The climate war, it’s time for a tactical retreat

I will preface this piece by saying that I believe climate change to be the biggest scam in human history. At its core it is pure unadulterated Marxism, a religious cult dressed up as science, a theological and ideological tool constructed to destroy the West. It is designed to destroy humanity because it is fundamentally a cult that is anti-human. It is the climax of a philosophy of anti-humanism began by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I always laugh out loud when I hear climate cultists cry out about “our children’s future” because the plain truth of the climate scam is that it is about denying a future to our children. We do not have to look far to see the results of the scam, the unfolding tragedy in Sri Lanka shows us very clearly how quickly the green climate scam can destroy a country’s economy and now its people are starving. 

However, I am going to be very blunt here. I believe that at this moment in time we on the right side of politics need to acknowledge that we have lost the climate change war and we need to engage in a tactical retreat. Please hear me out. For many years we have been let down by cowards on the right who should have been fighting this scam but instead all we have seen are gutless and lazy Liberal and National politicians who have simply tiptoed and danced around the whole climate change debate, too timid and too scared to confront and call out the scam.  Even so-called culture warrior Tony Abbott dithered and wimped, he refused to honestly call out the scam, and how was he rewarded?  He was knifed twice, first by miserable Malcolm Turnbull and then by a vacuous and empty-headed bimbo backed by hard-left progressives. It was a Greek tragedy of epic proportions. Our children have been completely indoctrinated and poisoned, because for far too long politicians on the right have done nothing about our education system, bar one or two examples our MSM has been completely corrupted and captured, we’ve had successive Liberal governments do nothing to confront ABC bias and only recently the Morrison government threw even more money at the ABC, thus rewarding a media politburo that is unashamedly and unapologetically hostile to right of centre politics, politicians and mainstream Australia. So now the die has now been cast, the damage has been done and the inevitable result has ensued, that despite committing to “net zero emissions by 2050”, voters deserted the Coalition anyway on 21 May 2022.

What now and where to now? Well, until we on the right begin to engage in tactical politics it will be decades before we will ever hold the reins of government again. The sensible right side of politics, in this country and elsewhere, needs to engage in a tactical retreat when it comes to the climate scam. By tactical retreat I mean, let them win the war for now but at the same time continue to suck them into the black hole of climate alarmism and climate extremism. The Teal independents did indeed win big last week, and they managed to destroy a flank of the Liberal Party. Let them continue winning. In fact, I wish they had won a more seats, such as execrable Paul Fletcher’s seat of Bradfield, they missed that one, sadly Fletcher has hung on. But all these electoral victories will, in the long term, be Pyrrhic victories because it will not be long before the exorbitant power bills arrive, the blackouts begin, the power rationing starts and then all hell will break loose. Nobody will be immune, not even those living in the Teal electorates. And then people will begin to get agitated, very agitated and the revolt against the doctrines of climate change will begin. This means that politicians on the right must start to speak truthfully and bluntly about how renewables such as solar and wind will never provide base load energy. This means that politicians on the right must start to speak truthfully and bluntly about how vested interests are making money from renewables. And the most important message? This means that politicians on the right must start to speak truthfully and bluntly about how, if we want clean reliable energy, then such energy will only come from nuclear power. But speaking truthfully and bluntly requires courage and we desperately need politicians on the right side of politics who are courageous. I can only hope Peter Dutton is such a leader, after years of lacklustre Liberal leadership and Labor lite government. I was impressed by his speech after winning the leadership. He spoke truthfully and bluntly and whilst that is a good sign, it is early days. People are desperate for the truth and to convey that truth we need men and women who are willing to be brave and blunt.

But I can guarantee you this, when the truth is spoken, as people struggle to pay their energy bills, as inflation wrecks household budgets, as young people are unable to charge their computers and phones, the climate scam will be exposed, the cult will begin to unravel, people’s minds will be awakened and freed and the Teals, the Greens, the left and the cowards on the right will wonder why and how, despite winning the war, they lost the battle. 

Auron MacIntyre on The Rise of the Midwits

This is an excellent and brief presentation of midwits as a new political and social class in the early 21st century. Conservatives would do well to consider how to circumvent such behaviour which can really only occur by removing the incentives and/ or by imposing higher costs because we are typically its target. I heartily recommend it and the work of Auron MacIntyre, generally. If you don’t follow him on Twitter you certainly should.

No likely comeback for Libs in teal seats

Six so-called teals (=Climate 200) candidates defeated sitting Liberals. Here are the first-preference numbers to date with around 80 percent plus or minus of votes counted.

Curtin (WA)

Celia Hammond (Lib) 42.4%

Kate Chaney (teal) 30.0%

Labor / Greens 22.1%

Goldstein (Vic)

Tim Wilson (Lib) 41%

Zoe Daniel (teal) 35.3%

Labor / Greens 17.7%

Kooyong (Vic)

Josh Frydenberg (Lib) 42.9%

Monique Ryan (teal) 41.5%

Labor / Greens 12.2%

Mackellar (NSW)

Jason Falinski (Lib) 41.9%

Sophie Scamps (teal) 38.8%

Labor / Greens 13.4%

N. Sydney (NSW)

Trent Zimmerman (Lib) 38.1%

Kylea Tink (teal) 25.9%

Labor / Greens 29.5%

Wentworth (NSW)

Dave Sharma (Lib) 41.1%

Allegra Spender (teal) 36.3%

Labor / Greens 18.2%

Two things to note. First, in each case the Libs scored more first-preference votes than their teal opponents. That’s good I suppose. But, second, the combined votes of the teals, Labor and the Greens well overwhelmed the Lib vote in each case. All told, there seems little hope that the Libs can come back; certainly, while climate change hysteria holds sway.

A taste of the future: teal-like Zali Steggall in Tony Abbott’s old seat of Warringah improved her position. From 43.5% of first preferences in 2019 to 45.2% this time around. The Lib vote declined from 39% to 34%.

It makes it so much harder for the Coalition to win back government when seven blue-ribbon Liberal seats are gone for the foreseeable future.  Well-heeled people (women in particular by all accounts) in swanky suburbs leading the country down the road to fewer jobs and energy poverty. Not to worry, they’ll be fine.

WolfmanOz at the Movies #22

Operation: Daybreak (Anthropoid)

Tomorrow, May 27th, will be the 80th anniversary of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague, the Nazi commander of the Reich Main Security Office and the acting governor of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

Although not initially killed in the attack on May 27th, Heydrich died of his wounds on June 4th, 1942.

The assassination, codenamed Operation Anthropoid (in this film named Daybreak), was carried out by soldiers of the Czechoslovakian army-in-exile after preparation and training by the British SOE (Special Operations Executive).

The operation was the only government-sponsored assassination of a senior Nazi leader during World War II.

Reinhard Heydrich was one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and many thought he would be the ultimate successor to Hitler given his ruthlessness, intelligence and position within the SS (he was Himmler’s deputy). He was also given overall command of the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question”(the Holocaust) in Europe.

Operation: Daybreak isn’t wholly correct in some of the finer details, but it is still a reasonably accurate re-telling of what happened 80 years ago, and, IMO, is the best film version of these events.

The film was directed by the under-rated Lewis Gilbert (Sink The Bismarck!, Alfie, The Spy Who Loved Me, Educating Rita and Haunted) from a script by Ronald Harewood (The Dresser, The Pianist) as the film chiefly follows the 2 main Czech protagonists – Jan Kubiš (played by Timothy Bottoms) and Jozef Gabcík (played by Anthony Andrews) – as they parachute into Czechoslovakia, contact the local resistance and plan the assassination.

At the same time the film also show the activities of Heydrich, played superbly by Anton Diffring, who, although too old for the role, captures the arrogance and cold hearted evil ruthlessness of this thoroughly repugnant man.

The irony was that Diffring, who made a career playing mostly Nazi officers in war films of the 1960s and 1970s, had left Germany in the 1930s to escape persecution due to his homosexuality.

Heydrich’s death led to a wave of tragic reprisals by the Nazis where thousands of Czechs were murdered/executed, including the total destruction of a number of villages (most notably Lidice aka Liditz).

Ultimately the 2 assassins and their 5 accomplices were trapped in the Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral in Prague and, after a fierce gun battle on June 18th with a Waffen SS battalion, they were all killed either by the Germans or by committing suicide.

Note there have been 3 other films which have directly covered the events of Operation Anthropoid:

Atentát (1964) – a rarely seen Czech version which is worth catching.
Anthropoid (2016) – a recent and a pretty good version of the story
The Man With The Iron Heart (2017) – a film of 2 halves which shows the rise of Heydrich in the 1930s and the build-up to the assassination. IMO a very average movie portrayal of the grim events.

Another highlight of Operation: Daybreak is the unusual but highly effective music score by David Hentschel in which the music was played on an ARP synthesiser.

Today this film is now often overlooked but I feel is still one the best World War II dramas ever made based on true events as it emotionally captures the incredible courage and sacrifice of the men and women involved in this major episode of WWII.


The BBC thinks Australia is becoming “unlivable”!

Saw this on Instapundit:


Personally, seeing this mentioned by the Poms on an American website does make me laugh. I can only say I consider it my greatest good fortune that I ended up in Australia, not in Canada where I was born, nor in the UK where I spent two-plus lovely years in the 1970s, nor in the US which I lived next to growing up and visited many times.

It may not last the way things are going, but if one surveys the entire planet at the present moment, there is nowhere else better. This is a secret we should, of course, keep to ourselves since it is better to discourage others from overrunning the place.

Hopefully this is also a sign of things to come: Labor return Sri Lankan asylum seeker boat as Operation Sovereign Borders enforced.

As for climate change which is supposedly what will make Australia uninhabitable, this was a comment at Instapundit:

In 2015 – Australia absorbed between 37 and 45 million kilotons of CO2, according to peer reviewed science…
In the same year – Australians emitted an estimated 376 000 kilotons of CO2 total.
(2015 was an El-Nino year (typically a year of low vegetative growth in OZ) with the only aspect at all unusual was 17% above average rainfall across the Top End – despite the impact of a positive Indian Ocean Dipole)
If the Australia’s goal was to become ‘carbon neutral’ – this peer reviewed scientific study confirms that Australia has ALWAYS been carbon neutral.
Job done, next…

Not that I think any of it actually matters, but for the crazies who take climate change seriously, we are certainly doing our bit.

PLUS: There is then this which I just picked up at The Spectator Online [for subscribers only].

We apparently need a ‘recallibration’ of our freedom of speech

I came across this at The Gateway Pundit: Australian Politician at Davos Explains that We Need a “Recalibration” of Freedom of Speech. Really, I said, so I watched the video. This is the summary of what she said:

‘Australian eSafety commissioner Julie Inman Grant tells the World Economic Forum we need a “recalibration” of freedom of speech. Which only means eliminating their ideological competition.’

Or according to the link to the above post:

Australian politicians forced shutdowns and restrictions on citizens based on COVID.  Their leaders have no regard for their citizens or their human rights….

This became clear today in Davos as Australian Commissioner Julie Inman Grant told the World Economic Forum that we need a “recalibration” of freedom of speech.

Who is this Julie Inman Grant speaking on behalf of us. This is who she is, and she really does apparently speak on all our behalfs: eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant reappointed for another five years

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant has been reappointed for a further five years as new laws granting her new internet takedown powers come into effect.

Ms Inman Grant, a former Microsoft, Twitter and Adobe executive, has been eSaftey Commissioner since 2017. On Sunday, communications minister Paul Fletcher announced she will remain in the job until 2027 with another maximum appointment term.

The reappointment comes as the controversial Online Safety Act comes into force, giving Ms Inman Grant new powers to issue take-down notices to a range of online services in relation to online content deemed to be harmful.

“Today’s reappointment, and the simultaneous commencement of the Online Safety Act, will enhance Australia’s position as a world leader in online safety.”

Ms Inman Grant was appointed eSafety commissioner in 2017 when the government agency responsible for children’s online safety expanded its remit to all Australians’ online safety and was renamed to the eSafety Commissioner.

The Commissioner is an independent statutory office holder, supported by around 67 staff, contractors and the national media regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority. The office has an annual budget of around $25 million but will receive more this year to support its new powers.

We have a “national media regulator”? Who knew? And they have been given new powers. Meanwhile the nincompoop Minister who was in charge may yet lose his seat to some Teal candidate. 

JUST IN CASE YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW A LITTLE MORE: This his her profile from The World Economic Forum:

Julie Inman Grant is Australia’s eSafety Commissioner. In this role, Julie leads the world’s first government regulatory agency committed to keeping its citizens safer online. Julie has extensive experience in the non-profit and government sectors and spent two decades working in senior public policy and safety roles in the tech industry at Microsoft, Twitter and Adobe. The Commissioner’s career began in Washington DC, working in the US Congress and the non-profit sector before taking on a role at Microsoft. Julie’s experience at Microsoft spanned 17 years, serving as one of the company’s first and longest-standing government relations professionals, ultimately in the role of Global Director for Safety & Privacy Policy and Outreach. At Twitter, she set up and drove the company’s policy, safety & philanthropy programs across Australia, New Zealand & Southeast Asia. As Commissioner, Julie plays an important global role as Chair of the Child Dignity Alliance’s Technical Working Group and as a Board Member of the WePROTECT Global Alliance. She was recently named one of Australia’s most influential women by the Australian Financial Review and a leading Australian in Foreign Affairs by the Sydney Morning Herald. In 2020, the World Economic Forum and Apolitical appointed the Commissioner as one of the #Agile50, the world’s most influential leaders revolutionising government. In 2021, Julie oversaw significant increases in the eSafety office’s budget, increased staffing levels and launched the global Safety by Design initiative. As Commissioner, she has led work to stand up novel and world-first regulatory regimes under the new Online Safety Act 2021, with implementation of a sweeping new set of reforms beginning on 23 January 2022. Commissioner Inman Grant was reappointed for a further 5-year term by the Australian Government in January 2022.

I thought she had an American accent. Not that I hold it against her, but still she does seem like an import contaminated with every stupid notion found amongst the Washington bureaucracy. And do note, she is “one of the world’s most influential leaders revolutionising government”. 

Guest Post – Twostix – How many voters boycotted the Fed Election 2022 ?

The voter turnout numbers from the AEC site are astonishing.

Nearly 30% of Australian voters boycotted the election.

The lowest turnouts are in the inner city seats consecutively, look at the comparisons to 2019:

Electorate, Turnout %, Enrolled, Marked Off, Turnout % Relative to 2019
Melbourne 61.4 114447 70270 -28.22
Sydney 61.83 125421 77550 -24.47
Brisbane 62.46 125241 78223 -28.05
Perth 62.63 122719 76856 -26.9

The highest turnout in all of Australia was just 86% in Page.

Just look at these numbers, a blood bath!

Electorate, Turnout %, 2022 vs 2019
Wright 63.72 -28.29
Melbourne 61.4 -28.22
Brisbane 62.46 -28.05
Chisholm 67.45 -27.36
Perth 62.63 -26.9
Cowan 64.07 -26.62
Higgins 67.09 -26.59
Bruce 65.6 -26.41
Bonner 66.67 -26.09
Wills 65.16 -26
Maranoa 65.99 -25.94
Swan 63.01 -25.84
Moreton 65.16 -25.76
Dickson 70.13 -25.31
Petrie 66.16 -25.14
Ryan 67.97 -25.01
Hotham 67.68 -24.71
Oxley 66.55 -24.65
McEwen 67.55 -24.61
Sydney 61.83 -24.47
Tangney 69.05 -24.45
Maribyrnong 69.26 -24.24
Kooyong 71.66 -24.17
Dunkley 68.24 -24.12
Gorton 66.99 -24.02
Mayo 71 -23.97
Lilley 68.45 -23.7
Longman 68.58 -23.58
Moncrieff 64.64 -23.56
Rankin 67.11 -23.56
Scullin 68.81 -23.42
Hasluck 65.89 -23.35
Casey 72.19 -23.33
Isaacs 70.23 -23.27
Fadden 66.51 -23.12
O’Connor 68.79 -23.03
Pearce 65.42 -22.99
Corio 71.04 -22.84
Blair 70.16 -22.78
Cooper 69.67 -22.67
Curtin 69.36 -22.64
Parramatta 66.98 -22.63
Spence 67.97 -22.57
Kingston 70.63 -22.54
Corangamite 73.3 -22.49
Jagajaga 72.79 -22.47
Fremantle 68.84 -22.39
Durack 63.04 -22.31
Adelaide 69.28 -22.24
Fraser 68.09 -22.01
Hindmarsh 70.86 -21.99
Makin 71.14 -21.98
Aston 72.33 -21.96
Boothby 71.7 -21.91
Griffith 69.24 -21.81
Gellibrand 69.1 -21.79
Groom 71.28 -21.77
Forde 67.77 -21.72
Burt 65.55 -21.44
Reid 70.46 -21.25
Brand 67.45 -21.01
Clark 72.74 -20.9
La Trobe 68.66 -20.56
Goldstein 73.16 -20.56
Bass 73.55 -20.49
Macnamara 69.66 -20.28

and on, and on, and on, not a single electorate isn’t impacted.

Somebody had better say something about this because this is historic, and if no explanation is offered people are going to start theorising about the election.

I cross referenced the turnout numbers against the voting numbers. They’re identical and those turnout numbers are up to date, seats like Moreton are 100% counted are reporting only 65% turnout.

So don’t let anyone say they “just need to update the figures” or something dumb. No.

My theory: unvaccinated and covid state power aggrieved people boycotted the election.

I know two people that did. I held my nose and voted for Chaos but ultimately put LNP before Labor at the bottom – but it disgusted me to do any of it, I fully understand them, I couldn’t have cared less about the entire thing in the lead up.

The establishment problem, if they address this and confirm that people stayed home en-masse….uh-oh!
1. Mandate? lol!
2. The number becomes a rough proxy for how many unvaccinated people there are….a lot more than 5%.
2a. But the lies Feb 2021 – Feb 2022! A rotten state and system from top to bottom, it must fall, surely!
3. Why has nobody said anything about this historic event straight away? Very sneaky are our overlords as they weave their sneaky narrative of a New Leftwing Australia without mentioning that 4+ million people boycotted the whole thing (absolutely allowing the green win in Brisbane and at least a couple of teal wins) – there was no magical surge, there was a boycott, a loss of votes from the system creating the illusion of an increase in others.
5. They have created millions of militant activists who now reject the entire system.