Month: May 2022

  • Weekday Reading #21

    The Rise of the Professionals, George Hoare, Compact Our Interview with Jacques Baud, The Postil Why is Canada euthanising the poor?, Yuan Yi Zhu, Spectator UK The Renaissance of the Classical School, James Hankins, First Things

  • Meme of the Day #40

  • Open Thread – Tues 3 May 2022

  • Reality must yield

    We had ‘health experts’ these last two years for COVID, now we have ‘military experts’ for Ukraine. Sky News UK had this fella telling us the Russians had ‘stalled’ just south of Izyum: Compare this with info over the last few days that Russians had been both strengthening their position around Izyum (in the figure…

  • Guest Post: Speedbox – Postcard from Kislovodsk

    Mrs. Speedbox has been in Russia for the past week following news that her mother had suddenly passed away (heart attack).   As Cats will appreciate, organising overseas flights at very short notice in stressful situations can be trying, but the nice people at Emirates had her on a flight (in a good ‘private’ seat) in…