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  1. I thought it was monkeypox season?

    So hard to keep up; I still have my Ukraine bunting up.

  2. Duncanm, June is Pride Month in the USA. It’s like Pride Season here in summer. Stores everywhere celebrate it. It is inescapable. Pride Month is one of the many festivals of liberalism which is an ersatz religion.

  3. Ukraine is very sensitive to such things.

    Ukraine Debuts LGBTQ ‘Unicorn’ Troops (31 May)

    Ukraine’s gay, lesbian, and transgender military volunteers are adding a unicorn patch to their uniforms, right under the national flag. The patch is meant as a rebuke to Russian rhetoric about “de-Nazification” and Russian rhetoric about the absence of homosexuals in the military forces of former Soviet territories.

    Germany’s Deutsche Welle (DW) reported last summer that Ukrainian soldiers began coming out in greater numbers in 2018, including those deployed to fight Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. Even then, gay Ukrainian troops thought identifying themselves could help counter Russian propaganda about fascists running Kyiv.

    The Wagner group guys will be terrified.

  4. Even then, gay Ukrainian troops thought identifying themselves could help counter Russian propaganda about fascists running Kyiv.

    These guys had never heard of the Third Reich?

  5. Splat! It is only the 1st of June but it’s bloody freezing in most of the south east of Australia. Blankets of snow in the highlands. Electricity and gas hikes announced affecting all. Labor Government committed to taking out our coal. Currently brown coal producing 56% and gas 16% of energy in Victoria. No solar power, that’s none, zero, zilch, being generated and wind only at 16% at 5pm. I reckon Chris Bowen, Labors recent appointment as Energy and Climate Minister might feel a bit like that jogger when he realizes he has been given the job of closing our coal mines. Idealism will hit eventually reality and there will be many casualties.

  6. The fascists of today are not what they used to be.

    Do they put “GAYSTAPO” on this new patch?

  7. Don’t you live how they hijack words to mean the exact opposite of they actually mean. who needs to be proud to be a genetic defect..

  8. The Alphabet Soup People only have 6/7ths of a Rainbow as a Rainbow has 7 colours. The 7th colour is being discriminated against and is taking its complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission. Also in Breaking News the Laws of Physics are suing the Alphabet Soup People for discriminating against the 7th colour. This is serious stuff people and all colours are united in this fight for Justice…………………..As a Spokesperson for the colours stated. “The Alphabet Soup People should not be allowed to call their ‘Rainbow’ a Rainbow as it isn’t a Rainbow”……………………

  9. Correct John – if you blend the colours you get a sort of muddy poo brown blend.

  10. Pedro L. Gonzalez
    LGBT ideology is the state religion of the US empire
    Quote Tweet

    Department of State

    United States government organization
    · 3h
    On June 25, the Department flew the Progress flag for the first time over Washington, DC headquarters. @DeputySecState: “The United States is firmly committed to fighting for LGBTQI+ people at home and everywhere.” #PrideMonth

    Hilarious that people thought this would stop with the redefinition of marriage.

  11. I’m not sure genetically intersex people necessarily want to be identified as “queer”.


    I support:

    The Current Thing

  12. You reminded me, Dot, of this great line from Krusty the Clown: “I heartily endorse this event or product.”

  13. Will the US embassy in Riyadh have the rainbow flag up?
    Will all the European companies that embrace rainbow flag in western democracies do the same in the middle east?

  14. Ed Casesays:
    June 1, 2022 at 6:55 pm
    Just on the subject of designing Canberra, was Walter Burley Griffin a Flamer?

    Apart from you, who gives a shit?


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