Mater’s Musings #58: Does the Guardian write for the AMA?

Or do they receive the same talking points?
Or are they one and the same?

The Guardian – 16 Feb 21 – Just days before the first vaccine was administered in Australia

The Guardian – 16 Feb 21

AMA’s Submission to the Independent Review of Australia’s COVID-19 response from 31 July 2022, a whole year and a half later and, one would hope, a whole lot better informed. But alas…

Australian Medical Association – 31 Jul 2022

Both lies are so similar that it’s hard to ignore the possibility they are singing off the same set of deceptive talking points, especially considering the time difference.

13 thoughts on “Mater’s Musings #58: Does the Guardian write for the AMA?”

  1. all I can say is that in my little world, where ever govt is involved, and expecially state govt, there seems to be another hidden supra-level of decision making going on.

    same people keep popping up in strange ways

    the difference between now and before now is that there isn’t any consultative process.
    doesn’t matter what you say or do … the way forward has already been decided.

    key people in key positions and blind faith that everything will work exactly as designed

    it’s all very soviet

  2. Nice observation about identically deceptive talking points which reveal the conflating of time, and also of the schemes of any number of organisations, into a single (crooked) paradigm. Difficult to keep up with the lies, especially the basic ones to do with the vaxx being (80%; or was that 75%? or at all?) ‘ effective’. Effective, yes, yet effective in terms of achieving destructively horrendous physical, psychological, political, cultural, religious, ends, altogether removed from anything to do with health or with what was or is true.

  3. When the WHO determine and control all UN signatory nations pandemic responses there will be none of these ‘pesky’ differences.

  4. It was pretty obvious early on that there was a supranational plan being rolled out in response to covid – pretty much every national government, regardless of political flavour, made the same flawed decisions and pushed them out: Masks, lockdowns, QR codes, vax mandates.

    More likely both the AMA and the media were receiving their scripts from the same, higher source.

  5. Julian Gillespie reveals the “higher source”
    It’s long, easiest to read the first bit of each para and read or skip. IMHO best bits are halfway onwards. Shenanigans since 2007 but whether Howard or Rudd signed us over to the WHO is well hidden on the net. Rudd only became PM in Dec 2007 so…

  6. If the Garudain or the AMA (not to mention the ALPBC) stated that the sky was blue, I’d walk outside and check.

    About the only thing the Garudain is capable of “reporting” correctly is the sports results.

  7. Thats the Maocolm Gruinid surely?

    You can set your watch by something sent out by their ABCcess or gruinaid being regurgitated by the other on the same day.

    The venn diagram of relationships would be an almost perfect circle.

  8. They can’t even keep the lie consistent within THE VERY SAME ARTICLE.

    In its provisional approval decision, the TGA …

  9. Shy Ted says:
    September 16, 2022 at 8:16 am

    Julian Gillespie reveals the “higher source”

    Shy Ted

    Have posted that link.

    Thank you.

  10. Surely the connection between ‘La Guardian’ and Their AMA will be the proverbial/actual Doctors Wives clique and Teal Ducks.

  11. The commenters are retarded. Medicine is about job security, not people. The recent medical alert for a public holiday commemorating the Queen’s death lifts the veil on that premise. Absolute cock gobbling scumbags. TheirABC.

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