Weekend Reading #9

John Daniel Davidson picks over the corpse that is conservatism in The Federalist and wonders about what might be fruitfully revived in its stead.

Henry George at The Critic argues that the issue if euthanasia is the logical terminus, figuratively and literally, of liberalism.

At IM-1776, DC Miller and eugyppius discuss the fortunes of globalism and managerialism through the prism of the Great Reset agenda.

Michael Lind wonders if FDR is next up for cancellation, given his Jeffersonian and Jacksonian intimations, or is it still too soon? Over at The Tablet.

Mary Harrington at UnHerd on why the green movement must be taken seriously.

Finally, are the two faces of Gen X, rage or apathy? Julie Kelly in American Greatness and Nina Power in Compact make their case respectively.

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  1. Shy Ted Avatar
    Shy Ted

    It’s very good. A lifetime battling the wokesters and pollies who were determined he not succeed.

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