Weekend Reading #7

IM-1776‘s Mark Granza talks to Steve Bannon about the populist uprising in Italy, Trump, the GAE and more.

Darren Beattie at Revolver News dives deeper into the FBI’s Jan 6 pipe bomb hoax.

Big Serge looks at recent events in the Russo-Ukrainian War from a Clausewitzian lens.

What is behind the uprising in Iran and what is the future it portends? Sohrab Ahmari discusses the matter in The American Conservative.

Will the new female ascendency change our public life? Mary Harrington considers the ramifications of the overproduction of female graduates in The Critic.

Hadley Arkes in Newsweek outlines another line of attack against the Democrats over abortion that the GOP can undertake post-Dobbs.

Finally, over at Taki’s Mag, Z Man reflects on the waxing and waning of the War in Ukraine.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Reading #7”

  1. Harrington considers the ramifications of the overproduction of female graduates in The Critic.

    Stupidity on steroids.

  2. This is the third painting by this guy that you’ve chosen Dover. I absolutely love them.

    You told me the name of the artist once, but I’ve forgotten, sadly.

  3. Ah, yes, Harold Knight. It’s the rendering of sunlight (and the natural posing of the subjects, reading) that I like most, I think.

  4. The article about women in jobs. A few observations:
    Having employed males it’s confrontational, women lie and I am left with doubt – they flick their hair say I would not have done it if you told me too and sit up wriggle and pretend to continue with what they are doing
    It’s all right if you don’t want to play today – I will tell the coach – male – you get out there help your team mates and give your best
    Womens jobs – ah how many times do I have hear as a mother I am concerned what why children put in their mouths or I did not want it to happen to any else
    Your so called degrees which are useful to society are reduced to maths, physics, chem , biology, geology
    Women will tend to teaching, journalism, law, nursing – language and nurturing
    I will say they are good at interior design
    BT W – in my game accounting – girls good at tax but when it comes to maths of finance , men are better at it

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