of course, how did they predict the Little Ice and the Roman Warm Period. These models can’t even accurately predict the past. And we are spending billions of dollars supporting this new alchemy and possibly trillions of dollars, endangering the health and welfare of our citizens because of this elitist nonsense.”

And then this from Bruce of Newcastle.

Unfortunately to some extent both parties are channeling the insanity of the voters. I was reflecting last night that I’ve been opposing the climate craze for nearly 15 years now, and in that time it has just gotten worse and worse. There’s still nothing much happening in the real world – no actual global warming, none of the dire prognostications. Yet this election is a choice between the totally bonkers Libs and the beyond insane Labor Party. Both are falling over themselves to destroy our country for a myth.

That’s because the voters demand this stupidity. The MSM demands it. The whole of the nation is stuck in a lemming-like race to disaster which only a literal disaster will crack the people out of.

The Covid arc illustrates this. You had guys like McGowan immensely popular for converting his entire state into a prison camp to save the people from a virus so innocuous that people often don’t know they have it. It took two years of disaster – closed businesses, lost jobs, lockdowns, vaccine injuries, masking and elderly parents dying alone for the people to suddenly, overnight, get over it. Now the pollies don’t mention the virus and it’s like it never existed.

The people haven’t yet gotten to this point on the climate scam, but they will once the pain really amps up. Which it is just starting to, particularly electricity and fuel prices. But with the elites all Believing like religious fanatics even that’s not going to be enough. Saving the world syndrome is a very powerful hubristic drug. It may take a full-on political apocalypse to stop these people saving us from an apocalypse which isn’t happening.

You know, there may have been people even during the height of the witch-burning phase of our own past history who understood it was all insane. Meanwhile, we are about to live through years of serious idiocy.

The truth of the matter is that everyone lives through “interesting times” as the Chinese like to say. It’s not a curse, it’s just the way it is.

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  1. duncanm Avatar

    abolish the ABCC

    Politics – writ large.

    LNP – ABCC but no ICAC
    ALP – ICAC but no ABCC

  2. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    Ed Casesays:
    May 24, 2022 at 5:11 am
    They’ve got a Mandate for the things they took to the Election, legislate NetZero, abolish the ABCC and the Voice To Parliament.

    On around 31% of the Primary vote? Only a mandate as defined by the fascist left.

  3. Kneel Avatar

    “Only a mandate as defined by the fascist left.”

    Umm, we were talking about that mob anyway (fascist ALP), weren’t we?

    I wonder if we are (as usual) a little behind the US, and are seeing the Lefties get all their support from the rich, while Righties get all their support from the proles – it’s just taking the proles a while to figure that out and actually vote for the Righties.

  4. Ed Case Avatar
    Ed Case

    Fiona McIntosh, who I mentioned earlier, is apparently “Centre Right” faction… whatever that means these days.
    Some ALP voting journo called her Centre Right to help obscure the fact that she’s a Liberal with liberal attitudes who easily won a Marginal Seat in the face of a savage nationwide swing.

  5. Entropy Avatar

    Boambee John says:
    May 24, 2022 at 12:32 pm
    Ed Casesays:
    May 24, 2022 at 5:11 am
    They’ve got a Mandate for the things they took to the Election, legislate NetZero, abolish the ABCC and the Voice To Parliament.

    On around 31% of the Primary vote? Only a mandate as defined by the fascist left

    The point is the ALP did take those to an election. The libs could agree to pass exactly what was in the election commitments, and no more.

    That way the greens don’t get to give themselves relevancy, or build substantial lumps of watermelon policy into whatever gets passed.

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