11 thoughts on “Meme of the Day #50”

  1. Hubris wouldn’t know what a Handmaid’s Tail was, even if she hiked up her bustle at him and spun it round like a propeller blade…


  2. Rex: I’d know it was a tale.

    Wot, like the rest of the thoughtless and threadbare Narratives you’ve been spouting on command since Roe fell over?

  3. They don’t think it racist because they they know they themselves aren’t racist therefore nothing they say or do can be racist.

    When they call a black person a house-nigger or a coconut, or how they should go back to picking cotton, that is one thing.

    When someone on the right, who is therefore obviously a racist, says, for example, Maxine Waters is a loudmouth idiot, it is racism.

  4. Thomas is only controversial for one thing, his idea of “original” interpretation. It’s hardly surprising, given that not much else in the world has its literal point of reference in the long past (religion being the most obvious). As he and his colleagues proceed with this project I expect that they will reap the whirlwind.

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