More Mainstream-Media Mediocrity

I know, I might have mentioned it once or twice before. We have no decent mainstream newspaper in Australia. The Australian is the best of a bad lot, having to do very little to scale to the top of the pile (of leftist mediocrity).

The biased vindictive coverage of Trump said it all really. But there, for example, was Henry Ergas on Friday, yet again on Russia. Apparently – and please do your best to stay with the tortured logic – Russia won’t feel too bad about being utterly defeated because it wasn’t defeat per se that soured the Germans after the first world war but the view that liberals in the German parliament had sabotaged their efforts.

So, you see, nothing to worry about. Russia can be pushed out of Ukraine, including Crimea, and will not feel humiliated or be seethingly plotting revenge. Unless, I take it, Putin blames liberals in his own country for the humiliation.

The largest landmass in the world, vast resources, 140 million people, overwhelmingly patriotic to boot. It’s not the effete West remember. Yet, they’ll take their mortification like pantywaist quislings. Silly, beyond words.

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  1. miltonf Avatar

    Henry Hasgas was another one who outed himself as an elitist, spiteful twerp during the Trump era. Never forget that the paywallian made that creep from foreign affairies Australian of the year as well as campaigning for him. MSM fuck off and die.

  2. Rabz Avatar

    More Mainstream-Media Mediocrity

    Is there any other sort?

  3. flyingduk Avatar

    The Australian hung on longer than my other MSM subscriptions, but their increasingly censorious treatment of my (always well reasoned 😉 comments was their undoing g as well, several years ago. Anyone here who still has any MSM subscription is well behind the game I’m afraid.

  4. Petros Avatar

    Subscribers to the MSM are enablers. Please desist.

  5. NoFixedAddress Avatar

    James Murdoch.

  6. 2dogs Avatar

    Russia won’t feel too bad about being utterly defeated

    Completely missing the point that Eastern Ukrainian rebels won’t give up the fight even if Russia quits.

  7. jupes Avatar

    “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.”

    George Orwell. Prophet extraordinaire.

  8. Cassie of Sydney Avatar
    Cassie of Sydney

    “So, you see, nothing to worry about. Russia can be pushed out of Ukraine, including Crimea, and will not feel humiliated or be seethingly plotting revenge. Unless, I take it, Putin blames liberals in his own country for the humiliation.”

    There is no way, no way in the world, that Russia will give up Crimea.

  9. H B Bear Avatar
    H B Bear

    duk – increasingly I feel I have failed if one of my comments gets through. Gotta be pushing the envelope. It’s borderline but I feel it’s worth it on balance. Have to know who to avoid though.

  10. Lee Avatar

    I think the idea that if Putin goes the war will automatically end is ridiculous.
    More likely he will be replaced by someone even more hardline than he is, who will be more ruthless, as even Ukrainian friends of my sister believe.

  11. OldOzzie Avatar

    Doug Casey on the Likelihood of Nuclear War With Russia

    The narrative that the Russians did it is completely insane. Putin could simply turn off the gas until it was convenient to be turned back on; now that option is gone. The Russians wouldn’t limit their own options.

    If it’s proven that the US did it, then the Russians and/or the Germans will have to engage in a tit-for-tat retaliation to punish the US for this sabotage. That may be tantamount to an act of war, but once the culprit is proven, they have to take action. This thing isn’t over. The culprit will be found.

    As far as Russia annexing Crimea and the regions of the Ukraine in question, it seems to me—from a historical point of view—that would be par for the course. Remember that borders have been flowing and ethnic groups moving for a thousand years in that part of the world. In any event, it makes no sense to take sides in disputes between nation-states. In this case, it amounts to the US sticking its nose into a border war between two shit-hole countries.

    That said, being as objective as possible, I’d say that the Russians have a certain amount of right on their side. They’ve been mightily provoked since the Maidan Revolution of 2014 and the attack by the Ukrainian Army on the Donbas. It’s too bad that this is spinning out of control—largely because of US intervention. In a rational world, it would basically be worth a couple of columns on the sixth page of the New York Times and then forgotten.

    As for Zelensky accelerating the bid to join NATO, it’s insanely stupid. Zelensky is a corrupt nothing/nobody puppet who’s being manufactured into a hero. The strutting little megalomaniac has apparently been paid at least half a billion dollars to be an authoritarian, jailing opposition leaders, closing down dissident newspapers, and building a secret police force. Ukraine joining NATO at this point would be asking for World War 3. Of course, NATO should have been abolished after the collapse of the Soviet Empire in 1991. But now it’s become an institution, almost impossible to get rid of.

    The chances of a war between NATO and Russia are extremely high. Instead of talking about getting rid of Putin, the world would be better off if they got rid of Zelensky.

    Doug Casey: I’ve listened to a number of Putin’s speeches.

    It’s fashionable to make him out as being not only the devil incarnate but irrational and somebody that wants to conquer Europe and perhaps destroy the world in the process. But in fact, compared to all of the other European leaders, he’s the most cool-headed, the most thoughtful, and the one with the most perspective.

    Let me explain. I like American culture. Despite the fact the US is rapidly devolving into a police state, it’s still by far the most individualistic, liberty-oriented, and freewheeling culture the world has ever seen. But at the same time, I understand his resentment.

    The world is covered with McDonald’s and Pizza Huts, Hollywood movies, Coca-Cola, mass consumer advertising, and a thousand other trends, ideas, and artifacts generated in the US. Call them “good” or “bad,” but they have absolutely acted to destroy local cultures. T-shirts, blue jeans, and rock music assault your eyes and ears everywhere, from the biggest cities to the upper reaches of the Amazon and the Congo.

    I think they’re mostly good things in themselves. But it’s easy to see how a traditionalist, someone who values cultural stability and diversity, could view them as aggressive threats, as cultural imperialism. In fact, we’ve destroyed the local culture everywhere. I understand his unhappiness with aspects of this.

    Vlad makes some valid points.

    I know you’re not supposed to say that since he’s been designated the new enemy, in the mold of Saddam, Qadhafi, Assad, Noriega, and a dozen others in recent history. Unfortunately, though, Americans’ opinions are products of what they’re fed by the media, not actual facts. If they were well-informed and thought about it, they’d realize their real enemies weren’t foreign nonentities but the Bidens, Bushes, Obamas, and the US Deep State in general.

    What are the implications of people like Petraeus openly talking about directly attacking Russian forces?

    Doug Casey: Again, once people reach a high level in any government, it’s proof—ipso facto—that they’re sociopaths. Many are narcissistic and power-hungry psychopaths. You don’t get the “best and brightest” walking the halls of Mordor or the Deathstar.

    That certainly includes generals or ex-generals like Petraeus. In today’s world, once a soldier reaches a general’s rank, he’s a self-promoting bureaucrat first and foremost.

    I’ll draw your attention to the movie Dr. Strangelove. Once someone gets enough stars on their shoulders, they start thinking like George C. Scott’s General Buck E. Turgidson or Sterling Hayden’s Jack D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove.

    It’s actually a type of psychosis that overtakes people once they have too much power. Anything’s possible with these people.

    I don’t support either Washington or Moscow. At the moment—let me shock some readers—Washington is much more dangerous than Moscow, with the current administration totally controlled by Jacobins and other strident ideologues. Americans should be terrified that one of their politicians could push the wrong button and destroy the world, whether with nuclear, cyber, or biological weapons.


  12. Damon Avatar

    Under Trump, foreign policy was the art of the deal. They knew when to hold em and when to fold em, but nobody left completely broke. And because they saw the game as roughly fair, they were prepared to continue playing. When the ideologues got in, the game changed. The croupier left the table, and the knives came out.

  13. Christine Avatar

    More likely the prejudiced, vindictive coverage of Trump

    Is ‘society’ to blame for the disappearance of decent newspapers, or have I got it the wrong way around

  14. Gerry Jackson Avatar
    Gerry Jackson

    The Australian’s treatment of Trump is utter vicious. Those who thought Adam Creighton’s posting to Washington would be an improvement have been sorely disappointed.

  15. Speedbox Avatar

    Cassie of Sydney says:
    October 16, 2022 at 9:02 pm
    “So, you see, nothing to worry about. Russia can be pushed out of Ukraine, including Crimea, and will not feel humiliated or be seethingly plotting revenge.”

    There is no way, no way in the world, that Russia will give up Crimea.

    Correct. Crimea is ‘the hill’ that Russia will die on. Russia has invested vast treasure and rivers of blood (WWII) into Crimea. Plus, 98% of the population is ethnic Russian. If nothing else, Russians love the Crimea and see it, unquestionably, as part of Russia.

    Separately, I can assure you that the response by Sevastopol residents to Ukrainian military spilling into their city will be pure hostility. UKR soldiers hoisting Ukrainian flags and issuing edicts about new rule from Kyiv, Zelensky is now your political leader, curfews, new laws etc. would be met with the same attitude as Russian soldiers entering Lviv in western Ukraine. Utterly ridiculous and the only way to dominate the citizens will be to kill them all. Seriously. Otherwise, settle in for a vicious partisan engagement that will continue to the last Crimean (and realistically, the last Russian).

  16. Rufus T Firefly Avatar
    Rufus T Firefly

    The chances of Russia giving up Crimea, in round terms is Zero!
    The same goes for Lughansk and Donetsk.

    Zelensky is having his own “Battle of the Bulge” moment.
    Against the wishes of his generals, he and he alone, has opted for this most recent campaign, which has cost Ukraine massively, in men and equipment. Under some pressure from Biden, to have a result before the US midterms, Zelensky has rolled the dice, for the last time.
    From here on, battles will be fought on Russia’s terms. Ukraine has nothing left.

    The US have given Ukraine 800,000 155mm artillery shells. They can afford no more.
    Last week, Lloyd Austin, (Sec Defense), announced the US would TRY to lift production to 36,000 per month, to help Ukraine. This will take at least 18 months, probably more.
    In June, (whilst in defence, not offence), Ukraine were firing 6,000, 155mm rounds per day. So, in maybe 2 years, they will get 6 days worth, per month.

    Germany has agreed to give Ukraine, 4 Iris-T missile defence systems.
    These are brand new, never been used before. One will be delivered in 3 months, the other 3 in about 18 months.
    Not to worry. Norway has agreed to donate 1 of theirs, that will be incorporated into their system.
    Anyone see a problem there? Joining different systems together, during a conflict, should work a treat.
    Also, the Eastern front is about 1,200 km long. 5 air defence systems, in 18 months. Problem there?

    To use a military term, Ukraine is f%*ked!
    Zelensky should sue for peace NOW!!!!!!
    He won’t though. Let me look into the future.

    There is “St Volodymyr the Pure”, sitting in his mansion in Florida, blaming the West for letting him down, whilst he writes his memoirs, as Ukraine lies in ruins.
    What a patriot!

  17. Speedbox Avatar

    Rufus T Firefly says:
    October 17, 2022 at 12:44 pm

    Indeed. The other thing is that neither the USA or Russia are on a ‘war footing’ meaning that industry in those countries, or anywhere else in Europe, has not committed their industrial might to the manufacture to war materiel. So, whilst factory production of arms can be ramped up to some extent, it is a far cry from full scale war production.

    The rate of usage by the Ukrainians has been prolific and is unsustainable under the current production standards without seriously compromising the donating country’s own strategic supply.

  18. Bear Necessities Avatar
    Bear Necessities

    Henry can say those things because he won’t be doing any of the fighting.

  19. duncanm Avatar

    there is no MSM.. but there are smaller offerings that seem to hold up.

    The Spectator, Quillette, Quadrant.

  20. Adrien Avatar

    The Australian is the best of a bad lot….The biased vindictive coverage of Trump said it all really.

    The Australian featured a two page spread on Trump with colour banners entitled ‘American Revolution’ every day after Trump’s inauguration until Trump proved himself the perennial fuck up he’s always been.

    The Australian .. leftist? Mmmmm ‘kay. Poor old Rupe he’s done his best to shift the centre to the right of Genghis Khan for so long and now the army of lunatics he’s created have found him just too pinko for words. He must to Siberia go until he finally realizes that 2+2= whatever the Deranged Mob says it is.

    do your best to stay with the tortured logic

    No. I’ll follow you guys and throw logic out the window. Let’s just stick with torture ‘ey?

    Russia won’t feel too bad about being utterly defeated because it wasn’t defeat per se that soured the Germans after the first world war but the view that liberals in the German parliament had sabotaged their efforts.

    Liberals? You mean Jews right? Or does he? It’s difficult these days to know where one nutbag begins and the other ends.

    Anyway. Is that what he’s saying? Interesting. What a naughty pro-American Empire person he is. This is outrageous. I mean you can all agree that when Baron von Rupe and minions (that would be you) were cheerleading the global torture centres, the bombing of civilians and the conversion of the rule of law and democracy into a police state (all in the name of the rule of law and democracy) that was just fine. After all the people being bombed then had a different religion and a darker complexion. I mean they’re all rapists and drug dealers yeah? (But some I assume are good people. )

    So, you see, nothing to worry about. Russia can be pushed out of Ukraine, including Crimea, and will not feel humiliated or be seethingly plotting revenge.

    Yep. So what are you saying? Let Putin run all over Ukraine and torture, rape and kill at random ’cause, otherwise, he’ll, like, feel bad? Ukraine has to be a safe space for Vlad?

    The largest landmass in the world

    Is Antarctica, but anyway.

    …vast resources

    Squandered on exactly the corruption that proliferated in Soviet times, but hey, they’ve brought back the (corrupt) priests and you can buy a big mac in Moscow (or you could until this year) so it’s not communism. So it’s okay. Right?

    140 million people, overwhelmingly patriotic to boot.

    Yep just look at all those guys so eager to enlist in the pillage, sorry war, sorry ‘special military operation’.

  21. Boambee John Avatar
    Boambee John

    ‘Evening, Bird.

  22. Oh come on Avatar
    Oh come on

    I’ve said it before here and I’ll say it again – I’ve no idea why Sinc permitted Ergas to post only teaser links to his paywalled Oz op-eds on the old blog. It was mildly but consistently irritating.

    Henry Hasgas was another one who outed himself as an elitist, spiteful twerp during the Trump era.

    Trump is a useful yardstick in this regard – do you have the intellectual chops to be somewhat objective when it comes to Trump? A surprising number of otherwise sensible people cannot, and despise him with an irrational hatred as intense and blinding as that of any leftist nutter you care to mention. It’s a pity, as those people really can’t come back from that.

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