Weekday Reading #22

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Aris Roussinos discusses the mythic power of monarchy and the field of action available to King Charles III.

Michael Anton looks at the The Godfather with the eyes of The Prince.

Helen Andrews on Why Women Can’t Have it All.

Edward Feser reflects on the political disorder that is bashing at our door.

Lastly, Big Serge considers some of the possible outcomes of recent events in Kharkov for the Russo-Ukrainian War.

8 thoughts on “Weekday Reading #22”

  1. The last article is a good one.

    Gives a plausible reason why it might be a planned withdrawal.

    But begs the question, Is Putins pups too thinly spread or planning a assault elsewhere?

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  2. Big Serge is idiotic agitprop. If you want someone to curse, curse Victoria Nuland who is most likely the person who hired the sniper of Maidan Square. Now that Russia has been defeated on the battlefield Azerbaijan feels free to attack Armenia. Blame Victoria Nuland for that. Ultimately Russia is to blame for foisting Obama on the US: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2022/03/russia_china_the_torpedoes_circle_back.html

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  3. Frogger says:
    September 14, 2022 at 1:36 am

    “Russia has been defeated on the battlefield”. Lol, sometimes this blog has its moments of hilarity.

    You are right, but if Russia is “defeated” in the proper sense, then Russia is finished as a power to reckon with, let alone a world power.
    What could happen in that case, is anyone’s guess but could be nasty.

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  4. I hope the Russians managed to evacuate the civilians from that territory reoccupied by Ukraine forces to spare them from another Bucha event.

    From what I can gather Old Bloke, they did not evacuate the ethnic Russians in either the Kharkov or Kherson regions, which seems pretty cynical on Putin’s part. The very fact that the Russians chose to withdraw is a political and moral defeat. But its pretty clear it was a planned tactical withdrawal designed to inflict maximum casualties on the Ukes, and is probably a militarily sensible move. It has tidied up their lines and absorbed the worst the Ukes can throw at them.

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